California zoo welcomes 6-foot baby giraffe

It’s a girl!<p>The Santa Barbara Zoo welcomed a newborn female giraffe this week, which weighs 180 pounds and is 6-foot-1-inches tall. Audrey, a Masai giraffe, is the newborn’s mother.<p>The baby was slightly premature, KEYT reported, as zoo staff weren’t expecting the baby for a few more weeks.<p>While …

Finding distinct elements in a list

Given a list like this, where first column is the id and second is a string,I would like to know a way to efficiently group up all the distinct …


Geoffrey The Giraffe is taking Toys R Us' closing pretty hard

Turns out Toys R Us kids had a good reason not to grow up, as a blend of big box proliferation and e-commerce would render the sky-high racks of …

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Consoles A Boozy, Despondent Geoffrey The Giraffe Over Toys ‘R’ Us Closing

When Toys R’ Us announced that it would be closing all of its nearly 800 stores across the United States this week, the news was met with sadness by many who still hold a deep-seeded nostalgia for the chain, even if they now probably do all their toy shopping online. But perhaps no one will mourn …


Toys R Us through the years

Toys R Us is headed toward shuttering its U.S. operations, jeopardizing the jobs of some 30,000 employees while spelling the end for a chain known to generations of children and parents for its sprawling stores and Geoffrey the giraffe mascot.

Toys "R" Us

Lion Country Safari Welcomes Second Baby Giraffe Born in Two Weeks

posted by Maverick -<p>27 minutes ago<p><b>West Palm Beach, FL</b> – Lion Country Safari welcomed the second giraffe calf of 2018 at approximately 10:45 a.m. on …


The Window House

Located on the edges of a Malaysian forest, architecture firm FORMZERO sets an objective to develop a more intimate relationship between the house and the forest when creating the Window House. While the client’s brief is to maximise the space inside the house, this situation gives FORMZERO two …


Baby giraffe meets dad for first time

She’s just five days old but has already stolen hearts, including her father’s.<p>Perth Zoo’s newest giraffe calf met her dad, Armani, for the first …

Baby giraffe born at Perth Zoo

PERTH Zoo has welcomed a new giraffe calf into the world, with Kitoto becoming a mum for the first time.<p>The female giraffe, who was sired by Armani, …

Perth, Australia

High art: Watch April the Giraffe paint a masterpiece

Remember the mama giraffe/webcam star who gave birth on YouTube? She's now sticking her neck out to try a new career -- painter.<p>April the Giraffe was the toast of YouTube back in 2017, when the resident of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York delivered her calf online while 500,000 …

Giraffe and cubs Photo by Xavier Ortega — National Geographic Your Shot


Aww! Giraffe calf born at Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo

He's just the cutest! 😍


Dobby The Giraffe Celebrates His First Birthday!

<i>Dobby celebrates his 1st Birthday. (credit: CBS)</i><p><b>DENVER (CBS4) –</b> Hundreds helped celebrate Denver’s favorite baby giraffe, Dobby, on his first …

Colorado Springs

The Funny Doodled Adventures Of Patty The Giraffe

For more, check out Lifewithpatty on tumblr Submitted by:

San Diego

We're sorry but this baby giraffe tops all other giraffes

Step aside April the giraffe, there's a new giraffe in town and this giraffe is the best one.<p>The Kansas City Zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe born on …

Giraffe being released into new habitat face-plants spectacularly

A giraffe being released into a new habitat in South Africa was caught on camera taking a face-dive when it tripped while running out of a trailer.


Follow That Giraffe

Ice age tracks put ancient giraffes in an unexpected place


Who a giraffe, elephant, hippo and skunk think will win the Super Bowl

Internet star April the Giraffe – who famously gave birth last year while millions of people worldwide live-streamed it – is one of several awesome animals weighing in on Super Bowl LII.<p>Leading up to Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, everyone has attempted …


It took eight men to wrangle this giraffe in distress

It took a large group of men to subdue a giraffe after the animal got a metal wire wrapped around its neck in the Democratic Republic of Congo. …

Democratic Republic of the Congo

April the Giraffe predicts Patriots will defeat Eagles in Super Bowl

April the Giraffe has spoken.<p>The New England Patriots will defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, according to the internet sensation.<p>FOX …


Giraffe Calf Born into 'Modern-Day Ark'

The organization considered a groundbreaking collaboration between The Audubon Nature Institute and San Diego Zoo Global, released images Monday of …

New Orleans

African Giraffe

What is African Giraffe?<p>Cute African Giraffe is the antistress coloring page for the whole family! Features:<p>2 JPEG(300dpi) images A3 and A4<p>2 vector …

Reinventing MVC pattern for web programming with F#

Introduction<p>A couple of weeks ago, I’ve posted yet-another-controversial-tweet - this time criticizing F# libraries for web programming and saying …

Software Development

Huge Giraffe Was Stuck Up To His Neck In Mud

People spent three hours trying to break him free — but they never gave up.<p>It was lucky anyone at all spotted a giraffe in trouble in a remote region …


Bush tales: Half-blind lioness takes down giraffe for cubs

The half-blind lioness with the giraffe kill © Sam Hankss<p><i>Written, and photographs by, Sam Hankss</i><p><b>In the animal kingdom, motherhood is probably the</b> …

Baby giraffe dies at Calgary Zoo two days after birth

The Calgary Zoo says a baby giraffe died Saturday, just two days after its birth.“It is with heavy hearts that we announce that a giraffe calf has …


Impact of lions living alongside giraffe populations

New research is calling for an urgent review into how populations of giraffes are managed in the wild when living alongside lions.

Bristol, UK

Dec 29 - Marge's Journey And Giraffe Mating

Marge's Journey - Salami Sneaker - Proper Toilet Paper Placement - Ohio Pants Poop DUI - Alien Butt Stuff - Gracie Plunger Hands - Giraffe Mating - …

New York City

Never forget: This was the year we fell in love with April the giraffe

Listen, this year was almost entirely awful. But one of the best things — nay, <i>the</i> best thing — that occurred in 2017 was April the giraffe.<p>Millions …

Life-size wooden giraffe sculpture finally finds a home

A mysterious sculpture of a giant giraffe that turned up at a Hamptons police impound lot last year has finally found a home just in time for the …