Hot Chocolate

One woman's quest for the perfect hot chocolate

I remember every detail of my abuela's hot chocolate. The way she made it with fresh ginger, using local dark chocolate, and served it in a …


Baileys Frozen Hot Chocolate

Most frozen hot chocolate recipes are kinda complicated and involve making a fudge sauce over a double-boiler with hot cocoa packets. This method is …


8 Signs You Grew Up In A California House

♫All the leaves are brown ♫...yeah, because there's a DROUGHT.<p>Everyone who grew up in California can relate to a few things: 69 degrees is freezing, no one who's actually from here says "Cali," and SoCal and NorCal might as well be two different countries. I grew up in San Diego, land of the …

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All the Latest Details on the New Hershey’s and Reese’s Whipped Toppings

Our dessert-loving hearts have been aflutter with the news that Hershey’s and Reese’s are launching cans of dairy whipped topping, and now we know where to find it. Walmart confirmed it will start selling them the first week of October!<p>So far these tasty concoctions have only been spotted at …


Prepare Your Wallet: Bath & Body Works Just Dropped All of Its Fall Candle Scents!

There are two types of people: those who think of Summer as a warm-weather season for beach trips and pool parties, and those who think of it simply as "pre-Fall." Members of the latter group know that Autumn is the best season, with its crisp air, comfy sweaters, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice</i> …


Victoria’s Annual Hot Chocolate Festival Is Back Next Month

Take a seat by the fire and warm your toes. Victoria’s giant, unstoppable hot chocolate festival is back next month, and our bathroom scales are …


Disco Fire, K-Tel

Contributed by Robert King<i><br>License: All Rights Reserved.</i> <br>This compilation was released in 1978: K-Tel’s DISCO FIRE is a 2-record set featuring disco …


24 Fun and Creative DIY Coffee Mug Organization Ideas

Whether you’re using them for tea or coffee, hot cocoa or chai, or maybe just your favorite mug cake, chances are you’ve got more than a few mugs …


No, You're Not Dreaming — Rocky Road Oreos Are Finally Launching This Month

If you thought Oreo was done releasing new cookie flavors this Summer, think again. Shortly after announcing the launch of its Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreos, the brand confirmed that Rocky Road Trip Oreos are officially on the way!<p>The news comes as a surprise given that it was previously …


Tesco is selling Galaxy WHITE hot chocolate - and we're not sure what to think

TESCO is selling Galaxy hot chocolate powder with a twist - it's white.<p>And while we love tucking in to a Milkybar, we're not sure how we feel about …

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Seedling Cafe

Description<p>Seedling Cafe make nutritious paleo-inspired food including hand-made breakfasts, creative lunches and clean eating snacks.<p>They specialise …


Extra-Dark Honey Sweetened Hot Cocoa

You don't need a packet, a mix, or even heavy cream to make a delicious cup of sweet, hot cocoa. It’s easy to make from scratch with just four simple …


The One Summer Food Everyone With Acne-Prone Skin Should Avoid, According To A Dermatologist

Every season brings new skincare challenges. In the winter, our skin is super dry and flaky. In the summer, we experience nasty breakouts from oily …

Skin Care

Hot Chocolate // July 2018

Our favourite tunes for July 2018 compiled, as suggested and voted by our radio producers.<br>Enjoy!<br>Photo: Ernie Hawks<br>TRACKLIST:<br>01. Tracking Down - Ernie …


5 Fun Alternatives to Your Boring Cup of Coffee

Plain old coffee might do the trick of waking you up, but it can be a bit boring when you have the same thing every single morning. That said, the …


The Great Freezer Cleanout | Week 3

<i>I’m working on cleaning out my chest freezer this summer, one basket/compartment at a time so that I don’t get overwhelmed and give up on it …


The best hot chocolate

Place the sugar and 1/2 cup (125ml) water in a pan over medium-low heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then simmer for 2 minutes until slightly …


Chocolate-Hazelnut Hot Chocolate and Grilled Marshmallow Sandwich

<i>Prepare the chocolate-hazelnut hot chocolate:</i><p>Pour 1 cup of milk and 3 tablespoons chocolate-hazelnut spread into a saucepan. Bring to a gentle simmer …


From Rooftop Patios To Insta-Worthy Burger Joints, The Top Places To Eat And Drink In Ottawa

<i>Presented by Ottawa Tourism</i>The dining scene in Ottawa has exploded over the past few years, moving way beyond BeaverTails and poutine (though you …

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Hot Chocolate

Perfect on a cold, wintry day, this hot chocolate recipe only requires three simple ingredients, making it an irresistible beverage just waiting to …


Gingerbread Hot Cocoa | Taste of Home

Follow along as we show you how to make these fantastic recipes from our archive.


Father's Day


Rainy Day Yoga Playlist: 11 Songs to Go with the Flow

Rainy days don't always call for blankets and hot cocoa. Roll out your mat and go deep into a transcendent flow with this playlist.<p><i>See also</i> 7 Poses …


What a Famous Baker Will & Won't Buy Pre-Made

Even though I’m guilty of sometimes rolling my eyes at other people’s shopping baskets, I know that everyone has their own set of make-or-buy rules based on personal tastes, interests, priorities, and time. (See how I am trying <i>not</i> to be judgmental?!)<p>These are my (not always perfectly consistent) …

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This Couple's Chicken Nugget Engagement Shoot Is The Definition Of Relationship Goals

McDonald's fans: Can't you see yourself copying this idea?!<p>There are good ways to make your engagement photos unique — Cracker Barrel couple, you win …


Easy and delicious winter warming drinks

Enjoy a winter classic without the sugar high, thanks to Well Naturally's chilli-lace healthy hot chocolate recipe.<p>The simple tricks to making a …

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Making your own cocoa mix is super-easy!

Ah, spring, that time of year when the flowers bloom, the sun begins to shine again…and then a freak hail storm blows in?! While the days may be …


15 of the best ways to drink hot chocolate

Creamy, dreamy and ever-so comforting, these are the hot chocolate recipes we keep coming back to time and again.<p>Warm up from top to toe with a …

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Salvation Army celebrates Doughnut Girls

The women who fried doughnuts and dodged bombs on the front linesThe post Salvation Army celebrates Doughnut Girls appeared first on Victoria News.

Salvation Army

5 Unique Ingredients To Spice Up Your Morning Coffee!

On this site, we enjoy a delicious mug of steaming, creamy coffee. With all of the recipes from our Food Monster App, we’ve covered a variety of …