Fighting hunters with honey | eco@africa | DW | 26.05.2017

Rwanda's wildlife is under threat from hunters and habitat loss. One biologist is hoping honey and holidaymakers can make a difference.


Smithsonian Study shows relocated desert tortoises reproduce at lower rate

Four years after conservationists relocated 570 desert tortoises (<i>Gopherus agassizii</i>) in California from a threatened habitat to a new nearby …


Artecology: new habitats for freshwater art and science

New life springing from an Artecology earth-cast pool. Image: Artecology<p>We’ve heard how aquatic habitat quality and connectivity is a key factor in …


Chef Automate for application automation in cloud-native container-first - Open Source Insider

Open source Continuous Automation firm Chef has used its ChefConf 2017 event to announce new capabilities focused on the transition process to …


The vanishing animals that future generations will never see

Some of the world’s most exotic animals could be extinct within months, conservationists have warned, with future generations growing up in a world without many of the species that are alive today.<p>The WWF claims that some animals, such as the vaquita porpoise, could be wiped out in the next few …


Seattle’s new seawall: Holding back the tide, protecting salmon

<i>This story originally appeared on EarthFix.</i>Thousands of tourists migrate to Seattle’s waterfront each year to experience the ferry rides, kitschy …


Meet the spring hare, which isn't a hare at all

The spring hare looks like something that sprung out of an artist's imagination. Built similar to a kangaroo with long, powerful back legs, a long …


How Planting Crops Used to Feed Livestock is Contributing to Habitat Destruction

There are many causes of habitat destruction, including leveling land for development and deforestation resulting from the logging industry. In …


Please Enjoy These Pics Of Zoo Babies Before The Evening News Dump

We're coming up on 5 p.m., which means some bombshell federal news is almost certainly about to land on our desks. Before then, let's all meditate on …

Endangered Species

Island extinctions weren't inevitable

In the last few thousand years, the arrival of humans in new territory almost always brought overhunting, habitat destruction, or invasive species …

Australian Universities

UN issues stamps featuring newly listed endangered species – in pictures

Fromdevil rays to the baobab tree, 12 new stamps highlight some of the most recent animals and plants added to the Cites list to help raise awareness of the plight of these and other endangered species


Protecting life's tangled ecological webs: By combining biodiversity modelling and network analysis, researchers show how important it is to keep habitats connected

By combining biodiversity modelling and network analysis, researchers show how important it is to keep habitats connected<p>Keeping habitats connected, …


#tuesdaytrending: textiles for aw1718 are a celebration of now

Camira Fabrics, a UK-based textile company that specialises in commercial interiors and transportation, along with trend consultant Sally Angharad, …


NASA Awards $100,000 in First Printing Stage of 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

Seven teams working on technology that could someday be used to create habitats from materials on other worlds have completed the first printing …


U.S. Supreme Court rejects case challenging polar bear habitat in Alaska

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court declined Monday to hear a case appealing the federal government's decision to designate more than 187,000 square miles …


Growing Up in a Concrete Masterpiece

Anyone whose childhood included a move up to a new, better home remembers it as grander than it was.<p>When I was 5, I saw our new home as extending endlessly in every direction. It soared above a vast, churning river on one side and a hectic port on the other. It was exactly the building my …


A dam on the Jiasa river threatens the endangered green peacock’s habitat in China

Hydropower expansion may be fatal for this rare bird, of which there are less than 500 left in that region.<p>It only took a feather to send my team …

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Justices deny review of case challenging polar bear habitat

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a challenge to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to designate 187,000 square miles of …


Making office space out of a container + floor plans

We love looking for the more unusual projects and boy, did we find one today! Taking an old and disused shipping container, a team of phenomenally …

Interior Design

UCSD might have found easier way to build habitats on Mars

Building living quarters on Mars may be easier than once thought.<p>UC San Diego engineers announced Thursday that they used a hammer-like device to …

San Diego

How a Changing Climate is Impacting the World’s Wild Animals – and Plants, Too

Contrary to what skeptics may think, climate change is no longer something to be debated. We’re witnessing its effects all over the planet in real …

Climate Change

Save our frogs because they may save us | DW Environment | DW.COM | 19.04.2017

A chemical found in the mucus of frogs has been found to kill certain strains of the influenza virus. The discovery could lead to the development of …

Biological Species

How To Create A Wildlife Habitat In Your Own Backyard

Follow these simple steps to create a habitat for creatures both great and small.<p>There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of <b>birds</b> chirping, …


Big Ideas in VR: The Space is the Story

<b>This post is part of an ongoing series about writing, storytelling, and critique in VR, in partnership with Galatea, a writing and narrative design</b> …


Alaska Salmon Policy Forum in Juneau focuses on salmon habitat laws

Alaska lawmakers are preparing to update salmon habitat laws for the first time since statehood. A Juneau policy forum will help guide the …


B.C. Liberals Grant Major Political Donor Permission to Log Endangered Caribou Habitat

The B.C. government is granting logging permits in critical caribou habitat, despite evidence that B.C.’s Southern Mountain Caribou are being driven …


Habitat marketing boss optimistic for brand revival, revealing latest Voyeur campaign

Habitat has faced challenges over the past decade that would have been insurmountable for many brands. But, with the backing of Sainsbury’s, the …


13 Gorgeous Pictures Remind Us Why Frogs Need Our Help

Found from the Arctic to the Amazon, frogs are highly adaptable—but habitat loss and disease are silencing species worldwide.<p>Hopping the Earth for a whopping 190 million years, frogs have figured out how to adapt to just about any climate imaginable.<p>If there's water, there will be frogs, and there …

Biological Species

Shrinking habitat may turn animals into easy targets

Smaller habitats could make tigers, tunas, and other creatures more vulnerable to over-harvesting, thereby boosting their risk of extinction.


Found: A New Population of Endangered Tigers

The Indochinese tiger, a tiger subspecies native to southeast Asia, is a rarity in today’s world. There are fewer than 250 of them in the world, …