The Chilling Will of a Holocaust Survivor

Ruth Bondy was an Israeli writer who wrote in Hebrew and Czech, journalist, translator and an author of biographies. She passed away last month, at the age of 94 (on Nov. 14, 2017). She left a chilling will.<p>In her will, she imagined how the world would be after all the Holocaust survivors die out. …

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I Think About the Holocaust Every Single Day

The other day, someone tweeted, “Name a b*tch badder than Taylor Swift.” The tweet was met with unexpected, albeit appropriate responses, referring …

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Teen Says He Took Milton Holocaust Memorial To Give As 'Gift': PD

The "Myriam's Memorial" statue had been missing for more than a year.<p>MILTON, MA – Police in Milton are seeking charges against a local teenager who …


So What If Larry David Joked About Concentration Camps on 'SNL'? Get Over It (Guest Blog)

We are all victims of oppression and what do we do? We laugh in its face<p>As someone who is deeply involved in the support and aid of Holocaust …


In defense of Larry David

The Jewish “thought police” were out in full force, shaming us for laughing.<p>I laughed out loud, and I’ve never been a particular fan of Larry …


Holocaust memorials stolen from Berlin sidewalks

Berlin - Police in Berlin were investigating the theft of several small memorials embedded in sidewalks that pay tribute to victims of the …


Larry David in hot water over SNL monologue holocaust jokes

via NBC<p>Larry David may have went a little too far in last night’s Saturday Night Live monologue, telling some offensive concentration camp jokes.<p>Did …


Monumental discovery of lost Jewish artifacts thought to have been destroyed in holocaust

Filed under: News, World News, Art & Books<p>A treasure trove of lost Jewish artifacts long thought to have been destroyed in the Holocaust have been discovered in Lithuania.<p>Read more...<p>Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Holocaust anthology explores legacy of trauma – for victims, perpetrators and future generations

Tales from Buchenwald concentration camp reveal how great suffering affected those who were there, and those who carry its legacy<p>27 Oct 2017


Polish bill denies compensation for most Holocaust survivors, families

Bill states that only someone who currently has Polish citizenship can claim compensation for property nationalized by the Communist regime following …


UK Holocaust center immortalizes Holocaust survivors through 3D testimony project

Children will be able to ‘meet’ survivors long after there are none left.<p>The UK's National Holocaust Centre and Museum is set to premiere interactive …

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After apology, Anthony Scaramucci reposts poll on number of Jews killed in Holocaust

Anthony Scaramucci departing from “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” at Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, Aug. 14, 2017. (Mike Coppola/Getty …

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Anthony Scaramucci’s Holocaust Poll On ‘The Scaramucci Post’ Causes Uproar [Update]

After launching his site, <i>The Scaramucci Post</i>, an attempt at his very own <i>Huffington Post,</i> Anthony Scaramucci published a “Holocaust Death Toll Poll” …

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Anthony Scaramucci's Firm Deletes Outrageous Poll About The Holocaust

'Appalling'.<p>The new ‘media venture’ run by Donald Trump’s former communications chief has deleted a poll asking readers how many Jews they thought …

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Scaramucci Post Twitter Poll On Holocaust Death Toll Sparks Outrage

Erstwhile White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is—once again—in hot water.<p>The Mooch’s new media business, Scaramucci Post, came …

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Who Chooses to Run a Twitter Poll About the Holocaust Death Toll?

Do you know anyone who is a Holocaust denier? Or is, shall we say, “Holocaust-denial curious”?<p>Short-lived Trump administration staffer Anthony …

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Trudeau erases Jews from the Holocaust, again

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now failed twice, in 20 months, to mention Jews in commemorating the Holocaust.<p>The latest omission was brought to …


School project to remember Holocaust victims surpasses goal of 11 million stamps

The 'Holocaust Stamp Project' is a strong testament to the power of commemoration as carried out by the future generation.<p>A 9-year-old school project …


Netanyahu tells Merkel concerned over rise in anti-Semitism

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday Israel was concerned over a rise in anti-Semitism, after a …


Holocaust denier in Belgium ordered to visit concentration camps and write about them

<b>By Derek Hawkins</b><p>A court in Brussels has ordered a former Belgian lawmaker to visit five Nazi concentration camps and write about his experiences as …

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Like the Holocaust Never Even Happened

76 years ago today volunteer Ukrainian auxiliaries collaborated with cross-border Hungarian fascist sympathizers and German death squads to finish …

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Ladino Letters from Rhodes, Before the Holocaust Destroyed the Island’s Jewish Community

Until my early adulthood, I had no family names or faces to connect with the Holocaust. I always assumed that, on my father’s side, any members of …


Holocaust survivor: Silence is 'approval' of racism

The Nazis took nearly everything from Sonia K. and her sister in the 1940s -- everything but their lives. Now the Holocaust survivor says she fears they will also take her America.


Fighting hatred: Birmingham Holocaust Education Center keeps history alive

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center didn't need an event like Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., to know how hatred can turn to violence.

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BPD Officers Arrest Juvenile in Connection to Vandalism Done to Holocaust Memorial

<b>BPD Officers Arrest Juvenile in Connection to Vandalism Done to Holocaust Memorial:</b> At about 6:40pm, on Monday, August 14, 2017, officers from …


Why Wagner's Music Was Banned in Israel


Ultra-Orthodox protest campaign compares IDF draft to Holocaust

A leaflet campaign against the recruitment of ultra-Orthodox Jews into the Israeli military compares army service to the Holocaust.<p>Flyers and posters …


Brands keep putting Nazi, Holocaust symbols in designs

The Prada-owned brand Miu Miu is the latest to stumble with a design that incorporates symbols linked by some to the Holocaust. The company recently …

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STEINBERG: 2 women speak their minds on the Holocaust, abortion rights

The names Simone Veil and Brittany Carl probably shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. It’s an insult to one; I’ll let you figure out …

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How these teachers learned to teach the Holocaust

JTA - When Megan Corbin was in school, she learned about the Holocaust as an optimistic story.<p>Her grade school, she said, “highlighted Anne Frank as …

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