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10 Trips to Make 2018 Unforgettable

The Travel Corporation launched a curated list of top trips for 2018 (#TTCTop10) that showcase the depth and breadth of its offerings from some of …

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Swinging Female Sea Turtles Could Save Their Species From Climate Change

It's not all grim in the battle against climate change. Once again, females have found a way to save the day.<p>Promiscuous female sea turtles could be …


'Serious case of negligence': Scientists blast controls on coral-eating starfish

Federal-funded efforts to contain the fourth big outbreak of crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef are "sporadic" and a "serious case of …


Australia offers cash for Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas

Australia is calling on the world's top scientific minds to help save the Great Barrier Reef, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund …


What’s Actually Happening to the Great Barrier Reef?

Courtesy of Lizard Island<p>A new expedition lets you make the decision for yourself.<p>The Great Barrier Reef is alive. Very much so.<p>I’m snorkeling over …


Where To Travel This Year When Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

All my single ladies, put your hands and passports up! That's right. This year you're not settling down, and it's going to start with sending …


Record global temperatures drive extreme heatwaves in oceans, too

Marine Heatwaves<p>In 2016, the seas of northern Australia and Alaska’s Bering Gulf experienced their worst marine heatwaves in 35 years of satellite …

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WA Ningaloo fisherman dives into shark-infested water for 'fun'

Incredible video has emerged of a man jumping into the ocean with up to four sharks, off Western Australia’s north coast.<p>2:47<p>Storm Clouds Roll Into …


Youngest Ever Skipper Claims First Clipper Win

Visit Seattle, led by 24-year-old British sailor Nikki Henderson, the youngest ever Skipper to lead a team in the Clipper Round the World Yacht …


White and wrong: Great Barrier Reef 2018-01-17 | Espresso

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7 Ideas for your Travel Bucket-List

Travel has never been more accessible and now is the time to experience some of the most iconic attractions in the world. If you have a bucket-list …


Opinion: Goodbye to an unrealistic climate goal

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seems to think restricting global warming to below 1.5 degrees is not realistic anymore. What …

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Warmer temperatures at Great Barrier Reef causing sea turtles to be born female

(Reuters) - Rising temperatures at Australia's Great Barrier Reef are causing more green turtles to be born female, which could lead to the species dying out, a new scientific study has found.<p>As the gender of green turtles is determined by temperature, the hotter weather caused by climate change …


How can we halt the feminisation of sea turtles in the northern Great Barrier Reef?

In the northern part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the future for green sea turtles appears to be turning female.<p>A recent study has revealed …

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Biodiversity isn’t just pretty: it future-proofs our world – Elizabeth Boakes

A small boy hauls enthusiastically on his fishing rod. The line flies up and a needle-spined fish strikes him in the eye. Desperate to stay outdoors, …


Scientists Are Taking Extreme Steps to Help Corals Survive

I'm standing on a beach in Australia, toes digging into the sand, zipping up my wet suit before I dive down to the Great Barrier Reef. As I stare out …

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5 things for Monday, Jan. 15, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump says he is ‘the least racist person’ reporters have interviewed, and Sears officially closes its remaining doors in …

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This population of green sea turtles is nearly all female, signalling a major problem

The future is female for green sea turtles born along part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Only about 1 percent of juvenile turtles hatching there are male now and that's because of global warming, according to a new study.<p>In sea turtles, warmer temperatures produce more female hatchlings and …

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It's a girl! 99 per cent of this Australian turtle population is female

The green sea turtle population near the northern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has scientists seeing pink.<p>New research has found female …

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12 Bizarre Events From The World Which Prove That We’ve Done Some Serious Damage To The Planet

<b>For decades, we have been told that climate is changing and this change will cause serious irreversible damage to the Earth's ecosystem.</b> But it seems …

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How Australia's extreme heat might be here to stay

<b>A section of highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne started to melt. Bats fell dead from the trees, struck down by the heat.</b><p>On the northern Great Barrier Reef, 99% of baby green sea turtles, a species whose sex is determined by temperature, were found to be female.<p>In outer suburban Sydney, the …

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Top 5 luxury resorts in Australia that are perfect for families

The land down under. Well-known for its wildlife, beaches, big cities, and natural wonders, Australia is a diverse and amazing destination for adults …

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We must act to protect our forests before it's too late

It was like visiting a war zone, however the devastation was caused by the axe and the bulldozers rather than bombs and tanks. The eroded …


Macron: Baguettes deserve 'heritage' status

President Emmanuel Macron is hoping to lend some serious sway to a campaign by his country's bakers to have the iconic doughy delicacy secure a place …

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Rockhopper penguins, bleeding heart baboons and a flying fox are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world


Great Barrier Reef tourism spokesman attacks scientist over slump in visitors

Col McKenzie calls on government to stop funding work of Terry Hughes, saying tourists ‘won’t do long-haul trips when they think the reef is dead’<p>A Queensland tourism representative has called one of the Great Barrier Reef’s leading researchers “a dick”, blaming the professor for a downturn in …


Cruise secrets: Crew members reveal what actually happens behind cabin doors

Filed under: Lifestyle, Travel, Explore<p>It's not smooth sailing for everyone aboard a cruise ship.<p>Read more...<p>Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


How to Have a Wine-and-Wildlife-Filled Honeymoon in Melbourne

Love wine almost as much as you love each other? Get a kick out of wildlife? Enjoy being outside? Appreciate art and design? Savor gorgeous food? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding ‘yes,’ then Melbourne might just be your magic honeymoon match. Then there’s Qantas’ new …


Rising temperatures turning major sea turtle population female

<b>Scientists have used a new research approach to show that warming temperatures are turning one of the world's largest sea turtle colonies almost</b> …


ICYMI: Tone-Deaf Toadlets, A Snowy Sahara, Blazing Spiders, & More

A weekly roundup for busy people<p>Female pumpkin toadlets in Brazil have lost the ability to hear the mating calls of males.<p>As a result of warmer …