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Blog Archive » John Quincy Adams would have slain on Instagram

In a long, eventful life filled with accomplishments, John Quincy Adams often gets the credit for the one thing he didn’t do: being the first …


Museum Offers Free Photo Digitization for Black Families

The National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C, is offering African American families free digitization services so …


Ruined temples and forgotten places: historic photographer of the year – in pictures

The first historic photographer of the year awards showcase the world’s very best historic places and cultural sites from across the globe, capturing everything from the most famous national treasures to obscure and forgotten hidden gems. Here, the photographers tell the stories behind their …


5 Historical Photos That Don't Actually Depict The Famous People They Claim

These photos of "Abraham Lincoln," "Billy the Kid," and others fooled the world — until they were finally debunked.<p>The man purported to be Billy the …

Abraham Lincoln

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Goodbye to Racing: Pictures


The Women Who Covered Vietnam

This year Australia put the journalist Kate Webb on a stamp to commemorate the country’s Veterans Day. It is a reproduction of a famous photo of Kate wearing a safari shirt, holding open her notebook while looking intently at the subject of an interview.<p>By recognizing Kate, who covered the Vietnam …

Ron Haviv

Vintage Photographs Capture the Life at an Outdoor "Bench School" in 1939

During the end of the Great Depression in 1939, many rural schools held classes outside due to the oppressive heat. Here is a day in the life of the …


Veterans Day in Pictures

U.S. Presidency

Rarely Seen WWI Photographs Brought To Life In Colour

A Canadian charity has launched a unique project that colourizes rarely seen photographs from the First World War.<p>The Vimy Foundation's "Great World …


PHOTO GALLERY: This week's top shots

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Remembrance Day around the world – in pictures

From Sydney to London, the world marks the 99th anniversary of the end of the first world war and remembers those who have lost their lives in conflict


Candid shots show life in trenches of Great War

The First World War gave us Remembrance Day. But long before anyone began observing two minutes of silent reflection, people were preserving the …

Canadian News

WWI in vivid detail: How a B.C. man is bringing history to life by colourizing old photos

Mark Truelove still spends hours and hours working meticulously in front of a computer screen, but now it’s for fun.<p>Truelove left the hectic world of …

Canadian News

'They are important': celebrating Canada's official WW I photographers

B.C. historian says censored photos captured the daily realities faced by Canadian soldiers<p>Ahead of Remembrance Day, a Vernon, B.C. historian is …


Highlights from Trump’s Visit to Asia: Pictures

North Korea

Reconstructing Russia. Spirit of the past for the present

This project brings together 14 of the characters involved in the reconstruction of various periods of Russian history: from the 9th century until the end of the second world war.<p>For the present, and their favourite eras they picked up hashtags — keywords that most closely express the spirit of the …


Donald Trump in Asia: US President attends summit in Vietnam, in pictures

North Korea

The Best Photography Locations in Edinburgh

We’ve been based in the Edinburgh region for a couple of years now, and it is definitely one of our favourite cities in the UK. We’ve written a lot …


Candid vintage snapshots of women having fun in the 1940s.

3 November 2017<p>124 notes<p>girls<br>• women<br>• fun<br>• life<br>• culture<br>• nostalgia<br>• vintage<br>• photography<br>• 1940s<p>Candid vintage snapshots of women having fun in the 1940s.<p>(Source: …


Pictures of the Week 11.2.17

Latin America

History of America in hole-punched photos

During the Great Depression, the US government launched a project to portray the country's reality. Here are the photos.<p>During the Great Depression that started from 1929, the US government decided to launch a project to portray the country's reality.<p>The project, the largest government-sponsored …

Great Depression

All Saints’ and Day of the Dead Celebrations: Pictures

World War II

When and Why You Should Turn Your Images Black and White

For many photographers, particularly hobbyists, making an image black and white is almost arbitrary. I remember in the early days of my photography, …


1857: Photos of the World From the Year The Atlantic Launched

160 years ago, the world was in a state of transition. The Industrial Revolution had laid the groundwork for an upcoming rapid modernization; steamships and telegraph lines were making the world a smaller place; the United States was struggling with the issue of slavery and trying to avoid a civil …


Wiki Captures Vintage NYC Magic in New "Stickball" Video

Wiki and his crew run through the streets of NYC in his new video for the 'No Mountains In Manhattan' standout.


Who was the photographer who took these dehumanising images of the Madras famine?

Willoughby Wallace Hooper, who shot the famine of 1876-1888, often referred to the people in his pictures as objects.<p>On March 26, 1993, <i>The New York</i> …


The Lost Children of Tuam

Ireland wanted to forget. But the dead don’t always stay buried.

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Why You Should Look Into Shooting with Vintage Lenses

Vintage lenses seem to be increasingly popular nowadays, and not just in the hipster crowds. In this 5-minute video, photographer Mark Holtze looks …


The Photographer Who Claimed to Capture Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost

The first photographers were necromancers: their work fixed faces in time, sending a flood of memories into the chasm between the living and the dead. As a bulwark against grief and loss, a picture of a loved one was at once more visceral and more magical than anything that had existed before. …


Pictures of the Week 10.26.17

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