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Jawsdropping: Giant 20ft great white shark dwarfs three divers in underwater cage

A 20ft long great white shark dwarfs a research cage as it swims through a spool of shimmering mackerel.<p>The giant shark, which weighs more than two …

La Jolla

Florida fishermen have close encounter with great white shark

A group of men fishing off Florida's Atlantic Coast had a close encounter on Monday with a 14-foot great white shark which one called a "humbling experience."<p>Capt. Tony Peeples with Southern Style Charters told FOX 30 he was with a group of men off the coast of Fernandina Beach on Florida's Amelia …


Great white shark finishes boaters' discarded lunch

March 12 (UPI) -- A great white shark off the coast of New Zealand surprised a group of boaters by visiting the surface to snatch a meat pie that had …

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Ocean film festival to visit Launceston

Picture: Supplied<p>of<p>Ocean Film Festival<p>Pictures: Supplied<p>Nine short films about the ocean: its power, beauty and the life within it.<p>The Ocean Film …

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Grandfather repeatedly punches great white shark and escapes unharmed in scary attack

Source: Channel Nine.<p>A 69-year-old Lorne grandfather has ‘pulled a Mick Fanning’ and punched a great white shark during an attack.<p>The man was doing …


U.S. Allies Jostle to Win Exemptions From Trump Tariffs

FRANKFURT — South Korea made an impassioned appeal to the American secretary of defense and national security adviser, reminding them of its role trying to defang North Korea. Europe pointed out that it was, in fact, a longstanding military ally of the United States.<p>But it was Australia that …


11 Shark Species You May Spot in Australia's Oceans

White Shark

Science says swimming with a great white shark can have unexpected results

Diving at the Neptune Islands Group Marine Park in South Australia. Picture: Getty Images<p>Science has found that getting close to a great white shark, …

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One great white shark caught every two days off NSW beaches

One great white shark is being caught every two days near popular New South Wales beaches as a trial of smart drum lines is being …

News Corp Australia

WA great white shark numbers in decline

A new report has found that great white shark numbers have decreased in WA.

Mandurah, Australia

Great white shark named George tracked in Gulf of Mexico near Everglades

TCPalm joined OCEARCH Jan. 22, 2018, looking for great white sharks about a mile off Ponce Inlet. PATRICK DOVE/TCPALM


Great white shark spotted in Everglades National Park

"Spotting a great white shark in Everglades National Park's shallow waters is unusual" - "It's outside the normal habitat and is very, very rare that …

Everglades National Park

Great white shark named George stalks Everglade waters

A great white shark named George has been spotted lingering off the Florida coast near the Everglades and Gulf of Mexico.

Nova Scotia

7:20am: A Great White Shark Was Spotted Near The Everglades by WLRN - Listen to music


Oregon Greenpeace Activist Getting Arm Bitten Off After Hugging A Great White Shark Is Fake News

A Greenpeace activist getting his arm violently bitten off after he made an attempt to hug a white shark is <b>fake news</b>. There is <b>no truth</b> to a report …

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Teen Kayaker Survives Great White Shark Attack

Sarah Williams, 15, was paddling her kayak off the Australian coast when she was attacked by a 15-foot shark which threw her into the air.

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Great white shark encounter sparks panic for Tasmanian beachgoers

A Tasmanian surfer has described the panic in the water of his home break after a shark sighting on the east coast on Sunday.<p>Tom Kelly was surfing …

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9:35am: There's a great white shark lurking off South Florida's coasts by WLRN - Listen to music

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'I thought he'd been torn in two': Diver's amazing escape after great white shark rips off flipper

A diver has revealed how she thought her friend was being torn in half during a terrifying encounter with a great white shark.<p>Incredibly Callum …


7:20am: Great white shark tracked off South Florida's coast by WLRN - Listen to music


Great white shark ripped diver’s fin off with its jaws as a ‘taste test’

<b>A free diver almost lost his leg during a terrifying close encounter with a great white shark.</b><p>Luckily, the man only lost his fin in the face off with …

New South Wales

Great white shark encounter stuns fishermen on Florida charter boat

A great white shark estimated at 12-13 feet long swam around the boat for about 10 minutes April 25, 2017. VIDEO CONTRIBUTED BY DAVID KNIGHT<p>Anglers Evan Parness, Blake Plemmons and Chase Reyes of Coral Springs shot this drone video of a large hammerhead shark hunting Sunday in a school of blacktip …


Mary Lee, Twitter’s Most Famous Great White Shark, Has Disappeared

Mary Lee, a great white shark with 130,000 Twitter followers, has disappeared. Photo: Ocearch<p><b>You might’ve heard of Mary Lee,</b> a great white shark who, …


16-foot great white shark interrupts boat party

An Australian family’s vacation turned treacherous when an uninvited great white shark showed up.<p><b>WARNING: Video contains explicit language</b><p>On Tuesday, Jodie Brown and her family of seven took a small boat out to enjoy the warm day just outside Port Victoria, Mashable reports.<p>The family had planned …


Yes, everything is hard, but at least your family isn't being circled by a great white shark

Sharks are invariably a part of the sea in Australia, but this encounter was a bit too close for one family.<p>Jodie Brown was on a boat with her family …


Great white shark’s pings stop, other great whites gather off SC coast

As the tracking of one great white shark with a huge online fan base comes to an end, scientists are tracking other great whites that appear to be …


Great white shark circles fishing boat Video

The shark spent 20 minutes circling the boat off the Australian coast.

White Shark

Great white shark circles boat off of South Carolina

An approximately 15-foot great white shark circled a boat off of the South Carolina coast.

South Carolina

Great white shark, made famous online, disappears from tracking

<b>CHARLESTON, S.C. —</b> A 3,500-pound great white shark made famous online has vanished from electronic monitoring. The Post and Courier of Charleston …

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Shark fin slices through water in front of surfer | Adventure Sports Network

“My reaction for some reason was to observe and be calm.”<p>A big-wave surfer was enjoying sets of waves in excess of 15 feet off the popular Northern …