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I’m about to retire and will lose my work private health insurance

Is it worth paying for private cover and will premiums leap up?<p><b>Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper.</b><p><b>This week’s question:</b><p>I’m nearing 65 and retiring on a pension of …

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Jersey City Teachers Go on Strike Over Health Insurance

Teachers in Jersey City went on strike Friday after they and the school district failed to reach an agreement over the cost of health insurance.<p>Members of the Jersey City Education Association, who teach 28,000 students just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, had been working under an expired …

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Health Insurance Options When Leaving a Job

If leaving a job means losing your health insurance, you can get coverage through a government health care exchange or another insurer, or you can …

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Suggestions for Buying the Best Health Insurance Plans in India

We all wish for a long life. But, a long life is not enough, what one should wish is for a healthy life. A healthy life is a primary concern for …

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How One State Is Trying to Make Health Insurance Affordable Again

Posted: Mar 13, 2018 12:01 AM<p>Do you remember this line by then-President Barack Obama: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”? The …

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Desperate, Struggling Idaho Residents Say Some Insurance Is Better Than None

Many people in Idaho have been priced out of the insurance marketplace. So for them, getting even the "junk" plans that don't meet the health law …

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What’s In The New GEO Contract?

Graduate workers on the University of Illinois Urbana campus are voting Friday whether to ratify a new five-year contract with the University of …

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Number of people with health insurance cover increases

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Dick Morris: DC, States Passing Great New Ideas for Health Insurance

Exclusive to The Western Journalism.

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Trump Proposes Bigger Role for Skimpy Insurance, Undermining Obamacare

The Trump administration is proposing to expand the availability of short-term insurance plans, offering a cheaper health coverage option for …

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Trump Moves to Relax Rules on Cheaper Health Insurance

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration took another swipe at the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, proposing new rules that would make it much easier for consumers to buy less expensive health insurance policies that do not comply with coverage requirements of the law.<p>Under current rules, such …

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What you need to know about private health insurance - Focus - ABC Radio

When you sift through your annual bills is private health insurance the one that hurts the most?<p>The cost varies depending on your level of cover but …

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Budget 2018: Urgent need for research, regulation and innovation in health insurance - Firstpost

The national health protection scheme announced in the 2018 Budget is a remarkable health insurance plan being offered anywhere in the world. Planned …

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States Might Require Health Insurance

Some state lawmakers want to require residents to purchase health insurance to help mitigate the potential impact of the "repeal" of the Affordable …

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Best and worst states for health insurance costs

Filed under: Finance, Personal Finance, Consumer News<p>Health insurance can be a major expense. And because health insurance costs vary greatly by state, you might be paying more than you would if you lived elsewhere.<p>Read more...<p>Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

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Here’s How Health Insurance Evolution Will Lead to a Changed India

Ever since India became independent in 1947, the government has been vigorously supporting the healthcare sector. Concurrently, the health insurance …

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Busting a few myths around Healthcare scheme launched in Budget 2018!

Share Email<p>On 1st of February 2018, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced a flagship Health Insurance cover, under the Ayushman Bharat initiative. …

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Budget 2018: Narendra Modi's ambitious health insurance plan will require Rs 11,000 cr in funding each year - Firstpost

<b>New Delhi:</b> Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan to provide health insurance to 10 crore poor families would require Rs 11,000 crore ($1.71 …

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Budget 2018: Govt should create awareness about crop insurance to ease out farmers' distress - Firstpost

Expectations from this Union Budget are really high as this is seen as the last full-fledged budget before 2019 elections. Besides the continued …

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What to Do if You Missed the Deadline to Buy Health Insurance

The deadline for Obamacare plans has passed in most places.<p>What were you doing this time last year? You may have been shopping for an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan on In 2017, you had until January 31 to select your plan.<p>Unfortunately, this year, you may be too late. For …

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Shorten seeks lower private health bills

Bill Shorten has put private health insurers "on notice" that a Labor government would not accept premium rises of a similar scale to recent …

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How to get cheaper health insurance

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Go Back To Work Or Stay Home With The Baby? Part 1: The Financials

New parents are faced with countless decisions. Most are joyful and exciting, such as names and nursery colors. However all new parents also grapple with one major question: Should one of us stay home with the baby? Some sadly don’t have a choice; there is no possibility of foregoing an income. For …

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Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Good news! Today, over half of the US— that’s 29 US states and 3 territories— have legalized medical cannabis for their residents. The bad news? …


What Republicans Don't Understand About Health Insurance, Taxes and Children

One of the little-reported provisions in this week’s budget agreement was not short term at all. It was a 6-year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), without any major reform whatsoever. Here’s why that’s important.<p>CHIP, which covers roughly 9 million children, is not family …

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Big Employers Win Delay For Obamacare's Cadillac Tax Once Again

Votes in Congress to re-open the federal government also brought good news to large employers and healthcare lobbies because the legislation included another delay for a tax on rich benefit plans known as “The Cadillac Tax.”<p>The Cadillac tax was created as part of the Affordable Care Act largely as …

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Trump Undercuts GOP on Children’s Health Insurance

In a Thursday morning tweet, President Trump appeared to undercut House Republicans’ plan for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a bipartisan …


A Government Shutdown Fight Could Keep Millions of Children From Getting Health Insurance

Congress is trying to avert a shutdown by the end of this week — but, in the process, a popular program that gives millions of children health …

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How to Persuade the Young and the Healthy to Sign Up for Health Insurance

One of the big challenges in both expanding the number of Americans with health care coverage and keeping premiums affordable for people with chronic or serious illnesses has been persuading young and healthy adults to obtain policies. Critics argue that the new U.S. tax law has made this task even …

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Dark Algorithms & UX in Health Insurance

<i>Last updated January 15, 2018</i><p>One of my favorite things to complain about in the last few years has been the dark patterns used by health insurers. …