How to keep pests out of your home

Summertime is the prime season for pest invasions. Fruit flies, roaches, bed bugs and mice can become huge problems if you're not vigilant. If little creepy-crawlies are your least favorite kind of visitor, here are some tips to keep your home pest-free, the all-natural way.<p>Fruit flies<p>Fruit flies …


Two Quick Changes in Lightroom That You'll Wish You Made Years Ago

Every computer program has its quirks that may annoy you and slow your workflow down. Here are two fixes that will make your Lightroom experience …


Use your toaster oven to cook these 5 foods

Toaster ovens are great at tackling breakfast, but they can do so much more. Not just frozen snack warmers, these appliances are essentially countertop mini ovens. They may be small, but they're nimble, versatile and surprisingly capable. Toaster ovens preheat much faster than their larger …


What Kind of Screen Protector Should I Get for My Phone?

Flagship smartphones, from the iPhone X to Galaxy S9+, have beautiful displays. Should you cover them up with a screen protector? We break it down …

Operating Systems

How to Create a Solid Background in Photoshop

Have you ever had a session where the backdrop didn’t end up looking the way you intended? This video teaches how to use the select and mask …


Learn How To Retouch Your Selfies and Create Killer Content on Adobe Photoshop

When you’re building an e-commerce website for your side hustle, sending out invites to a bachelor(ette) party, or just sprucing up your grid, MS …


Settle Disputes About Board Game Rules With This Alexa Skill

I’m an incredibly competitive person, especially when it comes to board games. That means that I will always be the first person to declare someone …


Stop Volunteering For Thankless Tasks at Work—If You're a Woman

Psst, women reading this: have you ever suspected that you, and other women co-workers, end up doing a lot of thankless, annoying tasks around the …


Discover New Hiking Trails With This App

Hiking is one of those activities where it pays to have a map of where you’re going as well as some reports for what’s happened to those who have …


Hedgehog softie that kids can sew, with free pattern

This sweet hedgehog softie is so cute and also easy to sew! Linda from Sewing Bee Fabrics has a tutorial and video showing how. She created the …


Saturday Seven Inspiration for Quilters | 34

Hello and happy Saturday! Welcome to the Saturday Seven Inspiration for Quilters | 34 post where you’ll find fun ideas for quilting and more! I can’t …


How to Use Photoshop to Remove Lens Flare From an Image

A lot of us like a bit of lens flare in our photos as a stylistic choice, but once it reaches J.J. Abrams levels, it can be a bit distracting. This …


Dodge & Burn Tutorial in Luminar

Using dodge & burn as part of your editing workflow in Luminar 2018 can really help refine your image and allow you far greater control over the …


'This would have been an unsurvivable event': When a glacier crumbles on Mount Rainier

+1<p>Recent icefall on Mount Rainier in Washington state has rattled seismographs, and perhaps the nerves of a few climbers, after collapses on the …


Peru & Machu Picchu Tour

<b>Trip Overview</b><p>Tour pre-Inca and Inca sites with expert guides—from the Nasca Lines to Machu Picchu.<br>• Sample pisco at an Ica Valley winery, and help a chef prepare local dishes in Arequipa.<br>• Cruise around the Ballestas Islands, spotting penguins, sea lions, and more.

South America

Understanding Inequalities 4 (Treasure Hunt)

This activity requires students to look at inequalities on a number line and write them in the form <i>a</i> ≤ <i>x</i> ≤ <i>b</i>. <b><br>Click --></b> …


Luang Prabang, Laos - Travel Guide for Food Lovers (Where to Eat, Drink, Stay)

Introduction<p>Luang Prabang is a gorgeous heritage city in Laos, and it happens to not only be pleasant to walk around, but there’s an abundance of …


The composite genius of Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson is a photographer and digital artist from Austrailia. Considered a generalist, Colin’s work is stylistic, conceptual and often …


How to Easily Switch a Portrait-Cropped Minimalist Photo to Landscape

It is always hard to gauge what photos in your portfolio might interest people. What do you do if someone likes a shot but wants the crop rotated?<p>I …


Child Welfare and Immigration | Center on Children and the Law

What's New<p>Seven case studies with guidance on legal relief options for immigrants in the child welfare system.<p>Noteworthy<p><b>Parental Interests Directive.</b> …


Sharin' Lunkers with Craig Bonds! The Great Outdoors 7.21.18

We visit with Craig Bonds Chief of Inland Fishing Texas Parks and Wildlife and of course all the best guides in Texas


FFA Cup Round of 32 Ultimate Guide: Schedule, TV details, talking points

THE domestic season ramps up this week when the FFA Cup Round of 32 begins on Wednesday night.<p>Six huge member federation match-ups on the opening …

Sydney FC

A Little History of the Negative - Talk by Geoffrey Batchen

Just how important is the negative to the photographic process?Read More

Vietnam War

Long imports in Python

I seldom have to write something like<p>which takes more than 80 characters. This situation is not covered in the official Python coding style guide. …

Style Guides

How to Sync Your Instagram Contacts to Facebook Messenger

Keeping up with your friends on all the various social networks you share can be an organisational pain. Now, however, Facebook is making this a tiny …


How to clip off the image if its outside bounds react native

I'm new to react native development. I want the image to be in aspect ratio and when I try to change its bounds the area outside the bounds should be …


Bootbox Confirm not working in my MVC application

I am new to ASP.Net MVC. I am following some tutorials and am trying to create a simple bootstrap based application. I found Bootbox and I'd really …


Edit Typos in Your Tweets Using This Chrome Extension

For someone who writes for a living, my Twitter feed has an embarrassing number of typos. I typically notice them the second after I hit post, and am …


14 Tricks That Will Help You Survive a Life-or-Death Situation

We hope that you will never see a rabid dog or a poisonous snake, get lost in the open sea, or have to walk through a hot desert. But if something …


This Feature In Lightroom 2018 Will Make Your Pics Look So Professional & I Need It

It's easier than ever to snap photos right from the smartphone you have on you at all times, but do you ever wish that you could enhance your pics a …