Holocaust survivor: Yes, it can happen again

In an interview with <i>CNN</i>, Holocaust survivor Sonia K. spoke about her experience in the Holocaust and said that silence is the worst thing after …


Fighting hatred: Birmingham Holocaust Education Center keeps history alive

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center didn't need an event like Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., to know how hatred can turn to violence.

Adolf Hitler

Alt-Right Figure Clashes With Holocaust Historian Over DTLA Event

The organizer of an upcoming Holocaust history event at downtown Los Angeles' Last Bookstore put up her guard recently when a well-known alt-right …

Los Angeles

Regina teachers reflect on their summer tour of Holocaust sites

Print<p>When four Regina teachers visited Germany and Poland to learn about the history of the Holocaust, each carried with them a personal letter from …


Why Wagner's Music Was Banned in Israel

Opera music and culture is alive and well in Israel, and Israelis and Jews around the world are more than able to appreciate Wagner’s musical genius. …


Why I Went to Auschwitz

There was a small hole in the kitchen floor that led to a secret crawl space. That image is burned into my memory. The space was maybe five feet long …

European History

Holocaust survivors have issued a chilling warning over UK's 'social splintering'

Holocaust survivors have issued a stark warning that the growing willingness of some "to express extreme views ... and act out their intolerance with …

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Ultra-Orthodox protest campaign compares IDF draft to Holocaust

Posters show Haredi recruits walking into Auschwitz, claim IDF induction targets souls whereas Nazis went after bodies


STEINBERG: 2 women speak their minds on the Holocaust, abortion rights

The names Simone Veil and Brittany Carl probably shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. It’s an insult to one; I’ll let you figure out …

Bruce Rauner

Why we have a duty to remember the evil and inhumane events of the Holocaust

As disturbing as it might be to hear about, it is perhaps our duty to do so. So that we don’t forget what happened and how people suffered.

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Macron denounces France’s collaboration in the Holocaust during Netanyahu visit

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced France’s collaboration in the Holocaust, lashing out Sunday at those who negate or minimize the country’s role in sending tens of thousands of Jews to their deaths.<p>After he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a Holocaust commemoration, …


Preserving Artifacts, Memories of Holocaust Survivors

Since 1993, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., has worked to educate visitors about the millions of people imprisoned and killed …


How these teachers learned to teach the Holocaust

JTA - When Megan Corbin was in school, she learned about the Holocaust as an optimistic story.<p>Her grade school, she said, “highlighted Anne Frank as …

European History

What Therapists Think About Their Worst Patients

People who aren't in the health professions often think of therapists as warm and fuzzy humans who offer unconditional emotional support and constantly ask their patients, "How do you feel?" While many psychotherapists and psychiatrists enter the mental health field because they are empathetic and …

Mental Health

Holocaust Museum surpasses $250G goal to preserve victim diaries

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has exceeded its $250,000 goal in an effort to preserve and digitize more than 200 diaries from …

European History

How These Teachers Learned To Teach The Holocaust

NEW YORK (JTA) — When Megan Corbin was in school, she learned about the Holocaust as an optimistic story.<p>Her grade school, she said, “highlighted …

Jewish Culture

Muslim Girls Studying Holocaust Turned Away From Lublin Synagogue

WARSAW, Poland — A group of Muslim girls from Germany was prevented from entering a synagogue in Lublin while on a visit to Poland to study…

Jewish Culture

Holocaust Survivor Left in Tears After Boston's New England Holocaust Museum Was Vandalized

Holocaust survivor Izzy Arbeiter had to relive some painful memories Wednesday morning when he found out Boston's New England Holocaust Museum — …


Arrest made in vandalism of Boston Holocaust memorial

Police in Boston have arrested a man in the vandalism of the Holocaust memorial there.<p>James Issac, 21, of the Roxbury neighborhood, was arrested …


Holocaust Museum starts 1st crowdfunding campaign to preserve survivors' diaries

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has launched its first crowdfunding campaign in an effort to preserve and digitize more than 200 diaries …

Amazon removes fancy dress 'Holocaust wound' from site following complaint from Auschwitz Memorial

A fancy dress item described as a 'Holocaust wound' was removed from sale on Amazon this week following a number of complaints - including one from the Auschwitz Museum and Memorial.<p>The £20 latex wound was offered on Amazon UK by a seller called Horror-Shop. The product description, which appeared …


Harvard Rescinds Acceptance Of Students Who Posted Holocaust And Racist Memes

Harvard University has revoked its acceptance of at least 10 applicants to its incoming freshman class after learning the group traded sexually …

Harvard Crimson

Study finds evidence of intergenerational trauma in grandchildren of Holocaust survivors

The intergenerational transmission of trauma is a controversial topic in psychology. But new research suggests that intense trauma can in fact be …


Japan and Australia must cooperate with US on North Korea, Building public trust in science, Arresting WikiLeaks founder would set 'dangerous prece...

A roundup of global commentary for the May 8, 2017, weekly magazine.<p>May 6, 2017<p>The Japan News / Tokyo<p>Japan and Australia must cooperate with US on …

North Korea

Auschwitz magician survived Holocaust with sleight of hand

Reich is 89 now, but in spring 1944, he was a terrified, emaciated teenager crammed in with other starving Jewish prisoners as they watched their …

European History

Outrage over Holocaust joke posted in Vancouver buy and sell group

Rory Richards had just finished feeding and changing her twin baby girls in her West End apartment Thursday evening when she sat down with her laptop and noticed a new post in one of the Vancouver buy and sell Facebook groups she’s part of. When she clicked to look, she was was shocked.<p>The post …

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Holocaust survivor leaves reminder in book: Try To Remember-Never Forget

Hope.<p>It’s what kept Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax alive while in captivity under German rule during WWII.<p>“My mother said, ‘just pray that tomorrow is over’ …

San Diego

Ray Allen talks about his passion for teaching others about the Holocaust

The activist and 10-time All-Star was sworn in to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Council<p>After former NBA 3-point legend Ray Allen retired in …

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Israeli teens teach Holocaust survivors to surf the internet

JTA - Nearly 700 Israeli teens studying in science and technology schools in Israel are teaching Holocaust survivors to use computers and the …


Trump Gives A Holocaust Speech — And The ‘Alt Right’ Screams ‘Betrayal’

White nationalists and the “alt-right” feel betrayed by Trump.