Diversify This: "Why aren't there any chicks at our pizza and beer nights?"

Recently, Apple promoted its resident VP of Worldwide Talent and Human Resources to the coveted position of VP of Diversity and Inclusion. Other major power players like Microsoft, Atlassian and Philips have implemented inclusive hiring practices, and startups in locales around the world are …


What if all your mobile devices formed a single screen?

What kind of sorcery is this?<p>Believe it or not, it’s just JavaScript, Canvas, and a technology called WebSockets.<p>Libraries are always a good thing …


Illinois Government Sponsors Month-Long Blockchain Hackathon

The state of Illinois is continuing to engage with blockchain innovators, this time by throwing a month-long hackathon.Source


Network Systems Hackathon @ Zen

Earlier in the year, we held an onsite hackathon focused on the evolution of Zen’s software solutions. We invited an independent specialist …


Gatwick and six other airports to hold international hackathon

Trans-global hackathon aims to develop applications to improve air passenger experience


Winners of Global Hackathon Announced, $28,000 Worth of Ether Awarded

This week the Status Hackathon announced the winners of this year’s competition, the winners take home a divided pot of $28,000USD worth of Ether.


From GraphQL to CSV: the story of API accessibility

GraphQL is a hot topic at the moment and it even started appearing in jobs listing. CSV is a totally different story, it hit it’s peak of popularity …


Making my first WebVR game using A-Frame

I thought it was about time to try my hand at WebVR. I’ve played with regular old VR before, but for the fun short experiences I like to make, WebVR …

'There are only two rules' — Facebook explains how 'hackathons,' one of its oldest traditions, is also one of its most important

If you've ever tagged a friend in the comments of a Facebook post, changed the frame on your profile photo, or even used the Like button, you've benefitted from one of the social network's oldest traditions: the hackathon.<p>As you may guess from the name, a hackathon is a coding marathon where teams …

Social Media

Why Industry Focused Hackathons Can Help You Grow Your Startup Idea

Participants of Hack Horizon participate on its first in-flight event,<p>The word hackathon is nothing new to most programmers. For years in Silicon Valley, ideas were born from a weekend of breaking things and hoping for the best. From events such as startup weekend to Angel Hack, a hackathon is a …


Young girl with rare heart condition takes up 10 mile #MyMiniHackathon challenge

<b>A young rider with a rare heart condition</b> is inspiring others to take part in the #MyMiniHackathon challenge for equine charity Brooke.<p>Seven-year-old …


The Silicon Valley with a heart: How Beirut's techies are helping Syrian refugees

<b>BEIRUT</b> - In Lebanon, new technologies are the talk of the town, as Beirut endeavours to become the Middle East’s new startup hub to help refugees.<p>“In …


3 people you’ll meet at the machineQ hackathon

For many of us, there is an attraction or an allure to building something from the ground up, to devising new systems, schematics or plans. What if …

Internet of Things

Techs in the city – Image is everything in travel

Let’s get one thing out of the way – “hacking” has multiple meanings, and hackathons are not about attacking computer security systems, turning light …


AAP plans own EVM challenge to ‘prove’ EC’s hackathon guidelines unrealistic

To prove that the EVM hackathon being organised by the Election Commission of India is just ‘eyewash’, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will hold a parallel …

India News

Wear It Festival 2017, Turning Berlin Into Wearable City?

Muchaneta Kapfunde<p>Founding Editor in Chief at FashNerd.com | editor@fashnerd.com<p>Founding editor & WearableTechStylist of FashNerd.com. Over 10 years’ …

Wearable Tech

Election Commission tells AAP it never promised a hackathon, only EVM challenge

It also rejected Congress’s demand to allow it to access the motherboard of the voting machines in the planned challenge.<p>The Election Commission on …


Election Commission dismisses AAP's charge, says never promised hackathon, only EVM challenge

<b>New Delhi:</b> Dismissing the AAP charge that the Election Commission (EC) was "running away" from organising a no-holds barred hackathon, the poll panel …

Aam Aadmi Party

AAP flip-flops again,will not go for EC's EVM hackathon

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) took a U-turn on the electronic voting machine (EVM) issue on Friday and decided not to take part in the Election …

Aam Aadmi Party

Check out the first teaser for Netflix's animated 'Castlevania' series

Netflix quietly announced earlier this year that it was working on an animated series based on Konami’s popular Castlevania franchise. Details were …


No takers for EVM hacking challenge: As deadline looms, parties remain silent, says Election Commission

<b>New Delhi</b>: With less than 24 hours left for the interested political parties to apply to participate in the Election Commission's challenge to try …


Netflix uses its real NES app to reveal ‘Castlevania’ trailer

Konami hasn’t done a much with its Castlevania video game series in recent years, but you know you can’t keep Dracula down forever.<p>Netflix just revealed the trailer for its upcoming original animated program <i>Castlevania</i>, which is based on the classic series that first appeared on the Nintendo …


eMerge Americas Hackathon returns June 10-11 with cash awards

Calling all hackers: The eMerge Americas Hackathon returns June 10-11 as a way to once again highlight the region’s brightest tech talent and …

Steve Wozniak

Consensus Hackathon 2017: Into the Smart City Blockchain 'Rabbit Hole'

"How do I parse this string? I need to get the digital asset ID."<p>Alongside excited chatter about how blockchain technology might one day disrupt a …

Smart Cities

Consensus 2017

BlockBox won CoinDesk's Consensus 2017 hackathon for its bid to make drones and smart cars safer to operate with blockchain.<p>Black boxes have long …


Corporate Hackathons Are Doomed to Fail

Hackathons seem like these amazing things to those looking in. A group of talented hackers get together to build you amazing things in 24–48 hours …


Better late than never: Fashion belatedly embraces hackathons

The term “hackathon” typically evokes bleary-eyed computer engineers crunching numbers and solving algorithms until the break of dawn. Now the …


Insurance blockchain hackathon

Who should attend Break the Block?We’re happy to hear from anyone in development or insurance who’s interested in attending, but we’d like to know a …


EVM tampering: BEL not participating in Botswana hackathon, refutes media reports

BEL said it has not sold any kind of voting machines to the country’s Election Commission, contrary to media reports.<p>Bharat Electronics Limited has …

India News

Hacking discrimination

In July 2016, feeling frustrated about violence in the news and continued social and economic roadblocks to progress for minorities, members of the …