Henry Viii

Meghan Markle is following in Princess Diana’s footsteps

Suits actress Meghan Markle first bumped into her prince charming under the cover of darkness in exclusive London nightclub Soho House back in June …

Meghan Markle

Liam Fox: no ‘Henry VIII powers’ in trade bill

The bill will not grant ministers ‘the power to write law behind parliament’s back’, says international trade secretary<p>In an editorial (13 November) you claim that the trade bill is “effectively granting ministers the power to write law behind parliament’s back” with “Henry VIII powers”. This claim …


Everything You Should Download Before Your Next Flight

You're at 20,000 feet, and you realize your flight doesn’t have WiFi — which wouldn't be a big deal, except you forgot your book at home, and none of …

Anne Boleyn

How Ingrid Goes West reveals the truth about Instagram

Instagram will be the death of all things. It’s the apocalyptic cry that always seems to emerge from serious-minded cultural commentators. The type …

Ingrid Goes West

Weaker than ever, May faces test in parliament over Brexit plans

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May's blueprint for Britain's exit from the European Union faces a crucial test starting on Tuesday, when …


Review: The Heat of the Moment

What was heresy one week might be orthodoxy the next, and vice versa. And the punishment could be the most agonizing imaginable. John Steele Gordon reviews ‘The Burning Time’ by Virginia Rounding.<p>In the West today we take it for granted that one is free to hold whatever religious beliefs one thinks …

Anne Boleyn

Bristol’s most expensive property is a stunner…but is it really worth more than Henry VIII’s palace?

It’s no secret that Clifton is Bristol’s most affluent area.<p>And if you’re looking to put down roots in the prestigious village be prepared to put …

Real Estate

A Quick Look At Royal Dogs

Queen Alexandra, photographed by J. Russell & Sons (By J. Russell & Sons, London [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)<p>Queen Alexandra, photographed …

Royal Family

Sean Cunningham Discusses the Legacy of Arthur Tudor

In a lecture at Bangor University on 2 November 2017, Sean Cunningham talked about the brief but influential life of Arthur Tudor, older brother of …


Medieval Executions: The View from the Scaffold

Let’s take a brief look at what judicial execution was really like in the Middle Ages.


How Queen Edith-Matilda washed lepers’ feet and gained the stature of a saint

<i>Dan Jones is the author of “The Plantagenets”, “The Wars of the Roses” and his latest, “The Templars.”</i><p>At Easter in 1105 , Queen Edith-Matilda of England invited a crowd of lepers to her apartments and washed their feet. Leprosy was a scary disease in the Middle Ages: disgusting, infectious and …


You don’t need to show children 9/11 footage to teach them the world is bad

A teaching assistant was sacked for objecting to a classroom video of a 9/11 ‘falling man’. I’m with her – kids don’t need to be shown everything<p>Out of the Blue, Simon Armitage’s devastating poem commemorating 9/11, re-humanises a distant “falling body”, captured by accident in the background of …


Who Won the Reformation?

The Western world has not known quite what to do with the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The powerful Protestant establishments that would have once celebrated the quincentenary wholeheartedly are mostly weak or impotent or gone, and while the disreputable sort of Calvinist and …


Newsmax's 25 All-Time Greatest Christian Books

So many extraordinary volumes have emerged from the Christian faith that it would indeed take divine inspiration to do them all justice.


Martin Luther's children: the top 10 Protestants in fiction

On 31 October 1517, Luther kickstarted a revolution in Christianity that can still be felt in novels by authors from Daniel Defoe to John Updike<p>It was, in part, Martin Luther’s love of words that made him so attractive to me as a subject for biography. That, and the looming 500th anniversary of his …


Brexit to Bonfire Night: why the Reformation still matters

Five hundred years ago Martin Luther, a German monk, attacked the Catholic Church in a move that sparked the Protestant Reformation. The effects are …

World History

BBC Radio 4 - Five Green Bottles, Series 1, Ancient Steinwein

Wine has been made by most civilisations throughout history, and in every part of the world. It has inspired artists, thinkers, writers, theologians and poets through the ages, and is deeply connected with the story of recorded human history. In this series, five wine critics offer personal …


“Black Tudors: The Untold Story” by Historian Miranda Kaufmann Debunks Idea That Slavery Was Start of Africans’ Presence in England

by Bidisha via theguardian.com Within moments of meeting historian Miranda Kaufmann, I learn not to make flippant assumptions about race and history. …

Good News

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 91 – The Book of Common Prayer (1662)

Thomas Cranmer’s book of vernacular English prayer is possibly the most widely read book in the English literary tradition<p>In anticipation of English prose after the Commonwealth, I had initially found the temptation to include Robert Hooke’s extraordinary <i>Micrographia</i> (1665) next in this sequence …


Anglo-Papal relations and Henry VIII's break with Rome

Due to its longevity and impact at home and abroad, Henry VIII’s break with Rome stands out as one of the most notable events in British history.<p>For …

British History

‘Greensleeves’ — an irresistible earworm, from Henry VIII to Elvis

Popular with musicians, it was recently voted the most annoying song played to callers on hold<p>Monday, 30 October 2017 by Helen Brown

'Fatal Throne' Tells The Story Of Henry VIII From The Perspective Of His Six Wives — Cover Reveal!

I think you'll agree that Henry VIII is one of the most fascinating figures in history... and for good reason. The charismatic and controversial …

Anne Boleyn

Researchers Say Ministry Downplaying Damage Done by Health Firings

The British Columbia health ministry met its obligation to review the damage the 2012 firings did to the government’s drug research programs, even if …

Canadian News

Could you pass the UK citizenship test? Find out here

More than half of the people taking the British citizenship test in Sandwell failed last year - one of the highest proportions in the …

Birmingham, UK

9.5 myths about the Reformation

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation and Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 Theses to the doors of Wittenberg …


What Masterpiece Cakeshop is Really About

Let’s face it: most of us are happy when others agree with and approve of us. We prefer not to be confronted with sharp disagreement or disapproval. …


8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes That'll Outdo Everyone With Minimal Effort

Your on-the-day Halloween costume sorted.<p>If you haven't spent the last month painstakingly curating your totally terrifying (and authentic to the …


The Anne Boleyn: a sports bar with a Tudor twist

Fancy new Peter St. pub takes its name from history and its menu from England.

Canadian News

The world's 25 most scary, haunted and macabre places

Khmer Rouge

The Crown's Claire Foy on being a working mum, Ocado splurges and what she really thinks of the Queen

In her roles as Queen Elizabeth II and Anne Boleyn, Claire Foy has demonstrated a quiet genius for conveying a multitude of emotions and thoughts without saying a word. It is all there in the face: porcelain pale, with perfect features and those startled-wide eyes.<p>The pauses, the almost …

Claire Foy