Order-first in xs bootstrap4

I have used order-sm-first how I can use this for old xs Extra small <576px ?order-first work in all query


What are the reasons or benefits of using dynamic id in each and every html elements

Recently I found one website in which, all the html elements have dynamic id's. This website is very popular in the world.(<p>Now I just …


Hide Element which is used to load using dropdown onChange Event [on hold]

I am stuck in a condition where I need to hide a element which is loaded using dropdown onChange event.How can I do that ?[EDIT]I am working on a …

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Translating Minecraft Color Codes into HTML

Recently, I was trying to convert Minecraft MOTD into Plain HTML. A Minecraft MOTD is basic text, with Minecraft Color Codes to represent color …

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Semantic HTML for Colors

Published Aug 16, 2018 | ~ Reading Time: 2 mins |<p>I think we're at a time in Web design where colors have become first class citizens that deserve to …

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Format HTML through C#

This question already has an answer here:<p>In C#, what is the best method to format a string as XML? 10 answers<p>I want to format my html through C#. …


javascript - Make a line from one point that follows cursor

I would like to make 1px wide line where its point A will be in a given div, and point B will be in user's cursor, so when I move the mouse, the Line …


Physical Review Letters - Volume 121 Issue 7

Featured in Physics Editors' Suggestion<p>Quantum Walk in Momentum Space with a Bose-Einstein Condensate<p>Siamak Dadras, Alexander Gresch, Caspar …

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What is the right way of containing data in django?

I'm rebuilding school project from html page to django app. In old project I had some articles and two tests.<br>For articles I created django model with …

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Display Google Sheet Data in HTML Page

I have a Google Sheet with values in cells A1 and A2. An index.html file was also created in this sheet. I want to display information from the …

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External Assets Not PIcked Up By Play

Can somebody explain to me why Play does not pick up external assets that are specified in the head of a HTML page?If I have a standalone web page as …

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Get URL parameters in Bootstrap html page and set to form values

I'm using bootstrap on a LAMP server and I want to pass parameters from the URL into the bootstrap html …

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Cordova & Java web project

I have developed a dynamic web project (Eclipse) which is a web-app and I would like to use the same in mobile platforms(Android, IOS, Windows) as …

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How to render an image through |safe filter

as I said I need to be able to render an image like...everything else in staticfiles like fonts works but safe filter is unable to render an …


Understanding why Semantic HTML is important, as told by TypeScript | CSS-Tricks

By Chris Coyier On August 15, 2018 HTML, semantics, typescript<p>Direct Link →<p>What a great technological analogy by Mandy Michael. A reminder that …

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HTML, CSS - Disable Scrolling on Body

I would like to disable scrolling on the HTML body completely. I have tried the following options:<p>overflow: hidden; (not working, did not disable …

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How to access HTML from iframe

I have a structure likeI have to add inner text to the body tag.I did the following:Using above code when I am trying to access the inner collection …

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How to remove input type hidden from html?

I am working with Django forms and html. The text area will create when I put input into that output will come but text box will go off. After …


Route to Controller/Action isn't generated correctly in the html

I have a partial view with an Html helper with the specified action and Controller:SubmitReview action in the ProductController.cs looks like …

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Django to_html() update to allow users to select row

I am asking users to enter a string, and presenting them with some options to select from. These options are stored as a dataframe and I render them …

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Hand Bras: Nice Boobs


Search for specifiс text in html response (ASP.NET Core)

I need to search for specific word in html we page.I try to do this using c# ( core)My point is to get url and word for search from View via …


More streamlined way to write this if statement in cshtml

I just wanted to see if there is a more streamlined way to write this if statement below?


EvoPDF Insert SignatureField into PDF based on HTML div

I use EvoPDF to convert HTML documents to PDF.I have to use the Universign API to digitally sign those documents.As the structure of the document can …

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link parameter shows up as HTML instead of just the value

When I construct the URL for a link with parameters, parameter value in link address shows up as HTML form instead of value.This is how I am …

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how to generate GET and POST methods in C#

I have a navbar which has multiple options or in other words some multiple time spans. I want to query my data present on my web page on the basis of …


getElementById().style.display Not Toggling HTML Button (Show/Hide)

I'm starting to learn Javascript and the issue I'm stuck on is getting an HTML button to show or hide. I've referred to at least a dozen posts on …

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where can I find some document of the React DOM property naming?

Refer to the<p>Warning:<p>Since JSX is closer to JavaScript than to HTML, React DOM uses camelCase property …


CSS Snake & Ladders: a multiplayer game developed in HTML+CSS with no JS

See the Code - See it Full Page - See DetailsSnakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. This is a …

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How to parse php inside html

I tried to parse the php query into html, but on the html page <b>it shows array</b>.My query looks like this: $comments = get_comments( array('post_id' => …