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GenX Retirement Won't Be A Fantasy With These 4 Steps

<b>GenX retirement could be a pipe dream if…</b><p>In a recent survey, 84% of GenXers surveyed said that retiring at 65 is a fantasy. The reality, though, is that GenXer retirement doesn’t need to be a pipe dream.<p><b>What is a GenXer?</b><p>Pew Research Center showed that GenXers are more concerned about retirement …


Millennials may impact the 2018 election. If they show up.

November's election is projected to be the country's first in which there are more millennials eligible to vote than baby boomers.<p>As such, you might …


One quarter of current college students believe it will be difficult to graduate

Mon, 07/16/2018Industry NewsCivitas Learning, today, released the results of a national survey conducted in partnership with the Center for …

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Millennials and Gen Z Are Pushing the Fashion Industry in a New (More Inclusive) Direction

Headlines would have you believe that millennials are destroying industries from cereal to soap (with the possible exception of their beloved avocados). But these 22- to -37-year-olds—plus their under-22 successors, known as Generation Z, Generation Y, or post millennials, depending on whom you …


15 Sneakers to Complete Your Back-to-School Look

These killer kicks are all you need to bring your back-to-school look to the next level!<p>1 Suede Platform Trace VD Sneaker<p>2 Chunky Sole Trainers<p>3 …


Restaurant High Tech Will Be $300B Revenue Source By '25

It’s not just big box stores feeling the change from the digital explosion. A new survey estimates that by 2025 sales that come through digital …

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How digitally native brands are rewriting marketing rules to target Gen Z

Direct-to-consumer and digitally native brands are rewriting their marketing playbooks in order to get into the pockets of the next high-spending …

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5 Ways To #WinBig With Gen Z Shoppers

Although Gen Z members are young, they have serious buying power. Born between 1994 and 2002, Gen Zers are a huge group—making up 23% of the U.S. …


We Found All the Red Summer Dresses Your Closet Needs ASAP

How's your summer wardrobe looking? Pretty bland? Then you've come to the right place. This season is all about bright, bold hues, from the …


How to Wear the Colours the Internet Thinks Are the New Millennial Pink

After what feels like an eternity of millennial pink on our feeds, not one but two new shades have been appointed its successors. First up is “Gen Z …

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Is This A Millennial TV Show Or A Gen Z TV Show?

Hannah Montana. Phil of the Future. Zoey 101.

Generation Z

The 5 Levels Of Authentic Purpose Marketing

Brands and businesses are facing increasing pressure from consumers to deliver not just good products and services, but social good as well.<p>At …


Three Things You Need To Know About Marketing To Gen Z Women

A new study suggests that marketing your brand to young women from Generation Z, (Gen Z) which includes ages 14 to 19, might require a fresh approach. This new generation of young women were born into a world of connectivity, which makes them brand savvy, socially conscious consumers who are immune …

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How the Impact of Gen Z Will Improve the Workplace for the Rest of Us

If you are tired of sitting in never-ending meetings in which no decisions are made or of giving “attaboy” back- pats to millennials every time they …

Generation Z

Gen Z kids describe their future families

Generation Z

Generation Z predicts the future: America's kids explain love, marriage and gender roles

The man proposes. Or, the woman pops the question. Wait – maybe they don’t even marry. About 80 percent of teens are open to getting married one day, …


Will dating look the same in the future? Gen Z explains

Generation Z

Gen Z Just Wants To Watch Netflix And Get Takeout, And It’s Affecting Restaurants

“I’d rather be doing other things while I’m eating."<p>Connor Freeman really doesn’t like going to restaurants, and he has a host of reasons.<p>For one, they’re too noisy.<p>“I’m that person that likes to keep my conversations between me and the person I’m talking to, and I’m a loud talker in restaurants, …


Gen-Z Yellow is the colour of this season

It's bright, bold and a perfect antidote to beat the monsoon blues. That's probably why newbies Janhvi and Sara Ali Khan have taken a liking to Gen-Z …

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Hershey's, Oreo and M&M's among 10 brands most trusted by millennials, Gen Z

The three legacy brands have built strong customer loyalty due in large part to consistent quality and investment in product innovation.

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Wild or mild? Mississippi’s future depends on Army Corps’ three locks, dams

It may be time to unleash the Mississippi River.The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering the possibility of three metro-area dams being …

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Teachers for Gen Z

A month ago, at a professional development workshop for teachers, as part of an activity, I asked the participants to choose two words from a list of …

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8 things banks need to know about Gen Z

These teens and early 20-somethings are hardworking, frugal, prudent, debt averse and fiercely opposed to fees — much like their great-grandparents …


Millennials, Gen Z Name Dove 'Most Trustworthy' Brand

Dove, Nike and Hershey’s take the top three spots in “most trustworthy” brands among consumers ages 13-36, per Ybrands.<p>Rounding out the top 10 are …

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7 Yellow Dresses That Help You Nail Meghan Markle’s Major Gen Z Yellow Moment

<b>Meghan Markle</b> sets the tone and it’s up to the rest of us to rise to the sartorial occasion. Case in point: the newly-minted Duchess stepped out for …

Generation Z

Study Says Only Two Thirds of Gen Z Is Straight

The youngest generation is proving to be the most tolerant and the most fluid, as same-sex couples and numerous sexual identities are given a …


Meghan makes her fashion Markle in 'Gen Z yellow'

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there: I didn't like the outfit Meghan Markle wore to the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday.<p>The Goat dress, …

Generation Z

Yellow Outfit Ideas for Summer

Gen-Z yellow is the hottest shade of summer.


Meghan Markle Wore a Thing: Brandon Maxwell Dress Edition

Perhaps Gen Z Yellow will finally take off as the new millennial pink.<p>Author:<p>Publish date:<p><i>Ever since</i> <i>announcing her engagement to Prince Harry,</i> <i>the</i> …


Meghan Markle Wore Gen-Z Yellow

Summer look alert.

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