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French woman allowed to daydream again thanks to guide dog - RFI

Monday, September 18, 2017<p>France's famous Roquefort cheese may soon be threatened by wolves. It is made from sheep's milk in Aveyron, the French …


Guide dog is 'priceless' to Regina man

Shan Noyes has climbed mountains, raced downhill on skis and hung on for dear life while riding bulls. But those highs don’t compare with the freedom …

Canadian News

Sask. residents can apply for a CNIB guide dog soon

Guide dogs offer people with visual impairment a sense of freedom and independence. To ensure everyone who would like a guide dog has the option, the …


Blind man says tribunal ruling aids in discrimination

Graeme McCreath stood in the B.C. Court of Appeal, his German shepherd guide dog at his feet, and asked the judges to imagine being refused hotel or …

Canadian News

Yappy hour as boozer serves up pints for pooches

If your dog fancies a hair of the dog, then lead him to this pub.<p>It was yappy hour down at one Larkhall pub this week as pooches sampled a new tipple.<p>…


"They took my eyes": Deaf-blind disability campaigner has guide dog TAKEN AWAY for two days in British Airways pet passport row

A deaf-blind disability campaigner had her guide dog taken away for two days when bungling British Airways staff wrongly let her fly out of the …

British Airways

Oregon woman and guide dog help others navigate blurry world

PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — As a young woman, Sharon Zenger traded in her driver’s license for a seeing eye dog.<p>Zenger started life with almost normal …


Blind woman asked to leave hotel for having guide dog with her

<b>A partially-sighted woman was asked to leave a seaside resort hotel because she had a guide dog with her.</b><p>Maggi Burgess was asked to leave the Seaward …


Guide Dogs Become Part of Legally Blind Woman's Family

Donna Hill knew it was Hunter's last visit to the vet's office.<p>Hill still was processing the devastating news about her guide dog's deteriorating …


Man accused of possessing 'child rape instructions' alongside images of dead children

Christopher Andrew Searle was granted bail on condition he did not access the internet or go near children under 14.<p>A court in Australia has …


Victoria's guide dog graduates start new journey to help visually impaired

Whenever photographer Andrew Follows ventured out with his camera and guide dog Eamon, he would capture everyone's attention.


Man Claims He Didn’t Know He Downloaded Child Porn Because He Is Blind

“It may be argued that difficulty with his vision makes it difficult for him to put an age to images he downloads."<p>A UK man is claiming that the he …


How a guide dog led a blind Hong Kong athlete to a better life

A blind athlete who once contemplated suicide because of his disability has completely transformed his life and receiving a guide dog contributed to …

Hong Kong

Blind man on trial for ‘watching worst kind of child porn’

<b>A blind man accused of viewing the ‘worst variety’ of child pornography claims he did not know what he was looking at because he can’t see.</b><p>Andrew …


He was caught with child pornography. His defense? He's blind.

A British man charged with possession of child pornography has a strange reason for downloading the obscene images — he’s blind.<p>Andrew Shaw, 44, …


Child porn defendant claims he did not know he was looking at underage pictures because he is blind, court hears

A man charged with viewing child pornography did not know he was looking at images of under 16-year-olds because he is blind, a court has heard.<p>Andrew Shaw, 44, was aided into Blackpool Magistrates Court, Lancashire by his black Labrador guide dog.<p>His wife who was supporting her husband is also …


Guide dog attends its owner’s delivery of baby

Bat El, 28, and Sagi, 27, who live in Ashdod, did not believe when they came for a routine examination during her pregnancy two months ago that she …

World News

National Dog Day Has Special Meaning For Two U.S. Paralympians

<i>Danelle Umstead, husband Rob Umstead and guide dog Aziza pose at the Team USA Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 portrait session on Apr. 26, 2017</i> …

Team USA

Blind woman fights back after guide dog turned away from BnB

A blind woman is fighting back after she and her friends were denied stays at a BnB in cottage country because of their service dogs, then threatened …


Guide dog puppy Finn named after 'hero' police dog

<b>A guide dog puppy has a lot to live up to after being named in honour of a police dog almost killed while protecting his handler.</b><p>German shepherd Finn and PC Dave Wardell were stabbed in Stevenage.<p>During his recovery the officer raised £5,000 to name and sponsor a guide dog.<p>Six-week-old Finn - also …


Does "Tough Love" Produce Better Working Dogs?

Puppies with overly attentive mothers have poorer problem-solving abilities and are less likely to succeed as service dogs.


After a Car Crash Gave Her Brain Damage, This Woman Reclaimed Her Humanity With Her Guide Dog

Photos courtesy of Canine Partners.<p>Gwyneira Waters was a young woman with her life ahead of her. Married, with a good job and a busy social life, she …


Blind gardener and his guide dog Marie are a great team at Robin House

James Ramage has been tending to the gardens at the Balloch hospice for six years with his guide dog Marie.<p>Watering colourful plants and creating …


Puppies That Get Tough Love From Their Mum Make Better Guide Dogs

10/10 would pat them all!<p>Becoming a guide dog is hard. Not all pups have what it takes to navigate complex landscapes without pausing for hydrants, …


Parenting techniques even apply to guide dogs, study says

Parenting techniques may have long lasting consequences for behavior – even when it comes to dogs.<p>Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania …


Non-Coddled Puppies Grow Up to be Best Guide Dogs

Woof woof woof! Er…I mean, chew on this:A study published Monday in the <i>Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences</i> suggests the way a puppy’s …


"Tough love" parenting makes a better guide dog, study finds

A new study suggests puppies with overbearing mothers are less suited for the complexities of being a guide dog for the blind


Which puppy will be a good guide dog? Ask mom!

Between all the suckling, snoozing, romping and tumbling they do, how can you look at a litter of puppies and pick out the ones who have what it takes to be a successful guide dog?<p>A new study suggests one of the first tip-offs may come from the kind of attention that mom gives her puppies in their …


Pick Better Guide Dogs By Watching Hours of Cute Puppy Videos

At the Seeing Eye guide dog facility in Morristown, New Jersey, puppies spend the first three weeks of their life in plastic kiddie pools—the blue …


Helicopter parenting isn't good for guide dog puppies either

Pups that are coddled by their moms often fail training programs.<p>Watch puppies with their mothers and you'll notice parenting styles vary widely. …