Grit property group announces $200m worth of investment deals in Ghana

Business (South Africa)

Former head of Ghana's cocoa regulator faces fraud trial | Reuters

ACCRA, March 14 (Reuters) - The former head of Ghana’s cocoa regulator will go on trial for his alleged role in awarding fraudulent fertiliser supply contracts totalling 217 million cedis ($49 million) between 2014 and 2016, court documents showed on Wednesday.<p>Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo …


Ghana:Indo-Ghana Chamber of Commerce Launched in Delhi

[Ghanaian Times] The Indo-Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an association made up of captains of industries from Ghana and business moguls in …


Ghana:Stop U.S.$2 Million Food Import, Produce Locally - Netherlands Ambassador

[Ghanaian Times] Ghana's large food import bill presently amounts to two million dollars a year, a development which will affect the country's …


Ghana:Standard Bank Report Paints Positive Outlook for Ghana's Economy

[Ghanaian Times] Economists at the research desk of Standard Bank, the parent company of Stanbic Bank Ghana, have forecast an improved economic …


AquaFish Partner Appointed to Fisheries Commission of Ghana!

Congratulations to AquaFish partner, Dr. Steve Amisah. The president of Ghana recently appointed him as a Member of the Board for the Fisheries …


BRIEF-AIA Engineering Incorporates Step Down Wholly Owned Subsidiary AIA Ghana Ltd

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Not India, China, Ghana tipped to be the world's fastest growing economy

Not India, but Ghana is poised to become the world's fastest growing economy. The African nation is projected to register a growth between 8.3 and …

World Bank

US Ambassador to Ghana says there are ‘far more gay people there than Ghanaians realise’

America’s ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, has said there are “far more gays in Ghana than Ghanaians realise”.<p>Jackson made an appearance on …


Ghana President Seeks to Barter Bauxite for Roads, Bridges

Ghana will finalize details of an infrastructure program before the end of the year and will pay for it with refined bauxite, said President Nana …


Pregnant Women In Ghana Are Taking Pills To Bleach Their Unborn Babies' Skins

In many parts of Africa and Asia, lighter skinned woman are considered more beautiful, are believed to be more successful and more likely to find …

Women of Color

IMF, Ghana Talks Inconclusive Over Budget Concern, Says Lawmaker

Talks between Ghana and the International Monetary Fund over a review of a $1 billion debt facility program ended inconclusive after the lender …

International Monetary Fund

Ghana man teaching computing without computers becomes viral hit

<b>A teacher in Ghana who educates his students on computer technology - without any computers - has become a hit online.</b><p>The man from Kumasi used his blackboard to meticulously draw a diagram of the popular Microsoft Word program.<p>"Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny," he said in a Facebook …


This Ghana School Couldn’t Afford Computers, So The Teacher Decided To Teach MS Word On Blackboard

As our dependency on technology increases with each passing day, there are some places and institutions where the availability of even the basic …

Microsoft Word

Netizens applaud Ghana teacher who drew MS Word on blackboard for students to learn

An exemplary illustration of how selfless a teacher’s love for his/her students is, this story of a man from Ghana is creating ripples on social …

Social Media

Ghanaian teacher uses blackboard to teach Microsoft Word

An inspired teacher has found a way to help Ghanaian students learn IT skills without a computer.

Microsoft Word

Ghana hopes chocolate day to boost local consumption

Ghana hopes chocolate day to boost local consumption<p>Visitors view the process of making some favourite chocolate sweets at an exhibition stand during …

News (China)

Christian Atsu to raise funds to build a school in Ghana - how to get tickets for his charity night

Newcastle Utd winger Christian Atsu – ambassador for charity Arms Around The Child – will be hosting a gala dinner on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at …

Newcastle United FC

Muster to be live in Ghana, Kenya, Johannesburg by end of Q2

Muster Co-founder Ibraheem Babalola talks about his company, which changes the way people rent property across Africa, through an AI-powered …


Stocks in Economy With Best Growth Forecast Lead the World

The World Bank’s optimism about prospects for Ghana’s economy has proved a tonic for Accra-traded stocks: the country’s benchmark index sits atop the …

Stock Markets

Ghana’s Budding Streetwear Culture Is Something Special

Eleven Eleven Agency commissioned young creative Abena Appiah to discover, explore, and present Ghana’s budding streetwear culture to the world …


Ghana's environment hit hard by rampant gold mining - but there's hope on the horizon

Ghana is one of Africa's biggest gold producers – and that's taken a heavy toll on its environment thanks partly to widespread illegal small-scale …


Armed robbers kill policeman, free cell inmates in Ghana's capital: local media

Armed robbers kill policeman, free cell inmates in Ghana's capital: local media<p>ACCRA, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- A gang of suspected armed robbers on Sunday …

News (China)

Peace Hyde the media maven of Ghana

Peace Hyde is using her public platform to create change in Ghana's capital city of Accra.


Exxon signs deal for deepwater drilling off Ghana

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Anchor chokes up over hero soldier from Ghana

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota chokes up talking about a solider that recently died in the Bronx fires who immigrated from Ghana in a discussion about President Trump's most recent comments about immigrants.


'One guy took a cutlass': gay women at greater risk of violence in Ghana

Research shows Ghanaian women are likelier than men to be abused and cast out of homes and jobs because of their sexual preferences<p>Women in Ghana are more likely than men to experience violence at the hands of their families because of their sexuality, with many forced many into marriage or sex …


The World May Soon Run Out Of Chocolate And We're Worried

If you're a chocolate addict, we have some devastating news for you.<p>Experts have predicted that it could actually become EXTINCT in the next 30 …


Ghana defends Jerusalem vote despite Israeli envoy branding it a 'mistake'

Ghana says its decision to vote against the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was in keeping with African Union and …


Ghana Tourism Authority Inks Deal with U.S. Based Adinkra Group to Foster Tours, Investments In Africa for Black Americans

The Ghana Tourism Authority and Washington, D.C.-based Adinkra Group have teamed up in an effort to attract more Black American tourists to the West …

West Africa