Great White Shark

Great white shark prowling by popular beach as swimmers warned to stay out of water after man suffers bite

A huge 16ft great white shark was filming prowling in the water by Cape Cod, Massachusetts.<p>State police in a helicopter filmed the enormous carnivore …

White Shark

Rob Gronkowski delivers the most Gronk quote ever when asked about great white sharks

There have been quite a few shark sightings off Cape Cod — so Gronk weighed in<p>The Patriots' Rob Gronkowski has never been known for …

Shark Week

'He was extremely lucky': WA diver's close call with great white

A whale carcass beached off Canal Rocks in Yallingup prompted a shark warning on Sunday, but local photographer Ian Wiese said two crayfish divers …

White Shark

Skeletor Brings the MYAHS with this JAWS Parody T-Shirt

The ocean is dark and full of dangers… and if you thought the great white shark from JAWS was bad, He-Man is going to need a much bigger boat to deal …

White Shark

WATCH: 'Jaws' Comes To Life: Sharks Plaguing Cape Cod Beaches

The characters in the film classic “Jaws” who scoffed at the idea of sharks attacking humans as far north as Cape Cod would have been surprised last …

Cape Cod

Shark Expert Rob Gronkowski Jokes He May 'Go Say Hi To My Friends'

BOSTON (CBS) — After joining in on the “Shark Week” fun over the offseason, Rob Gronkowski considers himself an expert in the field.<p>“I’m a shark …

Rob Gronkowski

Drone Captures Great White Shark Circling Kite Surfer In Terrifying Footage

You'll know <i>Jaws</i> will change anyone's opinion about how safe it is to head into the ocean. Hell, not many people have come close to a shark encounter …

White Shark

Watch 'curious' great white shark swim alongside boat near Yarmouth

A Nova Scotia woman says a close encounter with a great white shark last week has made her more cautious, but won't keep her from enjoying ocean dips.<p>…

White Shark

Dolphin Gets Mauled By 2 Sharks, Then A Great White Shark Comes To Steal It Away!

Jai Holmes, Jason Darke and several other crew members are working on Oyster Leases three kilometres off Smoky Bay in South Australia when a Great …

White Shark

WATCH: You wanna get your teeth into this!

A significant difference between the great white shark and the Megalodon, however, is its mammoth size - of up to 18m.

White Shark

Terrifying moment 16ft great white shark savages seal just feet from shore in Cape Cod.. where Jaws was set

TERRIFYING footage shows a 16ft Great White shark savaging a seal off a popular beach close to where iconic film Jaws was filmed.<p>Stunned tourists …

Cape Cod

From the Archives: Great white shark caught off Catalina

In June 1976, three great white sharks had been caught in a four-day period near Carlsbad. Then on Aug. 20 came word that a 15-foot-long great white had been caught. Staff photographer Art Rogers took this image in San Pedro.<p>Times staff writer Steve Harvey reported in the Aug. 20, 1976, Los Angeles …

White Shark

Great white shark kills dolphin, loses meal to bigger shark

White Shark

State Police Air Wing spots sharks off Race Point

White shark expert Greg Skomal isn’t the only Massachusetts public employee out there looking for the apex predator as they swim off the Cape Cod …

White Shark

Great white shark kills dolphin, loses meal to even bigger shark

A shocking video shows a great white shark proudly carrying around its latest victim — a dolphin — when suddenly an even bigger great white swoops in to steal the meal straight from its mouth.<p>In a video shared by Shark Watch South Australia on Wednesday, a 12-foot great white is seen successfully …


Great white shark spotted swimming with humpback whales off Cape Cod

(WHDH) — A great white shark was spotted Wednesday afternoon swimming among a group of humpback whales off Cape Cod.<p>Boston Harbor Cruises says whale …

Cape Cod

Could the Giant Prehistoric Shark in ‘The Meg’ Still Be Lurking?

The giant shark Megalodon, which has been extinct for roughly 3 million years, returns in the summer blockbuster “The Meg” to terrorize beachgoers …

White Shark

WATCH: Great White Shark Surprises Young Fisherman by Stealing His Catch Right Off the Line

There’s no such thing as a free lunch … unless you’re the great white shark in this video.<p>This clip captured by Tabatha Eldridge and posted to the …

White Shark

Cape Cod beach closed after shark seen feasting on seal

A great white shark was caught on camera feasting on a seal off-shore Race Point Beach in Provincetown on Thursday …

Cape Cod

Watch: Great white shark steals bass from fishing line

A mother shared video of a great white shark jumping out of the water off Massachusetts to snatch a bass from the end of her son's fishing line.

White Shark

Watch: Great white shark's dramatic hunt for seal off of US coast

A great white shark's hunt for a seal turned into a dramatic scene off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.<p>The footage from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shows multiple angles of the bloody attack, as well as footage of the shark swimming underwater with a piece of the seal in its mouth.<p>The …

White Shark

10 Best Marijuana Strains for Tailgating

It’s mid-August, which means that football season is right around the corner. And when football season begins, that also means people will begin …


Twice in two days, great white sharks snack on stripers caught in Cape Cod Bay

For the second time in two days, guests on the sport fishing boat Aquarius had hooked nicely sized stripers during their trips to Cape Cod Bay, a …

Cape Cod

Person Injured On Beach In Truro

Just Now<p>TURRO, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Police in Truro are investigating a report of a possible shark attack.<p>The Cape Cod Times confirms a Med Flight was …

Cape Cod

A Shark Bite Has Been Reported off Cape Cod in Truro

A swimmer reportedly suffered a puncture wound.<p>By ·<p>June file photo of a great white off the Cape via Facebook/ Atlantic White Shark Conservancy<p>A …

Cape Cod

Ocean Water Goes From Blue To Red Almost Immediately As A Great White Shark Makes Lunch Of A Seal

Now you see him, now he's ripped limb from limb instantaneously.

White Shark

WATCH: Video Shows Shark Attacking Seal Near Cape Cod

In a graphic and rare piece of footage caught by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, a shark was taped catching a seal off of Cape Cod, and turning …

Cape Cod

Great white shark snatches fish away from teen angler

They were gonna need a bigger boat.<p>Yes, it was shades of “Jaws” on Sunday when a teenager was fishing off the back of a boat off Cape Cod, Mass.<p>He …

White Shark

'Holy s***!': A great white shark gave this fishing boat a bit of a scare

<i>(Editor’s note: Video contains explicit language)</i><p>A young fisherman got some serious competition from another creature looking for a catch on a …

White Shark

1,600-Pound Great White Shark Spotted Off Virginia Coast

A 1,600-pound Great White Shark has surfaced about 100 miles off the Virginia Beach coast, according to reports by the shark research organization …

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