Hasan Minhaj

Sally Yates announced as opening session speaker at PLA 2018 Conference

CHICAGO -- Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates will join the lineup of speakers at the PLA 2018 Conference, the Public Library …

Sally Yates

Hasan the Record - Free Speech: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Troll 'Em - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

watch full episode<p>The Daily Show with Trevor Noah<p>Hasan the Record - Free Speech: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Troll 'Em<p>Clip1/11/2018<p>Hasan Minhaj examines …


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Extended - January 11, 2018 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

President Trump exempts Florida from an offshore drilling proposal, Hasan Minhaj finds out how to challenge hate speech, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar …

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Will the new season of ‘The Simpsons’ finally fix ‘The Problem with Apu’?

For close to three decades, Hank Azaria’s racist accent for Apu in ‘The Simpsons’ has led to discontent among Indians in America.<p>Throughout the 1990s …


What is a whistleblower: How to be a journalist - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>6:23<p>What is a whistleblower: How to be a journalist<p>Now watching<p>6:33<p>Everything you need to know about FOIA: How to be a journalist<p>Now watching<p>5:59<p>How to be a journalist: Reporting on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore<p>Now watching<p>2:55<p>4 unforgettable scenes from journalism movies<p>Now …


The 10 best stand-up specials on Netflix

<b>Netflix may be better-known for its bingeable dramas, feel-good sitcoms and thought-provoking documentaries, but when it comes to original output,</b> …


Celebs From Aubrey Plaza to Mark Duplass Talk Money in New Wealthsimple Ads by Errol Morris

Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris is back in commercial directing mode for investment company Wealthsimple, turning the camera on Hollywood …

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12 Female-Led Movies We’re Excited to See in 2018

It’s a new year, with a whole new slate of movies to be excited about. 2017 saw a growing number of female-led films, but since women aren’t a …


A Reflective Montage Looking Back at the Most Memorable Cultural Events of a Tumultuous 2017

In a sobering and reflective seven minute montage, Vox has encapsulated the most memorable cultural, political and tragic events of a very tumultuous …

Manchester Arena

The Top 10 Best And Funniest Stand-Up Comedy Specials Of 2017

The digital comedy boom keeps ballooning, just as improbably as Too Much TV, so just when you think 2016’s record-setting year of 80 new televised …


Let's remember all of 2017's 12th Questions

<i>For the past couple of years,</i> The A.V. Club <i>has used its 11 Questions feature to ask celebrities about their first concerts and most embarrassing</i> …

Dwayne Johnson

Comic Hasan Minhaj On Roasting Trump And Growing Up A 'Third Culture Kid'

"I'm an Indian-American-Muslim kid," Minhaj says, "but am I more Indian or am I more American? What part of my identity am I?" <i>Originally Broadcast May 18, 2017.</i>


The 'Fresh Air' Live Interview With Seth Meyers Of 'Late Night'

The <i>SNL</i> veteran used to ruminate over shows that didn't quite hit the mark; now he actively works against the instinct to second guess himself. <i>Originally broadcast June 14, 2017.</i>


The 10 Best Late-Night Moments of 2017

Hey, kittens, you did it: It’s almost 2018 and you have most of your hair left. 2017 made good on the promise of 2016 and has been an absolute …


#EndorseThis: Hasan Minhaj's Critical Review Of Cable News Idiocy, 2017 Edition

In this year-end special, reviewing the daily stupid brought to us by cable news, Hasan Minhaj is merciless. The sharpshooting <i>Daily Show</i> …

Tomi Lahren