Grandma sends pics to her granddaughter every day and we're not crying, you're crying

This is the sweetest, purest, kindest thing you'll see all day and we challenge you to find something even remotely comparable.<p>Sierra Sessions, from Salt Lake City, Utah, posted a series of screengrabs that will surely warm your cold, cold heart.<p>They show messages from her grandma from various …


5'2" Grandma Saw Cop Being Attacked, So She Did the Unthinkable

Louisiana grandma Vickie Williams-Tillman was on her way to Sam's Club to buy food for a Sunday meal with her husband when she spotted something …


Grandma dies four months after being knocked out by single punch from stranger in sickening random attack

A grandma died four months after she was knocked out by a single punch from a stranger in a horrific attack.<p>Eve Gentillon, 69, a retired nursing home …


44+ Times Grandma Gifts Were So Wrong They’re Actually Good


Grandma dies after stranger cold-cocks her outside store

The church-going granny who was cold-cocked by a heartless ex-con on a Queens street has died, police said.<p>Eve Gentillon, 69, a retired home health …


21 Savage Old People Who Are Retired From Your Bullshit

Old and ICE cold.<p>1. Sharon and her devastating own.<p>2. And Grandma Mary, who will drag you without shame.<p>3. This painful trip to the burn center.<p>4. Grandma Phyllis, who is just ice-cold.<p>5. And this grandma who isn’t here for your ghosting.<p>6. Linda, who fucking CAME for Cindy.<p>7. Grandpa Pete.<p>8. And …


12 Times Our Desi Parents Told Us the Craziest Food Stories While We Were Growing Up

Indians have a weird relationship with their food. We can wage wars and die for our <i>biryanis</i> and <i>golgappas</i>. We are also quite adept at cooking up the …


WATCH: The Heartbreaking Moment A St. Louis Woman Finds Her Grandparents’ Headstone Toppled

Janet Fishman described her grandparents, both of whom are buried in the St. Louis cemetery.

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Childminding grandparents hire babysitters to give themselves a rest - new report

Grandparents have long been regarded as the ultimate reliable and cheap childcare solution for busy working parents.<p>But a new report reveals that many find the task so daunting they regularly hire in babysitters to do it for them.<p>A survey by the International Longevity Centre (ILC) think tank and …


This Potty-Mouthed Grandma Baking a Gluten-Free Cake Will Make You Giggle For Days

Peggy Glenn, everyone's favorite cursing grandma, is making us double over laughing with her latest cooking adventure. Known on YouTube as Granny PottyMouth, Peggy recently shared a video in which she bakes a birthday cake for her grandson. Except it's not your average, run-of-the-mill birthday …


22 Memes That Are So Goddamn Pure You Can Send Them To Your Grandma

A perfect little dose of wholesomeness.

Police: Gunman robs man of 'grandma's favorite' chocolates

Police in Rhode Island say a group of teens stole a man's cellphone and box of chocolates, with one suspect saying the chocolates were his "grandma's …


Court: Colorado grandparents can have visitation with Orange County grandkids

A pair of Colorado grandparents scored a legal victory in the Florida Supreme Court Thursday that will grant them visitation rights with their …


Fresh Off the Boat Recap: The Fun Mom

Fresh Off the Boat<p>The Gloves Are Off Season 3 Episode 14<p>Editor's Rating 2 stars<p>The world of <i>Fresh Off the Boat</i> is small. It’s a show about family, …


How to talk to your kids about their grandparent’s dementia: Caregiver SOS

It's natural to want to protect your children, but it's important to be honest and explain things calmly.


8 Vintage Kitchen Tools That Most People Can't Identify

Have you ever gone to your grandma's house and wondered why she uses tons of unfamiliar utensils or tools in the kitchen? At times, her kitchen feels …


Not Your Dad's Content Marketing Trends—But Maybe Your Great (x5000) Granddad's

Nailing down marketing trends is targeting something that’s ever-moving. One day’s list might be topped with a push for bigger big data, the next …

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The etymology (origin of the word ’emotion’) comes from the following:<p>From French émotion, from émouvoir ‎(“excite”) based on Latin ēmōtus, past …


... Of Sandwiches And Slings!

You ever have one of those times when you're feeling pretty OK in life, somewhat accomplished, reasonably confident... and then you start worrying …


OMG, We Have Questions For This Grandma Who Apparently Rolled A Box Of Frosted Flakes

“Howshedothat??”<p>On Saturday, Twitter user @SolaceJones shared a photo of a box of Frosted Flakes cereal rolled and folded over like it was any old paper lunch bag. “I cringe when my grandma does this shit,” he wrote.<p>“Cringe” is one way to put it. “Scream” is another. People immediately responded. …

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My 104-year-old grandma’s advice for the Trump era

When it comes to greeting my 104-year-old grandma, “How are you?” is a question she finds utterly annoying.<p>“I told you not to ask me that,” she barks about the small talk. This from a woman who converses at length about the weather. I call her nearly daily — from my house in Los Angeles to her home …

38 Grandparent Love Stories That Will Make You Cry

The ultimate meet-cutes.<p>We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their grandparents’ sweetest first meeting stories. Here are the results.<p>1. Married after the first date.<p>My grandparents have both passed on but they have one of the most amazing stories I have heard. During WWII my grandpa was a …


They Save Grandpa Cat from Shelter and Celebrate His Every Milestone...

He ended up at the shelter when he was 18.5 years old. A kind-hearted woman rescued him and made him a promise that from that day on he would be …

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Designer Turns Her Grandparents' World War II-Era Love Letters Into Jewelry

Instead of safekeeping her grandparents’ old love letters in a ribbon-tied shoebox, Meghan Coomes turns them into heirloom accessories. As TODAY …


8 reasons grandparents are the absolute best

To a child, grandparents are the greatest companions, entertainers and comforters in their world. They seem to always have treats in their apron …


Calling all grandparents: RESPs are for you, too

Jim Main is set to put a lot of people through school. But it’s not his children who are the recipients. Mr. Main, a 94-year-old retired chartered accountant from Toronto, has set up 11 registered education savings funds (RESPs) for all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.<p>“It’s unfortunate …


15 Important Pieces Of Advice People Learned From Their Immigrant Parents

“We’re all humans at the end of the day. We’re all family.”<p>We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the important advice their immigrant parents gave them. Here are some of their responses.<p>1. No dream is too big.<p>“My parents came to America from Bangladesh over 20 years ago. My mom …


Grandma passes a year in hospital making paintings to share with fellow patients

Despite an unusual living situation, a New Jersey grandmother has managed to keep up with a lifelong hobby.<p>For the past year, Jill Sobocinski's 83-year-old grandmother, Joan Holland, has lived in a New Jersey hospital. To pass the time, she's painted 15 pieces of art which she plans to share with …


PEOPLE Staffer's Grandma Is Back with a Fifty Shades Darker Review: 'Oh My, It Was Explicit'

When the <i>Fifty Shades Darker</i> trailer debuted last fall, it seemed only obvious to get one person’s reaction: my grandma.<p>An avid movie fan, my …


10 High-Tech Gadgets To Help Grandma & Grandpa

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