Henri Cartier-Bresson

How to Master Photography

To start, I don’t consider myself a master. But, I have mastered myself, and I have mastered photography for myself.<p>Henri Cartier-Bresson: the …

Street Photography

David Newell-Smith: ‘There is nothing I would rather do than take photographs’

We pay tribute to David Newell-Smith, an Observer photographer who helped establish newspaper photography as an art form<p>• See a gallery of David Newell-Smith’s Observer photography<p>David Newell-Smith, who died last month at the age of 80, was part of an explosion of British photojournalistic talent …


Flipboard’s Fourth Act Puts Your Passions Front and Center

We sat down with designer Matt Safian to find out how Framer is helping Flipboard reinvent the way we consume our news.<p>Matt Safian is a product …

Mike McCue

High Fashion Photography in Balenciaga

We walk through the legacy of the Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga in little artifacts, articles of clothing, sketches, and photographs.Read …


Henri Cartier-Bresson and Myron Barnstone on the Golden Section and Dynamic Symmetry

The closest art to photography is painting, and thus the two primary visual art forms share basic precepts regarding light and composition. In the …


Behind the Lens - Hoshi Yoshida

Tell us a little bit about yourself.<p>I’m coming to the end of my thirties now. I was born in Japan and grew up in Germany. I live in Freiburg, close …


'Capturing History: The Photography of Chim' Review: The Past Made Personal

Tel Aviv<p>‘Capturing History: The Photography of Chim” is part of Magnum Photo’s 70th-anniversary celebration. In 1947, David “Chim” Seymour, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and George Rodger founded the cooperative agency; great photojournalists, they wanted independence to pursue only the …

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Should You Create a Video Portfolio of Your Photography?

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine, and thus having a video-portfolio of one's photography can be a great addition in so far …


How Magnum Reinvented, Redefined and Revolutionized Photography

No organization has done more to record, that is, to constitute history than Magnum Photos.

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Fortaleza Photography Museum / Marcus Novais Arquitetura

<i>From the architect.</i> The challenge of designing a new home for one of the largest collections of photography in Brazil, until then kept away from …


Top 10 Street Photography Books You Must Own

Street photography has been living a huge popularity since compact digital cameras became affordable. In the last twenty years, many new …

Street Photography


There is no ultimate “right” or “wrong” way to make photos.<p>Just shoot however you like to shoot. And don’t superimpose your views on photography to …

Street Photography


I’m probably the most passionate street photographers in the world. Why? Because street photography ain’t about just making photos. It’s about making …

Street Photography


Nothing could be further from my work than attempting to provide a description. This collection dips into an almost dreamlike ideology, touching on the impalpable and the indefinable.<p>With my photographs in the series “Lines,” I aim to expose the conceptual content in my work, but I hope that it …

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Street photography - as seen through the camera of a car

The images look like the street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson - except, instead of using a Leica rangefinder as he did, Pulitzer-winning photojournalist Barbara Davidson used a car.<p>Davidson has had a storied career. She won the feature-photography Pulitzer in 2011 for documenting gang …

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The Story Behind That Picture - The Joy of Creation as a Photographer

<b>What's your passion – what is the thing that get you up in the morning?</b><p>Last weekend we did the Photo Seminar in Berlin, and that was great fun. …



EGO PHOTOGRAPHY: shoot freely, however you want it to be.<p>One.<p>In the past, I used to believe having an EGO was a bad thing.<p>Now I don’t believe that.<p>I …

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That Moment

At some point between 2010 and 2011, I felt that my photography had reached a plateau. I needed a “creative jolt.” Most of my photographs would have best fit under the category of “travel photography,” and to me they seemed too manicured, too clean, too technical. There’s nothing wrong with that …


How to Advance Your Street Photography

Ideas for you to have more fun in Street Photography, brought to you by STREET NOTES MOBILE EDITION by HAPTIC INDUSTRIES.<p>1. Avoid boredom<p>I used to …

Street Photography

Regarding Fine Art Photography – Part 2

Part II – Some Defining Characteristics of Fine Art Nature Photographs In Part II, I am sharing what I personally look for in a finished nature …

Landscape Photography

On Reading the Great Photobooks

<i>After seeing these pictures you end up finally not knowing any more</i> <i>whether a jukebox is sadder than a coffin.</i><p>—Jack Kerouac, introduction to <i>The Americans</i> by Robert Frank<p>I have no idea what tripped the curiosity circuit. A glimmer of something, a passing thought, perhaps just that deep-core wish to …

Street Photography


Dear friend,<p>To make better street photos, I encourage you to be more aggressive.<p>I don’t want you to become an asshole like ERIC KIM, I just want you …

Street Photography

Travel inspires the books he chooses

Award-winning novelist and essayist Teju Cole has included his photos in some of his previous books, but they are the main event in his newest, …

Street Photography

Museum of the Revolution: Winner of the 2017 HCB Prize

<i>The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson has just announced the winner of their annual HCB Award—the winning project, “Museum of the Revolution,” was shot by South African photographer Guy Tillim. Tillim has exhibited his work in institutions around the world including the Centre Photographique</i> …


How Gandhi's last day was photographed

In the 1940s, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson took the last photos of Gandhi before the Indian leader's assassination.<p>Those images, and the ones of the funeral, are now on display at a new exhibit in NYC.<p><i>Courtesy of Magnum Photos and British Pathe.</i>


How Gandhi's last day was photographed

In the 1940s, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson took the last photos of Gandhi before the Indian leader's assassination.<p>Those images, and the ones of the funeral, are now on display at a new exhibit in New York.<p><i>Courtesy of Magnum Photos and British Pathe.</i>



I fudging hate pretentious photography, and pretentious photographers.<p>Okay imma rant a little bit. If you don’t like the tone, please close this page.<p>…

Street Photography

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY MANUAL by ERIC KIM: How to Make More Dynamic Compositions

Hanoi, 2017To continue STREET PHOTOGRAPHY MANUAL, let’s talk some practical tips how to take your street photography composition to the next level:1. …

Street Photography

‘There are a lot of high-end amateur photographers today’: Leica Galleries director

SINGAPORE: The Leica camera brand has long been associated with some of the world’s most renowned photographers, from street photography pioneer …


Photo Shows to See this Year

<b>Henri Cartier-Bresson: India in Full Frame</b> <br>Rubin Museum of Art<br>April 21–September 4, 2017<br>From Cartier-Bresson’s 1947 and 1948 travels in India, made …