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Fitzgerald: Incriminating photo should be enough to dump Franken

It’s tempting to view what’s happening in “the swamp” as great theater, a riveting drama that touches all the hot buttons — sex, scandal, sacred cows …

Al Franken

It Never Stops with Pythagoras - CTK Insights

In the previous blog I described a discovery of Hirotaka Ebisui and an observation by Thanos Kalogerakis, both concerning what's known as Vecten's …


Famous philosopher’s quotes for World Philosophy Day: ‘I think therefore I am’

<b>World Philosophy Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of November and is a great time for us all to think a bit more deeply than …

Ludwig Wittgenstein

One question that may determine whether your love will last

Source: Adam Kontor/PexelsTake a broad look at your romantic relationship and ask yourself the following question:<i>Is your partnership primarily based</i> …


8 Facts About Infinity That Will Blow Your Mind

Infinity is an abstract concept used to describe something that is endless or boundless. It is important in mathematics, cosmology, physics, …


The Greatest Computer Network You’ve Never Heard Of

How the PLATO system, a pre-internet online platform that first came to life at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the 1960s, quietly fostered some of the first digital natives.<p>Nearly 60 years ago, in the modest college towns of Urbana and Champaign, Illinois, an educational computer …

University of Illinois

Teen catches man sliding cell phone under dressing room door

North Carolina teen Samantha Argo had been trying on clothes for about 15 minutes when she became aware that something was wrong.<p>She told WSOC that …

Upstate South Carolina

Why Marx and Plato don’t make my philosophers’ fantasy football team

The classical Greek idea of learning how to live a good life by studying ideas is one we should adopt – but only if we put the right thinkers on the curriculum<p>I was pleasantly taken aback recently when my teenage daughter came home from her (state) school telling me that she had just had an …

Karl Marx

Socrates in the Age of Trump

ATHENS — When Socrates was condemned to death by a court of his fellow Athenians in 399 B.C., his friends arranged his escape. They had the money to bribe the prison’s guards and understood that the authorities would be quite happy to see the troublesome philosopher flee into exile.<p>All that was …


James White’s 4 Keys to Effective Debating

I don’t know how I got there, but by some fluky mischance, I found myself embroiled in a debate with James White.<p>Anyone who has witnessed one of …

Western Philosophy

Couples Therapists Reveal the Ingredients that Make the Biggest Impact on Your Relationship

When prospective clients call couples therapist Julia Nowland, they say they need help with communication. Because, they say, once they learn to …


The theater behind #Metoo

It is true that a lot of the violence in porn videos is consensual and part of a fantasy that many women have.<p>In <i>The Republic</i>, Socrates discusses the …


Diogenes: The Ancient Greek Philosopher Who was the First to Give the Finger

Diogenes the Cynic, the ancient Greek philosopher, was probably the man who invented “the finger” insult.<p>The historian of philosophy Diogenes …


Was Plato thinking today’s Pakistan?

When you can’t understand why people behave in a particular manner, the most natural thing to do is to convince yourself that people do not know what …


Alone Together with Aristotle Roufanis

The overwhelming sense of being surrounded by people yet feeling alone among them is a well documented facet of city life. And even if you are among …


50 Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think

50 Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think contributed by Lisa Chesser Using the right questions creates powerful, sometimes multiple …


Alexa, Are You Safe For My Kids?

Earlier this month, the toy-giant Mattel announced it had pulled the plug on plans to sell an interactive gadget for children.<p>The device, called Aristotle, looked similar to a baby monitor with a camera. Critics called it creepy.<p>Powered by artificial intelligence, Aristotle could get to know your …

News (U.S.)

Flexible Work Alone Won’t Create Gender Equality, but These Things Might

Photo illustration by Lisa Larson-Walker. Photo by Thinkstock. In her presidential address to the prestigious American Economic Association in 2014, …

The Workplace

Socrates and Free Government

A free government is only sustainable if citizens can govern themselves. Socrates patiently revealed, through conversations that held a mirror up to …


Extract from Plato’s Republic: On That Which is Correct Politically

GLAUCON: Now that we have determined the nature of justice, education, and proper governance, is it finally time for us to go home?THRASYMACHUS: We …

Long-form Journalism

How My Four-Year-Old Helped Me Appreciate Good Music

Those who parent or spend much time around little children know that they are capable of teaching their elders valuable lessons. It’s now cliché. The …

Conservative View

What Is A Sound Bath? 5 Thing To Know Before You Bathe In The Sound

When I think of the term "sound bath," I automatically think of my sh*tty shower radio that plays aggressively mediocre music while I'm trying to …


Elegant Magnetic Lamps by Plato Design

In their manufacturing workshop based in Rome, Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri design handmade objects that subtly combine aesthetics and …


Don’t go overboard with fall in NYC, please

Single red leaf pressed inside book, for rediscovering and sighing over in January<p>Arms toned by lifting a thousand pumpkins in front of face, for …

New York City

New Evidence Reveals Pythagoras Wrote Dozens Of Unhinged Conspiracy Theorems About Triangles

CAMBRIDGE, MA—A trove of recently unearthed documents dating back to the sixth century B.C. has revealed that the ancient Greek philosopher and …


It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Do You Feel More Cybersecure and Aware Yet?

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Click here for more information on ways to protect yourself! Or don’t. Because the link might lead to …


Why Mattel Decided To Cancel Its Voice Activated AI For Kids

Aristotle was supposed to act as an Alexa for young children


Why Socrates Hated Democracy, and What We Can Do about It.

Socrates: what a dummy. <br>Read More


Asking Hard Questions: What Is the Status of Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

If you do not like hard questions, you cannot be fully human, let alone a Christian.


'Kids should not be guinea pigs': Mattel pulls AI babysitter

Aristotle was designed to ‘soothe babies, reinforce good manners, help learn a language’ until campaigners argued it would replace caring with fake nurturing<p>Children’s toymaker Mattel has been forced to cancel plans to produce an AI-powered babysitter, after a raft of complaints that the product …