How I became homeless: three people's stories

The number of families affected by homelessness is expected to double by 2041. We asked people to share their experiences<p>The number of families affected by homelessness is expected to more than double in the next two decades, with a further 200,000 households affected by 2041, according to a report.<p>…

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Liberals’ homeless veterans strategy needs flexibility in funding, advocates say

OTTAWA—An emergency fund overseen by federal officials has doled out almost $38,000 in the last four months to help 40 veterans who faced financial …


Some SF 'Homeless Moms' Neither Homeless Nor Moms, Chronicle Finds

Homeless mom panhandles on Market Street with newborn baby: “I’m not harming her in any way.”https://t.co/nSmkszW1qZ via @hknightsf …

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Excerpts from recent Wisconsin editorials | Miami Herald

Wisconsin State Journal, Aug. 9<p>What the Wisconsin Supreme Court doesn't want you to see<p>For two decades, Wisconsin was a shining example of what an …


As Cities Grow Worldwide, So Do the Numbers of Homeless

People openly live on the streets of the world's major urban centers -- from Cairo to Washington, DC -- a disconcerting reminder of homelessness. …

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Homeless Dog Had a Massive Abscess On Her Neck, but Thankfully Rescuers Found Her in Time!

Guardians of the Voiceless is a non-profit organization with two goals in mind: to provide an education and healthcare to underprivileged children …

Homeless in Vancouver: Reign of flies—a poem for the back alleys

Stanley Q. WoodvineOpen the lid of a Dumpster and inside,<br>A cloud of flies disturbed into flight,<br>Make the “pit-pat” sound of rain,<br>As they collide with …

Halle Berry Reveals She Used to Live in a Homeless Shelter in N.Y.C.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Halle Berry.<p>In a recent interview with <i>People,</i> the 50-year-old mother of two revealed that she briefly lived …

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Thriving To End Homelessness

We Each Have Something To Do, And In Doing, We Help Ourselves As Much As Another.<p>On an average night in America, more than half a million men, women …

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Outgoing Central City Concern director reflects on 25 years of Portland homelessness

"The opiate addiction has added a new twist," Ed Blackburn said in an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive, "especially with the migratory …


Man attempts push-up world record to help homeless veterans

A dedicated supporter of wounded warriors is trying to raise $50,000 for homeless veterans by setting world records involving push-ups.


Halle Berry reveals she once lived in a homeless shelter

Halle Berry opened up about living in a homeless shelter when she was 21<p>August 10, 2017 - 12:20 CEST<p>Before she became an Oscar-winning actress, <b>Halle</b> …

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Homelessness in Hawaii Is an Emergency of Tragic Proportions

<b>When the red mist cleared I was standing over a 90-pound woman, shrieking rage at her prone form.</b><p>I’d flown to Oahu from Kauai for ear surgery the day …


Halle Berry once lived in a NYC homeless shelter

Halle Berry, despite her fame and fortune, once had nothing to her name – including a place to call home.<p>“That was rough,” the Oscar winner, 50, told …

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The Faces of Homelessness

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Census report show 81% increase in homelessness since 2011

<b>Update 4.20pm:</b> The Simon Communities in Ireland have described latest census figures on homelessness which show an 81% increase in the number of …


We’re on the verge of a huge increase of homeless people in the UK

<b>Britain’s homelessness crisis is predicted to increase considerably in the next 10 years.</b><p>Rough sleeping across the UK is forecast to jump by more …


Almost half of rough sleepers are families - Latest CSO results

Almost half of rough sleepers and other homeless people recorded on Census Night last year were families, the latest figures from the CSO reveal.

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Having battled homelessness, Shantelle says ‘there is help out there’

A Wollongong woman who has faced homelessness has words of encouragement for those in a similar predicament - there is help out there.

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Addressing Homelessness: When Did Our Social Sensitivities Take Precedence Over Our Sense of Justice?

As a society, we have truly passed through the ethical looking glass when lawmakers are more concerned with reducing the <i>visibility</i> of homelessness …

Homeless Puppy With Severely Infected Ear Wound Finds Help in the Sweetest Place (VIDEO)

Thanks to the wonderful people at Guardians of the Voiceless and a kind man named Mr. Harinder, a little puppy named Kanu is recovering from a …


Disabled veteran's homeless project grows into movement

What began as one veteran driving around his northern California community looking for homeless veterans who he could help out, has blossomed into a full-fledged foundation with help pouring in from around the country.<p>Fox News was first introduced to disabled veteran Kyle Cornwell in March after a …

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Mumbai has less homes for its homeless

It's official: Mumbai cares little for its homeless. A Supreme Court-appointed committee tasked with verifying the number and condition of night …


Letter: Homeless people need services

I moved to downtown Vancouver in 2010. The homeless were here then and are here now. I also see them in downtown Portland when I go over there. The …


Who are the homeless people of Australia?

You probably have opinions about homeless people, but are you sure they are based on facts? Here are a few things you should know.<p>Being homelessness …


Student runs sock business for homeless out of his dorm room

Most college students living in a dorm have room for some furniture like a couch or a television. But Keaton Hendricks’ dorm room at Taylor University in Indiana is stacked with boxes of socks.<p>That’s right, socks. Every month, Hendricks ships hundreds of socks out of his own college dorm room to a …

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Suspicion, moral panic, punishment: empathy for homeless people is a choice

Dealing with homelessness by punitive means costs taxpayers far more than efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing and supported accommodation<p>Doug Cameron is shadow minister for housing and homelessness<p>Nothing illustrates the growing divide in our society between rich and poor than …


Have You Met Burlington Bernie?

Bernie Sanders might be the most popular politician in all of America, and his constituents give him the highest approval rating in the Senate—but …

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Australia's homelessness crisis: number of older women forced to couchsurf doubles

Hidden forms of homelessness account for majority of the problem, with rough sleeping accounting for just 6%, analysis reveals<p>The number of older women forced to couchsurf in Australia has almost doubled in the past four years, new analysis shows.<p>The Council to Homeless Persons chief executive, …


This is how much New York's homeless population would grow if rents went up by just 5%

Gentrification is happening in many major American cities, but it doesn’t just mean that neighborhood demographics change — it can also lead to an …