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Dog Comforts Rescued Pony That Was Starved of Food and Affection

This dog and pony aren't putting on a show. They genuinely seem in love. Molly is a 3-year-old golden retriever that lives at Carolina Equine Rescue …


Terrified, Tiny Horse Is Befriended by Golden Retriever at North Carolina Equine Center

A miniature horse named Sammy was so abused, emaciated and traumatized by the time he arrived at an equine rescue, the owner was encouraged to put …


This Golden Retriever Brings Freshly-Worn Laundry To Bed Every Night And MY HEART

*whispers to self* I want Henry to snuggle my freshly-worn socks and pajamas.


Dog doesn't let its cat friend get in a fight

In this video we see a cat stealthily approaching another cat. A golden retriever knows that nothing good can result if the two cats start to fight, …


Golden Retriever Plays Peacemaker, Stops Cat Fight Before It Even Starts

The fur didn't fly because of this hero dog's quick action.<p>Not all heroes wear capes. Some are covered in fur.<p>A video posted on Twitter and reddit last week showed two cats headed for a brawl when a golden retriever stepped in to stop the fight.<p>No explanation was posted, but the dog moved so …


Golden retriever nurses miniature horse back to health

Molly and Sammy are an unlikely duo that are getting international attention.<p>Sammy is a miniature horse and a Molly is a Golden Retriever. Molly has …


Artificial Neural Networks: How To Understand Them And Why They're Important

If you dip even a toe into the realm of artificial intelligence, you’ll come across artificial neural networks.<p>Artificial neural networks are the systems that power artificial intelligence. It’s a type of computer that doesn’t just read code that it already understands. Neural networks process vast …

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150 Mile House resident helps expand therapy dog program in the Cariboo - 100 Mile House Free Press

Molly is a 5-year-old golden retriever with a busy schedule.<p>On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she goes to a senior’s village, then an elementary school in …


Meet Dennis the golden retriever, who has become a tourist attraction in the Norwegian fjords thanks to his antics fetching chocolate from passing boats

This is Dennis the golden retriever, the hound who has become a tourist attraction in Norway after a near-decade-long game of fetch in a fjord.<p>He …


Long Island family's dog almost repossessed due to 'dog-leasing'

A family on Long Island found out the hard way they didn't actually own their dog.<p>A golden retriever was leased by the family, and it was almost …


Swansea Firm Recruits Golden Retriever as Executive Assistant

A ...The post Swansea Firm Recruits Golden Retriever as Executive Assistant appeared first on Business News Wales.

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Trump in Pa. : Radio Times : Politics & Policy : WHYY

You may also like<p>Republican US Senate candidate Lou Barletta is on a bus tour across the commonwealth with his golden retriever, Reilly.<p>9 hours …


Elementary school hires four-legged staff member


Pet lovers get a day to pamper their furry friends

ALISO VIEJO — The heat didn’t keep away some 500 people and their pets who turned out Saturday, Aug. 4 for the Furry Friends Pet Vaccination and …


Need a new friend? 6 overfilled L.A. animal shelters are halving adoption fees today

LOS ANGELES — Adoption fees for dogs and cats are being cut in half this weekend at Los Angeles’ six animal shelters, which are filled to …


Meet the Golden Retriever and Tortoise Who Are BFFs – American Kennel Club

Christine Hill’s dog, Cricket, is a classic Golden Retriever. He’s silly, fun, loving, devoted, and friendly…even towards those who may be a little …


Owner carried timid golden retriever over bridge

- A dog was too scared to cross a bridge on her own, so her owner carried it.<p>FOX 13’s anchor Linda Hurtado was vacationing in Tennessee with her …


Abandoned Duckling Becomes Best Friends With Golden Retriever

This tiny duckling was the only one of his abandoned nest to survive, but has quickly made an unlikely friend — a family's pet dog.<p>Brody, a …

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Dog and Duck Make Unlikely Best Friend Duo

This unlikely friendship started when Brody the golden retriever’s family found a nest of duck eggs. Now Brody and the unnamed female duck do …


August 2018 Dog Events

Beat those super-hot August days by chilling out with all-things dog. We’ve rounded up some August 2018 dog events and happenings just for you and …


'Mister Miracle' #10 Perfectly Parodies Marvel's Galactus and Silver Surfer

Tom King and Mitch Gerads' <i>Mister Miracle</i> series continues to take fans on an emotional roller coaster ride, and the latest stop ended up involving a …


Tricycle and Friends : The True Life Adventures of a Three-legged Golden Retriever and His Rescued Farm

product description page<p>Tricycle and Friends : The True Life Adventures of a Three-legged Golden Retriever and His Rescued Farm<p>about this …


Puma, Coco, & Colino, Cocker Spaniels & Golden Retriever, Via Laurina, Rome, Italy


Golden Retriever Puppy Is Confused by Carrot

George is a little confused. The adorable pup was given a carrot by owner Meghan but has no idea what to do with it.<p>He played and bit the orange …


​361 Golden Retrievers Met Up In Scotland And Had The Most Amazing Day

You know when you just need a bit of good news in your life? No heartbreak, no gore, no imminent outbreak of nuclear war? Well boy, have we got …


Watch: Scotland breaks record for the biggest gathering of golden retrievers (and melting hearts)

With 361 golden retrievers present, Guisachan House in Scotland has broken a world record to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the origin of the …

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Possible Cougar Sighting Has Edina Neighborhood On Edge

<b>MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)</b> — From playtime to a gentle stroll, people and their pets are a typical sight at Edina’s Arden Park.But little Chico, a …


Chinese dog owner must pay US$6,660 compensation to Lamborghini driver who hit her golden retriever

1 / 2<p>Chinese dog owner must pay US$6,660 compensation to Lamborghini driver who hit her golden retriever<p>A dog owner in eastern China has agreed to …


Feast Your Eyes On the Most Golden Retrievers We’ve Ever Seen in One Photo

You need a pick-me-up, right?<p>We have just the thing: A photo of the most dogs we've ever seen captured in one photo.<p>Last weekend, 361 Golden …


361 Golden Retrievers Partied in Scotland, and We Want an Invite RIGHT NOW

The fantasy dream of every dog lover came true when 361 golden retrievers and their owners gathered at the Guisachan Estate in Tomich, Scotland, to …

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