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Dana Loesch forced to move due to 'repeated threats from gun control advocates'

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch said Sunday she was preparing to move from her home "due to repeated threats from gun control advocates."<p>In a series of tweets, Loesch explained some of the threats she's recently experienced.<p>"One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, …

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Sachs: A modest proposal on guns

<b>(CNN) —</b> The Las Vegas massacre earlier this month opened a new chapter in the gun debate. Most gun rights advocates, including the National Rifle Association, accept that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not the same thing as a right to any kind of weapon, anywhere, anytime, by …


The leftists who believe gun control is not the answer

Some leftists are rejecting the Democratic Party’s stance on firearm regulation.<p>When anti-racist protesters held a demonstration against the white …


Why (Almost) No One Is Charged With Gun Trafficking in Illinois

To understand why it’s so hard to stop the flow of guns across state lines and into cities like Chicago, you have to start with a simple, …

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Jimmy Kimmel says he has no regrets after Republican viewers switch off: 'Not good riddance, but riddance!'

Late night television show host Jimmy Kimmel has dismissed losing Republican viewers in light of his controversial segments on healthcare and gun …


Oh, Here We Go: Former Obama Aide Suggests We Enact Australian-Style Gun Control

That's a fancy word for confiscation


San Jose: New gun control measure could require locking up firearms at home

SAN JOSE — Two weeks after a man gunned down 58 people at an outdoor Las Vegas concert, the Bay Area’s largest city could pass a law requiring gun …


If Liberals Truly Cared About Gun Control, They Would Support Closing U.S. Borders

Posted: Oct 16, 2017 12:01 AM<p>Since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, liberals in Hollywood, Washington, D.C., and the news media have been demanding …


Do tougher background check laws prevent gun crime? A new study analyzes the question.

A new study found that recently passed gun control laws in Washington and Colorado were futile, just as many pro-gun Americans argued they would be.<p>What laws were passed?<p>Several years ago, Colorado and Washington state passed laws that required a background check for every gun sale — commercial or …

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Dana Loesch: Threats from Some Gun Control Advocates Forcing Me to Move Insider

<b>'He's a Deranged Animal': Ex-Obama Aide Rips Trump For 'F***ing Lie' About Her Boss</b><p><b>Tomi Lahren: Final Thoughts for Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Eminem</b><p>Radio host and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch said she's had to pack up her belongings in garbage bags and leave her home over threats from gun …


Australia risks 'chipping away' at gun laws, ex-deputy PM says

<b>One of the architects of Australia's strict gun control laws has warned the nation against loosening them.</b><p>The Australian government brought in sweeping gun ownership reforms following the deaths of 35 people in a mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996.<p>Some have argued the US should adopt similar laws, a …

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Nearly 1,400 people were shot in the US during the week following the Las Vegas mass shooting

Nearly 1,400 people were shot in the US in the week following the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 58 people and injured nearly 500.<p>Based on the …

Las Vegas

Gun waiting periods could save hundreds of lives a year, study says

Good luck finding a legislative issue more controversial than gun violence—at least in the United States. Compounding the controversy is a dearth of …


The Dodgy Dogma of Public Disarmament

Posted: Oct 16, 2017 9:40 AM<p>In a major setback to anti-gun activists – and a significant advance for Second Amendment advocates – a three-judge panel …

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California Bans Guns in Schools Amid National Gun Debate

School employees in California will no longer be allowed to bring concealed weapons on campuses.


MITCHELL: The solution to ending this gun violence is in our hands

What could have saved Cynthia Trevillion?The answer is simple.Guns are for killing. If there were no guns on the streets, there would be a lot less …


Prager U: Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

Townhall editor Katie Pavlich is the author of the nonfiction <i>Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women,</i> which examineshow …

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Wait–Are Millennials Trending Conservative On This Issue?

On social issues, young Americans are decidedly liberal. On abortion, that issue more down the line, split evenly, but on gay marriage, LGBT issues, …


The Las Vegas Tragedy, The Proposed Bump Stock Ban, And What It All Means

Today marks the two-week anniversary of the tragedy in Las Vegas, which was the worst mass shooting in American history, leaving 59 people dead and …

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In latest Christie diss, Guadagno claims Murphy's actually running for president.

SUMMIT -- It's kitchen sink time.<p>Trailing her rival by 18 points, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno haccused Democratic nominee Phil Murphy of secretly preparing …


Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved

The Second Amendment is one of the most frequently cited provisions in the American Constitution, but also one of the most poorly understood.<p>The 27 …


The truth about gun laws under Trump

A number of federal rollbacks are already underway and, largely, flying under the radar<p>This piece originally appeared on<p>Columbine. Virginia Tech. Fort Hood. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Las Vegas. Each deadly shooting rampage sends shockwaves through the country. We grieve. We get angry. …


Jimmy Kimmel On Losing Conservative Viewers: 'Not Good Riddance, But Riddance'

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel says he's not worried about losing conservative viewers after his emotional, political monologues on health …

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We Cannot Ignore the Link Between Domestic Abuse and Gun Violence

There’s a familiar refrain after almost every shooting that makes national news: “The shooter had a history of domestic violence.”<p>The shooter who opened fire on a Congressional baseball practice in June, seriously wounding Steve Scalise, had allegedly physically attacked his daughter and been …


The real story of America's gun problem

Stephen Paddock was able to assemble a terrifying arsenal in the Las Vegas hotel suite from which he launched his massacre of concert-goers.<p>He had 23 …


If 'no one wants to take our guns,' stop saying the opposite

Almost immediately after the Las Vegas shooting came the calls for "common sense" gun control. The quest almost always begins with a reassurance that …


A Look At The Political Clout Of The National Rifle Association

Not only can the NRA marshal its grassroots to boost its preferred candidate, but it holds in reserve the power to fund and support primary challengers. That threat became real for an eight-term incumbent Democratic lawmaker from Oklahoma who voted for the assault weapons ban in 1994.

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Moms’ group’s tactics show there is cause for optimism about gun control

Image 1of/6<p>Caption<p>Close<p>There’s an old tweet from 2015 that’s resurrected after every mass shooting in the United States, and it resurfaced again …


What the D.C. Council should do next on guns

As the Oct. 11 editorial “A pragmatic decision on guns” said, now that the District has determined not to appeal the court decision striking down the city’s “good reason” requirement for carrying a concealed gun on the city’s streets, the D.C. Council “might want to determine . . . whether other …


'FOREIGN MILITIAS:' MSNBC's Nicole Wallace Tries And Fails Explain Purpose Of 2A

The Framers composed the Second Amendment for the purpose of defending against “foreign militias,” claimed MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace while waxing …

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