How to combine cardio and lifting to maximize muscle

The fitness world has always been split down the middle between those who love to lift and those who love doing cardio. Most people who seek to get …


For exercise, nothing like the great outdoors

NEW YORK: Long walks can improve moods and reduce anxiety, but the benefits may be greatest if the walks take place outdoors rather than in a gym, …


Low Intensity Training for High Intensity Sports

Adding intensity to an overstressed athlete is a recipe for burnout and injury, so be sure to find a balance.read more


Got 15 Minutes? Shorter Workouts Might Be Best

If you think the best way to get the most benefit from working out is by spending as much time in the gym as possible, think again. It turns out you …


Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit smartwatch and Garmin Vivoactive 3 are just around the corner

With the Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit smartwatch and Garmin Vivoactive 3 just around the corner, the competition for your wrist space is heating …

Wearable Tech

A guide to the best free online workouts

It's easy to get discouraged by the boutique fitness craze with $25 per class fees and the weekly chore of sitting by your computer to reserve a spot in that popular spin class that always sells out. It's often tempting to just skip it, so we rounded up our favorite free online workouts that you …


This Is the Absolute Easiest Thing You Can Do To Get More Done At The Gym

Seriously, it's your dream come true.<p>Think fast: What do you do between sets when you’re strength training? Chances are, you stand or walk around to shake off the burn.<p>That’s not bad per se, but you could do better. A recent study found that when people sat or lied down instead of standing between …


Can't Do HIIT? Try PHA Training to Burn Fat and Calories

If you pay any kind of attention to the latest fitness trends, you may think that high intensity interval training is the only way to exercise. And …


Are high-intensity workouts suitable for all ages?

NEW YORK: Abbreviated, intense workouts may help people of any age become healthier, a new study of old mice that ran on treadmills suggests. …


6 Tips for Women Intimidated by the HIIT Workouts Catherine & Reese Are Doing

From at-home routines to gym classes, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are everywhere right now, and rightfully so. Short spurts of …


New to HIIT? This Beginner Workout Takes Just 20 Minutes

Cardio is losing steam when it comes to weight loss, and experts are all about HIIT (high-intensity interval training). HIIT workouts mix shorts bursts of activity with even shorter rest periods, and because you can tailor the workout to your ability, it's perfect for beginners!<p>In this workout, …


What Are the Best Sports Shoes for Men?

Finding the right pair of shoes for your workout can be a tricky enterprise — not only should they feel comfortable, but they should look good enough …


Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of New watchOS 4 Operating System to Developers

Apple today seeded the sixth beta of an upcoming watchOS 4 update to developers, one week after seeding the fifth beta and more than two months after introducing the watchOS 4 update at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference.<p>Once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Apple …


Words not war

If only Donald Trump could find the right words to say to Kim Jong-un, maybe we wouldn’t be on the brink of a global disaster. The idea came to mind …


Best cardio exercises for fat loss

Best cardio exercises for fat loss<p>Cardiovascular exercises are usually the easiest way to lose fat. Cardio coupled with weight-training is one of the …


The 6 Biggest Mistakes Trainers See You Making at the Gym

Tips from trainers<p>Ever wish you could eavesdrop on the personal training session taking place across the weight room and snag some inside …


New book about a 21-day diet that will help you live longer

The seaside village of Pioppi. Pic Courtesy/Spinoziano - Own work; Wikimedia commons<br>While counselling a patient a day after he performed a …

Intermittent Fasting

The one thing you should do to get rid of stomach fat, according to a celebrity trainer who's worked with Jennifer Lopez

If you're wondering why the hundreds of sit ups you're doing aren't getting rid of the stomach fat you're trying to target, you may want to consider …


How to avoid getting dropped

Riding in a pack can have many benefits, such as slipstreaming, but if you struggle to keep up here are a few tips from pro rider and Le Col clothing …


Don't Have Time to Exercise? Do This for 10 Minutes

In the fitness world, the word “miracle” gets thrown around like a two-pound dumbbell. But when it comes to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), …


7 HIIT Mistakes You’re Probably Making

<i>This article originally appeared on DailyBurn.com.</i><p>Considering HIIT — or high-intensity interval training — is known to burn fat, improve metabolic …


How to stop making excuses to skip gym day

There was a time when I struggled to make fitness a consistent part of my life. I had a repertoire of excuses that seemed totally legit at the time: …


BBC Radio Sheffield - Football Heaven, 'It's high intensity training. Sometimes it crosses the line.'

'It's high intensity training. Sometimes it crosses the line.'<p>Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal with Andy Giddings.<p>Release date:<p>11 August 2017<p>Duration:<p>15 minutes


Taking Your Strength & Conditioning Training on the Road

There's no reason you have to come back from your summer trip out of shape or feeling like you've lost your hard won gains of the year.read more


Endurance Training Essentials: Strength, Intervals, and Aerobics

Use these three pillars of training wisely to increase performance and reduce the chances of injury.read more


Your HIIT Workout Is Probably Too Long, and Here's Why

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that more is more when it comes to fitness. It's common to see people running to the gym as often as possible when they're trying to lose weight, or they opt in for extralong workout sessions. But there are times when less really is more, and that applies to …


5 Signs You Shouldn't Try to Push Through a Workout

Working out can be uncomfortable. It's a fact. You might even gauge your workout by the level of discomfort. Sore muscles a day or two after exercise are often considered signs of a job well done. After all, reaching for another rep and pushing through another mile is what helps build strength and …


The best legs workout for beginners

It's okay if you have zero lifting experience, a pair of chicken legs, and little-to-no muscle. As long as you have the desire to grow stronger, …


10 Fitness YouTube Channels That Will Get You Ripped For Free

From boutique boxing gyms to rage yoga, fitness is becoming increasingly niche – and increasingly expensive to match. We all want the celebrity body …


4 Reasons To Hit The Sand And Go For A Run On The Beach

There’s no reason why you should pass up the sand this vacation and hit up the treadmill instead. And skipping your miles simply isn’t an option. …