Cat Goes Ice Fishing

A young cat has discovered a miracle in winter time. He can walk on water! The ice-covered pond lets him get really close to those tempting, wriggly …


The desperate race to stop fake celebrity porn

The AI-assisted face-swap videos known as deepfakes hit a wall earlier this month. The videos, which are mainly used to create convincing fake …


AI-Moderators Fighting AI-Generated Porn Is the Harbinger of the Fake News Apocalypse

Gfycat is deploying AI to seek and destroy AI-generated porn—a good step, but we're not out of the woods yet.<p>In January, Motherboard reported on a community devoted to deepfakes, fake porn videos of celebrities created with a machine learning algorithm. Less than a week later, several websites …


Artificial Intelligence Is Now Fighting Fake Porn

Facial recognition and machine learning programs have officially been democratized, and of course the internet is using the tech to make porn. As …


Pornhub Says Digitally Generated 'Deepfakes' Are Non-Consensual and It Will Remove Them

After Reddit and image-hosting platform Gfycat began removing porn videos digitally altered via machine-learning techniques to swap performers’ faces …


'Deepfake' face-swap porn videos banned by Pornhub and Twitter

Films depicting celebrities’ faces superimposed on to adult film actors using AI also banned from Gfycat, but not Reddit<p>Twitter and Pornhub have become the latest platforms to ban pornography made using AI-generated face-swap technology – known as “deepfakes” – as non-consensual porn.<p>There has been …


Pornhub bans "non-consensual" AI-edited fake porn clips

In the unlikely event that you’ve never heard of them, “deepfakes” is the term often used for AI-edited fake porn in where the face of an actress is …


Deepfakes Still Exist, Amid Twitter and Pornhub Bans

The Reddit-spawned videos keep getting in trouble.<p>Deepfakes continued to move closer and closer to revenge porn territory as Pornhub appeared ready …


科技新闻两则:Pornhub要删“明星脸色情片”;谷歌 Motion Stills 上线了AR贴纸功能

现在 盖尔 加朵 的片子还能找到吗?

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Deepfakes AI porn GIFs purged from Gfycat platform

Redditors are brainstorming where else they can upload nonconsensual, AI-made celebrity porn.


Deepfake porn videos deleted from internet by Gfycat

<b>Pornographic videos that used new software to replace the original face of an actress with that of a celebrity are being deleted by a service that hosted much of the content.</b><p>San Francisco-based Gfycat has said it thinks the clips are "objectionable".<p>The creation of such videos has become more …


Fake porn videos featuring celebrities deleted from the internet in attempt to stop 'deepfake' footage

Fake porn videos claiming to show celebrities are being deleted from the internet.<p>The footage – which has become infamous in recent weeks – can be …


Someone is finally purging the AI-made fake celebrity porn from Reddit

Several weeks back we wrote about a bizarre new trend: Redditors were harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create fake celebrity porn to fap to. But now it seems that someone has finally began purging the controversial content from some of the platforms where it was hosted, including …


AI-Generated Fake Porn Makers Have Been Kicked Off Their Favorite Host

Reddit is still silent.<p>The most popular hosting site for “deepfakes” is now actively removing fake porn gifs from its site.<p>“Deepfakes” are fake porn videos generated using a machine learning algorithm, allowing people swap the faces of celebrities—or their friends and acquaintances—onto the bodies …


The Purge of AI-Assisted Fake Porn Has Begun

It was only a matter of time before more sophisticated fake porn videos surfaced online. But a crackdown on this super-realistic fake porn is already …


Gfycat starts removing fake AI porn GIFs from its platform

Gfycat is taking a firm stance against permitting ‘deepfakes,’ or AI-generated fake pornography<p>Popular GIF hosting and creation site Gfycat has come out against the rising new trend of artificial intelligence-generated fake pornography. Colloquially known as “deepfakes,” after the Reddit user who …


Gyfcat acquires film marketing platform MovieLala

User-generated gif-creation platform Gfycat has acquired MovieLala, a social platform for moviegoers.<p>With the acquisition, Gfycat strengthened its …


The Beginning: Making Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (Full Version) GIF

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Gfycat picks up MovieLala, a small movie social network for fans

Gfycat, a player on the smaller side of the consumer-facing explosion of GIFs, has generally spent a lot of time trying to build out a suite of creator tools — and now it looks like it’ll get another piece to add to that with a small acquisition today.<p>The startup said it’s acquiring MovieLala in a …

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Gfycat integrates user-generated GIFs on Tango, Messenger, and Viber

Gfycat has integrated its user-generated GIF platform across three different messaging platforms. It now supports Viber, Tango, and Facebook — all in the name of enabling us to share silly images with our friends.<p>The integrations have brought Gfycat’s content to millions of new users. The company …


Gfycat wants to fix your low-fidelity GIFs with machine learning

We all love to share GIFs — and there are plenty of ways to do that, through online portals or keyboards — but often times because there is so much content, you’ll end up surfacing up a lower-fidelity GIF.<p>There can be plenty of copies of the same video clips as a GIF, or maybe it’s just difficult …


Here’s how A.I. is helping Gfycat get rid of those crummy pixelated GIFs

GIFs may be growing in popularity, but many of them are grainy, low-resolution files that make the moving memes less than stellar — but GIF platform …

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Inner Circle Sketch

LinkArtist Leontine van vliet will quickly captivate you as she sketches out a little pastel drawing inside of a circle traced from a tape roll. The …

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Gfycat applies AI to the challenge of personalized animated GIFs

Has artificial intelligence ever been put to a more silly human endeavor? Gfycat said it is launching Gfycat AI to apply machine learning to improve animated GIFs (the silly moving images associated with Internet memes in the graphics interchange format, or GIF) with features like better face …


Gfycat says it’ll use machine learning to make more high-res GIFs

Embedding a GIF into your blog post is often a hilarious way to illustrate your reactions, but the GIFs themselves can be low in resolution, like text running across an image that’s too blurry to read. Gfycat is offering an AI-powered solution to improve GIF quality with machine learning, according …

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Gfycat GIFs GIF | Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs

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One in Five Americans Can’t Get Enough GIFs

Looking to promote your small business on social media, your website and in emails?You might want to consider using GIFs for quick how-tos, product …


Incredible Whale Breach Film: Beau Pilgrim Photography

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Gfycat makes it easier for developers to make GIFs a part of their apps

GIFs: The cute little animated images you just can’t seem to escape, these days. Dancing cats. Alien saucers. Highlights from the previous week’s big …

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