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Man Solves 6 Rubik's Cubes Underwater In Only One Breath

Eighteen-year-old Vako Marchelashvil of of Tbilisi, Georgia, spent six months preparing to the break the previous Guinness World Record of five cubes.<p>TBILISI (Reuters) - An 18-year-old student from Georgia solved six Rubik’s Cubes under water in one breath on Friday, in a bid to set a new Guinness …

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100 Days: Walking A Fine Line, Armenians Still On 'Revolution' High

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian’s first 100 days dominated by cleaning house after decades of corruption and cronyism.


Iran protests against Georgia forcing women passengers to remove scarf

A Muslim woman wears headscarf. (Reuters photo)<p>TEHRAN, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Iran protested against Georgian police's "disrespect" for a number of …

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Germany's Merkel Set To Visit Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit the Caucasus states of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan following her meetings outside of Berlin with …


The August War, Ten Years On: A Retrospective on the Russo-Georgian War

The Russo-Georgian War, the August War, or for some simply the “five-day war,” was an important departure point in U.S.-Russian relations, and in …


Azerbaijan conducts military helicopter drills

Helicopters are seen during a Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkey joint military exercises at the military base of Vaziani near Tbilisi, Georgia, June 12, …


Europa League wrap: Cork sends Burnley through; Rangers, RB Leipzig advance

Burnley left it very late but send the Turf Moor crowd home elated, earning a berth against Olympiacos in the Europa League’s playoff round.<p><b>Burnley</b> …


Somewhere at a crossroads, Georgia

<i>(First of two parts)</i><p>RAPIDLY gaining in popularity among expatriates in the Middle East, Georgia is a burgeoning country with a heavenly …


When Rapid Equals Urgent

By Michael SeoThe Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights has pioneered a rapid response grantmaking model connected to the global grassroots.

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Trump dreamed of his name on towers across former Soviet Union

Weeks before his inauguration, Donald Trump was allied with a company in the former Soviet republic of Georgia that planned to build a 47-story …

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Adil Hiani at Ezo Festival, Tbilisi Georgia (Mzesumzira Release Party) 28-07-18


Trump Signs Defense Bill Suspending Russian Military Flyovers

The defense act states that Russia must allow U.S. observation flights over Moscow, Chechnya, Kaliningrad and the breakaway Georgian republics of …


Currency Most Exposed to the Lira Meltdown Goes From Hero to Zero

The week Georgia marked a decade since its war with Russia, it found its currency under assault from the neighbor to the south.<p>Market turmoil in …

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White mates in three moves — can you find the hidden mate? | Financial Times

The biennial team Olympiad opens in Batumi, Georgia, on September 23 with Russia, traditionally the strongest chess nation, trying to halt a …


Putin Learned in 2008 That Brutality Paid Off – OpEd

By Thornike Gordadze*(Civil.Ge) — Ten years have passed since the Russo-Georgian war, whose active phase took place from August 7 to 12, 2008. This …


The U.S. failed Georgia when Russia invaded

In her Aug. 9 Thursday Opinion essay, “When Russia invaded Georgia, America acted,” Condoleezza Rice insisted that she warned Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili privately that he could not count on a military response from NATO if Russia invaded. But when Ms. Rice appeared beside …


The unluckiest Domino’s Pizza operator runs franchises in both Turkey and Russia

The US stepped up economic sanctions against Turkey and Russia last week, putting a big dent in the value of both the Russian ruble and the Turkish lira. That’s bad enough if your business has operations in either country—but wildly unfortunate if both countries comprise your biggest markets.<p>And so …

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Georgia under fire over harsh drug policies

TBILISI (AFP) -<p>Georgia's overly punitive drug laws cause severe and unjustifiable harm, Human Rights Watch said Monday, calling on the government to decriminalise personal use and possession of drugs.<p>"Drug prosecutions for consumption and possession often lead to long prison sentences and …


Iran will not change regional policies under U.S. threats: foreign minister

ANKARA (Reuters) - Iran will not rein in its influence in the Middle East despite mounting U.S. pressure on Tehran to curb its regional activities, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Qatar’s al Jazeera TV.<p>FILE PHOTO: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks to the media in …

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Domino’s Pizza franchisee in Turkey and Russia sees shares plunge 15% | Financial Times

The franchisee behind Domino’s Pizza in Turkey and Russia faced a drop of 15 per cent in early trade on Monday amid heavy selling in the currencies …

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Dan Hannnan: Russian aggression keeps happening because it keeps working

Exactly ten years ago, Russian forces crossed the Georgian border in anger. They initially denied that they were doing it, of course, claiming that …


A Decade After the Georgia War

As NATO military forces roll into the Caucasus region, Moscow observes and calculates its next move.Those who have gazed upon the Caucasus Range with …


Russia and 4 Other Nations Settle Decades-long Dispute Over Caspian Sea

MOSCOW — The five countries with shorelines on the Caspian Sea agreed on Sunday to a formula for dividing up the world’s largest inland body of water and its potentially vast oil and gas resources.<p>The leaders of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed the Convention on the …

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House Intel Committee Chair Nunes on Russian Border: New Pipelines To Reduce Russia's Energy Influence In Eastern Europe

Rep. Devin Nunes travels to Eastern Europe to explore a new energy pipeline that would reduce Russia's influence in the region; Nunes joins FNC's …

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The 13 best places to visit in September for every type of traveler

The summer is nearly over, but that doesn't mean you have to put your travel dreams on hold.<p>September is shoulder season in much of the world, and savvy travelers know that's often the best time to visit must-see locations.

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Opinion: How the financial crisis led to the West’s confrontation with Putin

NEW YORK (Project Syndicate) – Ten years ago this week, Russian tanks halted a few hours’ march short of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. That short …


There's still time to plan a trip to the last of the summer music festivals

It may feel like summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make time for a music festival at the end of summer – or even in the early fall. To escape missing out on the music and mayhem, check out some of the festivals that still have tickets left and offer a chance to explore …


Learning Lessons From Georgia and Ukraine

On the tenth anniversary of the Russo-Georgian War, here's how the Trump administration could prevent a third and possibly worse war involving Russia.

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Why Tbilisi, Georgia is One of the Most Unique Places You Will Ever Visit

On my second night in Tbilisi, after an opulent yet relatively inexpensive meal consisting of salty triangles of cheese-filled bread (khachapuri) and …

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Close Combat: NATO Troops Train With Georgians

Ten years after Georgia fought a five-day war with Russia over disputed territories, thousands of Georgian troops are training with NATO and other …