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Nazi leader's son warns Germany could return to fascism

The son of a Nazi governor has spoken of his fears over the possible break-up of the European Union and warned that Germany could return to …

European History

Eastern Europe fails pledges to return Jewish property, says study

Several Eastern European nations have failed to meet international pledges on the restitution of Jewish property, according to a study. European officials have called on EU member states to make "the final restitution."<p>Several Eastern European nations fell short on pledges to return Jewish-owned …

European History

Merkel, Kissinger pay tribute to Adenauer at anniversary ceremony

In a Berlin ceremony, German Chancellor Merkel and ex-US Secretary of State Kissinger honored one of the founding fathers of modern German democracy. Konrad Adenauer, who died 50 years ago, remains a German icon.<p>The commemoration ceremony took place at Berlin's German Historical Museum, which is …

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Merkel awarded Elie Wiesel Prize for preservation of Holocaust memory

Chancellor Merkel has been awarded the Holocaust Memorial Museum's highest honor for her help preserving memories of the Holocaust. She visited Buchenwald concentration camp with the man after whom the award was named.<p>German Chancellor Angela Merkel was honored on Monday by the Holocaust Memorial …


Refugees Should Visit Concentration Camps and Take Anti-Semitism Courses, Says German Jewish Leader

The president of the Jewish council in Germany said many asylum seekers come from countries where anti-Semitism is ingrained.


The Shortest History of Germany review – probing an enigma at the heart of Europe

James Hawes’s brief yet rewarding history of Germany examines its place in a continent in the throes of upheaval<p>In AD843, Charlemagne’s grandsons divided his empire like mafia bosses parcelling out territory. Louis received the land we were to later call Germany. A large part of it had been in the …


Otto Dix and "The Evil Eye"

Otto Dix painted beggars and prostitutes, the underbelly of the Golden Twenties. He spared nobody in his uncomfortable work, least of all himself. “The Evil Eye” exhibition presents works from his Dusseldorf years.<p>Otto Dix, The Evil Eye, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Neue Sachlichkeit, art


Double bill at the Berlin Staatsballett

British-Israeli choreographer Hofesh Schechter has teamed up with the artistic director of Berlin's Staatsballett, Nacho Duato, for a double bill evening which explores strong women and Planet Earth.


Sasebo: Japanese-Bavarian blues

Sasebo are three Bavarians with Japanese origins. The band combines Bavarian sounds with Japanese song, consciously drawing on cultural cliches.<p>You can find out more about European lifestyle and culture in our Euromaxx show. The DW magazine program reports on culture and art, countries and …


Inside the Stasi STD Clinics for 'Troubled' Women

The evils of totalitarianism come in many forms. But the STD clinics of the German Democratic Republic were something special.<p>HALLE, Germany—“Leave it alone,” she was warned, “you will only harm yourself.” Sixteen-year-old Elke Bauer, as we’ll call her, wasn’t supposed to ask too many questions: …

European History

Ceremonies mark liberation of 2 Nazi camps 72 years ago

BERLIN – Holocaust survivors and officials have gathered at the memorial sites of former concentration camps Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany and …

Adolf Hitler

Far-Right German Faction Enters State Parliament After Recruiting Neo-Nazis

Leaders of Germany's Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party were caught actively recruiting neo-Nazis as members after lobbying prominent neo-Nazi …


Exhibit re Nazi persecution of Jewish lawyers coming to NO

An exhibit about the oppression of Jewish lawyers in Nazi Germany is coming to New Orleans.<p>"Lawyers Without Rights : Jewish Lawyers in Germany under …


In Berlin

‘Colonialism as a form of violent foreign rule was legitimised by a racist ideology of European superiority,’ says the board that greets you at the …


Art meets nature on the Rhine

The Rhine River inspired artists and natural scientists in the 18th and 19th centuries. They painted, wrote poetry and explored the countryside surrounding the river.


Elbphilharmonie already has more visitors than Neuschwanstein

More than 1.6 million people have visited the Elbphilharmonie Plaza, which opened in November. That means the Plaza has already attracted more visitors than Neuschwanstein Castle gets in a year.<p>The concert hall has developed into the most-visited place in Germany within an extremely short period of …


What happened to black Germans under the Nazis - Independent

The fact that we officially <i>commemorate</i> the Holocaust on January 27, the date of the liberation of Auschwitz, means that remembrance of Nazi crimes …

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Bauhaus – Circa Navigate

A Lesson in Structure from an Historic Center of Excellence<p>Centers of Excellence (CoE) have been around a good long time. They began in academia and …


Opinion: Hope is stronger than fear in Venezuela

Three dead, hundreds arrested, but no bloodbath. The ongoing protests in Venezuela are a sliver of hope for the country, writes DW's Uta Thofern.<p>Millions of people have remained at home. The military and police have unleashed tear gas, but not resorted to machine guns. The real news in the last few …


Nazi-looted art claim sets new test for Germany

Descendants of Jewish art dealers have been calling for years for the return of the Guelph Treasure, ecclesiastic art worth over $250 million. After a US court accepted their lawsuit, Germany is now appealing.<p>One of the most spectacular art litigation cases in recent history is unfolding as …

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Oury Jalloh, a man in his thirties from Sierra Leone, had applied for asylum in Germany and was living in the small city of Dessau. Early on the …


Check Out the Art Nouveau Exhibition at Benaki Museum Until May 21

An exhibition on the Art Nouveau movement, featuring select items from a museum in Karlsruhe, Germany opened its doors to the public at the main …


The New Great Wall of Trump Looks a Lot Like the Old Iron Curtain

DHS Secretary Kelly says Trump’s wall won’t actually go ‘from sea to shining sea.’ But in Germany, we have a pretty good idea what it will do, and the answers are ugly.<p>BERLIN—The president of the United States is determined to build a massive barrier along the Mexican frontier. But it’s now clear …


How Holocaust Denial Works

The Holocaust happened.<p>It is a fact that some six million European Jews were systematically murdered by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between …


CIA head: Trump has 'fantastic' relationship with intel community

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday described President Trump's relationship with the U.S. intelligence community as "fantastic," batting away signs …

Mike Pompeo

Leading a District Can Be Controversial, Embrace It

Playing it safe politically isn't the best way to lead school or a district, explains former superintendent Nicholas A. Fischer.


Germany on Spicer: Nazi Parallels Lead to 'Nothing Good' - Bloomberg

Berlin (AP) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman says that comparing Nazi war crimes to present-day situations "leads to nothing good" — a …


Rome's Trevi Fountain made over $1million

Some 1.4 million euros (1.5 million dollars) collected from Rome's Trevi Fountain last year have been donated to Catholic charity Caritas.<p>The money left by tourists paid for a supermarket offering free food to poor families, soup kitchens, shelters for migrants and other charitable causes, Caritas …


Fading echoes: East Germany’s shrinking population

Fading echoesEast Germany’s shrinking population<p>The rest of the country, and large swathes of Europe, will face similar problems in …


Interactive Combat: Americans vs. Soviets: Fulda Gap, 1980

You are Army Lieutenant Jack Raker, leader of a platoon of five M60A3 tanks in U.S. 3d “Spearhead” Armored Division stationed at Ray Barracks, …