Henri Cartier-Bresson

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography opens Ezra Stoller's first exhibition in Russia

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is presenting to the Russian public, for the first time, the work of the outstanding American …

Frank Lloyd Wright

Every Shot You Take is an Attempt!

Dear friend, A simple idea: Whenever you click the shutter, you’re just taking an attempt. Take a shot To take a shot in photography is to take an …

Eric Kim

Old and New: Working With and Responding to the Photographic Archive

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Avoid the Middle; Embrace the Extremes

To live a better life, embrace the extremes. Avoid the boring middle– either relax 100%, or go hard 100%. “Sleep hard, or work hard”. In this essay, …

Eric Kim

The Future of Photography is Editing

Dear friend, A basic idea: the future of photography is going to be editing (the art of selecting your best work, and not showing your weak work). …


Leica to Add Luxury Watches

Leica Camera, the German brand used by famed photographers like Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Man Ray, plans to add a new category this fall to its array of meticulously made technical items: luxury watches.<p>“We’ve always been dealing with the mechanical construction of outstanding …

Luxury Lifestyle

An exhibition of works made in Italy by photographer Francesca Woodman opens at Victoria Miro Venice

<b>VENICE</b><b>.-</b> Victoria Miro opened an exhibition of works made in Italy by the celebrated photographer Francesca Woodman (1958–1981), including examples …

Rhode Island

The Online Photographer

Two pictures to illustrate a point:<p>Same camera, same lens, same scene, same framing (or close). The Celestial Assistant suggested a setup change and …


6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Standard Lens for Street Photography

Henri-Cartier Bresson is well-known for his use of a 50mm lens, a standard lens on a 35mm film camera. If it’s good enough for Henri, then I guess …


Understanding the Decisive Moment

<i>“Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes the precise moment. We play with things that disappear and that, once</i> …


Exhibition of Mexican photographer Lola Álvarez Bravo sheds light on the pioneering photojournalist

<b>ST. LOUIS, MO</b><b>.-</b> The Pulitzer Arts Foundation explores the career of pioneering Mexican photographer Lola Álvarez Bravo (1903 – 1993) with an …

Mexico City

Places to Go for Traveling Lomographers: Volksgarten

The photogenic park sitting in Vienna has a lot of picturesque spaces and beautiful landmarks worth a Lomograph.Read More


When a Famous Person Dies, the National Portrait Gallery’s “Rapid Response” Team Jumps Into Action

<b>John McCain</b> died on Saturday, August 25. The National Portrait Gallery had a black-and-white <b>Steve Pyke</b> portrait of him on its “In Memoriam” wall by …

National Portrait Gallery

Lee Humphreys Photography

Thanks for visiting my website and looking at my photos. I hope you find some images you enjoy!<p>Please feel free to get in touch or leave comments in …

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Hirshhorn Curator Explains the Significance of the Huge Marcel Duchamp Donation

Up to now, the single piece of work from Marcel Duchamp in the Smithsonian’s contemporary and modern art Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden was a …


Visual Intelligence

Dear friend, I got a question I want to work out with you: what is visual intelligence, and what does it teach us about being human? Questions I want …

Eric Kim

How To Pack Like An Explorer: Our Outdoor Essentials

Equip yourself with some of these hardy items and boldly embark on your next autumnal adventure<p>What do you want to be when you grow up? We’ve slowly …


Write for quantity, not quality

How to use quantity to your advantageI argue that quality and quantity are not contradictory paths you need to pick. Quantity is a pre-requisite for …


Ode to Gray

By Meghan Flaherty August 21, 2018<p>Vilhelm Hammershøi, <i>Støvkornenes dans i solstrålerne</i> (Dust motes dancing in sunbeams), 1900.<p>The color gray is no one’s color. It is the color of cubicles and winter camouflage, of sullage, of inscrutable complexity, of compromise. It is the perfect intermediate, an …

Henri Cartier-Bresson

At 90, Elliott Erwitt is still taking pictures, from his beloved dogs to powerful people

Acclaimed photographer Elliott Erwitt recently turned 90. In commemoration of that event, PDNB Gallery is hosting a retrospective of his work, which …

Street Photography

The French Photographers Who Inspired The Blaze’s Approach to Film

<i>In a few short years, two cousins have become one of music’s most talked about acts, lauded for their beautiful and profoundly moving videos and</i> …

For Men

Five Mags: The Art of Analogue Film

Why shoot on film? Anyone with either an entry-level DSLR or smartphone camera can snap some beautiful shots and share them with the world. Digital photography is more convenient, less expensive and still yields stunning results. So who are these diehards still fiddling with 35mm?<p>To answer that, …


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Fidel Castro

Master Photographer Irving Penn's First Major Painting Exhibition: An Exclusive Look

IN 2017, when New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art staged a major exhibition honoring the 100th birthday of the late photographer Irving Penn, its director, Thomas P. Campbell, cited Penn as “one of the most celebrated American artists of the 20th century.” The statement was an acknowledgment …


The golden age of steam: A train obsessive's photo collection of historic locomotives

A prolific amateur photographer who amassed thousands of unseen images of steam locomotives taken across three decades is to receive his first major …


Cindy Sherman Exhibit to Hit London in Summer 2019

Over 180 works by the renowned artist will be on display.Read More


This Rare Wartime Leica Stereo Lens Goes for Over a Whopping $45,000

<b>Want to try stereo photography with your Leica camera? You might want to consider this rare stereo lens from 1941.</b><p>Regardless of whether they’re shiny …


NEWS: Hirshhorn Gifted More Than Fifty Works by Marcel Duchamp and His Contemporaries



Musician and Photographer Randy Blythe on Being an Active Participant in the Planet’s Sustainability

“There’s certainly a decisive moment when photographing nature,” David Randall (Randy) Blythe says. “You’re waiting for the wind to move the trees so …

Human Geography

How to Cultivate Your Own Style in Photography

Style: the impression you stick on your viewer. What is ‘style’? Interestingly enough, the word ‘style’ comes from Latin: ‘stylus’. It literally …

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