Technical glitch with American Airlines causes headaches for travelers

Thousands in North Carolina were stranded at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Thursday night.

American Airlines

Hypnic Headache: A Painful Alarm Clock

A hypnic headache is a rare type of headache that wakes people from sleep. They’re sometimes referred to as alarm-clock headaches.<p>Hypnic headaches …


FYI, an Anti-Headache Diet Is on the Horizon

If headaches or even worse, migraines, are a common occurrence in your life, you don't need us to reiterate how real (and potentially debilitating) …


Trade headaches for Tyson Foods

The trade tension between the U.S. and China is making planning decisions difficult for management at Tyson Foods (TSN).<p>"With the current volatility …


Understanding Ice Cream Headaches

Definition<p>Ice cream headaches are brief, stabbing headaches that can happen when you eat, drink, or inhale something cold. Digging into an ice cream …

Ice Cream

What Causes Brain Freeze? The Science Behind This Sensation

What Causes Brain Freeze? The Science Behind This Horrible Sensation<p>Never experience brain freeze again.<p>June 18, 2018<p>We've all experienced that …

New Jersey

23% of Enlisted Retirees Expected to Cash Out

The proposal fast tracks a plan to charge all military retirees an annual Tricare Select enrollment fee.<p>Does Tricare cover chiropractic care for …

U.S. Military

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning

Hamelin Town's in Brunswick,<p>By famous Hanover city;<p>The river Weser, deep and wide,<p>Washes its wall on the southern side;<p>A pleasanter spot you never …


Your Yoga Prescription: How to get rid of a headache without Advil

<i>Tiffany Cruikshank is the smart, cool creator of Yoga Medicine, a method that pairs yoga with holistic health practices to address the modern-life</i> …


18 Everyday Habits That Can Relieve Pain in Your Body

Pain is the number one debilitating factor worldwide and the most common reason for physician consultation in developed countries. Much of these …


Can Ultrasonic Noise Make You Sick?

Ultrasonic signals from sensors and other devices are all around us, and the health effects of their interactions aren’t clear<p>Can what you don’t hear hurt you? Researchers are studying whether the largely inaudible interplay of ultrasound beams from sensors and other devices can trigger headaches …

Consumer Behavior

Puget Sound's lowest tides of the year are causing headaches for boaters

EVERETT, Wash. -- It's a beautiful weekend in the Puget Sound, but some of the lowest tides of the year are causing some big headaches for boaters.<p>On …

Puget Sound

Yes, Period Headaches Are a Real Thing—and Here's How You Can Prevent Them

The common complaint is linked to a sudden drop in estrogen. But you don't have to suffer in silence every month.<p>Periods can be annoying enough, even …

Women's Health

Teva to Discontinue Study for Chronic Headache Treatment

Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Inc. said Friday it would discontinue a trial testing its drug for the treatment of chronic cluster headache, after an …


Teva Scraps A Study In Cluster Headaches — And This Rival Benefits

<b>Alder Biopharmaceuticals</b> (ALDR) stock gapped up Friday after rival <b>Teva Pharmaceutical</b> (TEVA) scrapped a late-stage study of its anti-CGRP migraine …


Podcast: How Bayer Cures Programmatic Headaches

Here’s today’s AdExchanger.com news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Josh Palau, VP for digital strategy at Bayer Consumer Health, spent …

Advertising Industry

Allergy Headaches

Treat an allergy headache the same way that you’d deal with any other headache. If allergies are the source of the headache, there are ways to …


AT&T’s Time Warner Prize—A Load of Hollywood Headaches by ThisMorning - Listen to music

Time Warner

Alfredas Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Telecommunications guru Winston Deavor enlists Elastigirl to fight crime and make the public fall in love with superheroes once again. That leaves …

Movie Reviews

Canada's trade headaches pile up as Italy says it won't sign on to EU trade deal

OTTAWA — Add Italy to growing list of trade headaches facing Canada.<p>Italy’s Agriculture Minister Gian Marco Centinaio is reported as saying Italy …


Bilateral Visual Field Loss in an Adolescent Girl With Migraine Headaches

A girl in her midteens presented to an ophthalmology practice with her parents reporting worsening blurry vision on the right side for the past 2 …


When ransomware attacks

Greg Landgraf writes: “On the morning of <b>January 29,</b> a library technician at <b>Spartanburg County (S.C.) Public Library</b> encountered a notice on the …


Do Ponytails Cause Headaches?

Getty Images<p>When you’re working outside, exercising, or just lounging around your house, there’s no hairstyle as simple and convenient as the classic …


Is this the migraine miracle you have been waiting for?

Intranasal Photobiomodulation stimulates ATP production at the nerves closest to the external surface thought to be involved in headaches.<p>What on …

Central Nervous System

Nighttime Headaches: How Can I Get Relief?

I am awakened by nighttime headaches. What should I do?<p>Answers from Jerry W. Swanson, M.D.<p>If you have nighttime headaches or headaches that awaken …


Burlington Costco evacuated for chemical spill

Burlington’s Costco was evacuated for about an hour this afternoon (Wednesday) following a chemical spill in the warehouse.<p>Firefighters responded to …


Semi-truck slams into Highway 1 overpass in Langley

The crash forced crews to close the right eastbound lane for hours Tuesday morning.

Western Canada

Army Retention Bonuses Now Up to $52K

The proposal fast tracks a plan to charge all military retirees an annual Tricare Select enrollment fee.<p>Does Tricare cover chiropractic care for …

U.S. Military

Can Ice Packs Treat Headaches?

Occasional headaches are something most people deal with. But if you have chronic headaches or migraines, you know how debilitating they can …

Home Remedies

Headlines & Headaches w/Larry Gardner 6/11/18 Guest: Chanelle McCloud & Wendell Fields

Keep up to date with every new upload!<p>Join free & follow <b>VoiceItRadio</b><p><b>Headlines & Headaches w/Larry Gardner 6/11/18 Guest: Chanelle McCloud & Wendell</b> …