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Is This Treatment the Cure for Hair Loss?

When Heidi Imhof started losing her hair at 42, she also started losing sleep. Ms. Imhof, a lawyer, was afraid that blow-drying her straight dark hair would hasten the shedding, so she got up two hours early to shower and apply mousse and volumizers. When her hair finally air-dried, she’d pull it …


Does Hair Story's New Wash Live Up to the Hype?

Hair Story is a brand that wants to revolutionise the way you wash your hair. The key product, New Wash, is a one-size-fits-all approach to hair …


These Beauty Products Are Extra Hazardous for Women of Color

As if it weren’t bad enough that makeup companies rarely offer enough shades for women of color, a new review found that women of color also face the …

Women of Color

Coily Hair Care Routine

Instagram: Samantha Pollack<br>by Mary Wolff<br>If you have coily hair, there are special considerations to make sure your hair stays healthy and beautiful. …


29 Things That'll Help Bring Your Hair Back To Life

There's gonna be a resurrection for your locks.


No More Stress: This Is How You Find the Perfect Shampoo

I don't know about you, but shopping for shampoo really stresses me out. TBH, I really have to be in the mindset to conquer, just to step foot in the …


This Serum Brought My Damaged Curls Back to Life

It reversed the effects of salt water, chlorine, and a grimy three-day music festival.<p>My thick, nappy curls don't do too well in the summer. Between salt water and intense sun at the beach, harsh chlorine from the pool, and the crowded, humid air I expose it on a daily basis, my hair is beat (see: …


Odd but true: Don't use hair conditioner after a nuclear strike

It might be the strangest advice imaginable for survivors of a nuclear attack: Don't use hair conditioner. But it turns out to be sound advice as well, reports Live Science.<p>The matter came up when Guam, under threat of an attack by North Korea, recently issued safety guidelines to the public. And …


Everything You Need for End-of-Summer Hair Repair

We’re coming to the end of these sweet summer months, and if you’ve noticed that your hair has suffered from excess heat, chlorine damage, and constant outdoor shenanigans, then you aren’t alone. It’s time to call in reinforcement! This edition of Beauty fix features all the must-have hair repair …


A WNBA Star on Why She Chooses to Wear Makeup on the Court

"The sky's the limit," former Indiana Fever coach Lin Dunn once said of the team's top draft pick Jeanette Pohlen-Mavunga who was ninth overall for …


Here Are the 11 Best Paraben-Free Shampoos For Your Hair

If you care about the ingredients going on your hair, you should know to look for paraben-free shampoos. Parabens are preservatives that many beauty products contain. They are intended to make products last longer and keep them from growing bacteria. That all sounds pretty good, but the truth is …


At Last, We Found the 10 Best Shampoos For Brunettes

As a brunette, I hate when my hair becomes dull or brassy. Whether I'm aiming for a rich chocolate shade or a cooler brown tone, I want to make sure I'm maintaining that color. Thankfully, there are shampoos out there specifically designed to keep your color looking fresh; these products will bring …


The Scary Unknown Side Effects of Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments—aka the six-month-long blowout—are now a heavily debated topic. They were super popular at first because they actually worked. …


Is Tomi Lahren Dating A Black Man?

Source: Michael Schwartz / GettyIt looks like <b>Tomi Lahren</b> is finding a new way to keep herself relevant. The controversial conservative political …


25 Best Products To Use For Kinky Curly Hair

1. Cantu Hair Lotion for Natural Hair<p>1 of 25<p>2. Talia Waajid Mist Bodifier<p>A post shared by Sunshyne☀️ (@hairlicious) on Jul 9, 2017 at 6:03pm PDT<p>2 of …


If Nuclear Armageddon Comes, Whatever You Do, Don't Use Hair Conditioner

Trust us.<p>If the absolute worst were to happen and a nuclear conflict erupted close to where you live, it's vital to know what to do. And what not to …


Best hair conditioners - our favourite everyday hair treatments

The lowdown on the best conditioners for everyday use and every hair type. Dull-looking hair, be gone! 🙅🏽<p>Smooth, shiny, bouncy hair doesn't come …


In a nuclear apocalypse, hair conditioner could be your downfall

Armageddon out of hair<p>With the world inching towards to a scorching nuclear demise, as it is want to do, the US federal government has released a few …


Hair products are making women sick

Women of color have higher levels of beauty product-related chemicals in their bodies than white women do, according to research published today in …


How To Combat Your Thinning Hair (Tips From A Doctor Who Cares About Your Mane)

There are a few things in this world that <i>all</i> men are afraid of. The first would be a boss who's so irate and irrational that it actually makes coming …

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The Best Drugstore Hair Products Under $15, According to Beauty Pros

The Best Drugstore Hair Products Under $15, According to Beauty Pros<p>Experts reveal the drugstore shampoos, conditioners, and stylers they’re loving …


We tried the $100 million custom shampoo made by an MIT grad — and the results were mixed

New York-based startup Function of Beauty offers a line of customized shampoo and conditioner. Each customer fills out an online hair quiz including their hair profile, goals, and color and scent preferences. The company will then whip up a personal concoction. There are a mind-boggling 12 billion …


19 Affordable Black-Owned Hair Products That Deserve Space In Your Dorm Room

There's a long list of popular Black-owned haircare lines that continue to dominate store shelves, but there are hundreds of other budding brands …


5 Natural Hair Products for Mini Naturals

It is already back to school time and we hope you and your mini natural enjoyed the best of summer with friends and family. When it comes to the …


Want To Live Through A Nuclear Armageddon? Skip The Hair Conditioner

The growing tension and threats between the United States and North Korea have suddenly thrown the U.S. territory, Guam into the limelight.<p>Even …

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How to Shoot Shampoo Bottles in Pleasant, Soft Lighting

Here’s a 7-minute lesson by photographer Dustin Dolby of workphlo on how to improve your product photography shots by giving them a silky, soft, …


Raw Shea Butter helps detangle, moisturize, and elongate curls

...especially for dry, transitioning hair!


8 Expert-Approved Hair Products and Tools from Target

Item 1/9<p>Let’s be real: There’s nothing better than discovering a favorite hair product <i>and</i> finding out it’s sold at Target. As if we needed another reason to love the bullseye, the quality products you can scoop up while you’re drooling over their new Halloween collection also happen to be …


Hit Refresh on Your Morning Shower

Switch up your shampoo and see a noticeable improvement in the number of good hair days.


These 10 Beauty Productss Under $10 Are All You Need This Summer

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new foundation, the perfect warm-weather shade of nail polish or a new highlighter stick, we rounded up our …