Scientists discovered new genes that make humans intelligent

If you aced your SATs, you can thank at least a few of your genes. Scientist analyzed the DNA of 78,308 people. They discovered a link between intelligence and 52 specific genes.<p>The better individuals did in broad intelligence tests, the more frequently these genes appeared. But researchers aren't …


DNA Can Encode Data – So Scientists Uploaded a Movie Into It

They encoded information within bacterial DNA, making it a living hard-disk that underwent an automatic backup every 20 minutes as the bacteria …


In early study, rare tumors respond to precision therapy

Treatment of rare tumors can be improved with a “precision medicine” approach of matching treatment to the molecular profile of the cancers, …


Tumor profiling trial: MATCHing precision medicine to all kids with cancer

A multi-center clinical trial is now offering nationwide genetic profiling services to pediatric and young adult cancer patients across the U.S. The …


New gene therapy treatment could hit $1M per patient because of additional costs

The total costs of the country’s first gene therapy will be far higher than many have imagined, reaching $1 million or more per patient, according to leading cancer experts.<p>The therapy, a leukemia drug from Novartis called Kymriah, was approved in August with an eye-popping sticker price of …

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Curious what your unborn child might look like? Just spit in this tube

When parents are expecting their first child, at some point during the nine-month waiting process, they naturally start to wonder what combination of …


Class 2 CRISPR–Cas RNA-guided endonucleases: Swiss Army knives of genome editing

Review<p>Stefano Stella<br>• , Pablo Alcón ORCID:<br>• & Guillermo Montoya ORCID:<p><i>Nature Structural and</i> …

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From the front lines of the CRISPR debate

In dystopian visions of the future, genetic engineering often plays a part in our demise. Think <i>Gattaca</i>. Or the novel <i>A Brave New World</i>. Or …

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New gene therapy restores vision in patients suffering from inherited blindness

Leber congenital amaurosis is the most common cause of inherited sight loss in young people.<p>The first successful gene therapy for an inherited form …


U.S. and Korea Search for Wooly Mammoth DNA in Arctic, in Race to Clone Extinct Beast

They are using different approaches to the de-extinction issue—and only one can be first.


Genetic testing to predict medication side effects

<i>Follow me on Twitter</i> @RobShmerling<p>Medication side effects are a big problem. It’s estimated that about half of filled prescriptions are not taken as …


#VanBreda: Defence's DNA expert has never worked in a lab

A witness for the defence in the trial of triple murder accused Henri van Breda admitted that she has never been employed in a forensic laboratory.


We may soon have our first $1 million drug. Who will pay for it? And how?

A view shows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, on August 14, 2012. Photo by Jason Reed/File …


How Data Science and Gene Editing Will Transform Farming

A vision of the agricultural future from top officials at Monsanto and DowDuPont<p><i>About two decades ago, genetically modified organisms came into popular use. And the technique quickly drew fire from critics for introducing DNA from one organism into another.</i><p><i>Now there are new technologies on the rise</i> …


ZIOPHARM commences early-stage study of gene therapy Ad-RTS-hIL-12 in pediatric brain tumors

• The first patient has been dosed in a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating ZIOPHARM Oncology 's (ZIOP +0.5%) gene therapy Ad-RTS-hIL-12 with veledimex …

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4 Biotech Stocks Worth Buying A Pullback In

The biotech sector has done quite well year to date.<p>Weakness in several big winners of 2017 could be providing a chance to initiate or add to a …


Mice with green feet demonstrate CRISPR gene editing technology

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Will ‘Chemical Surgery’ Become Common in Embryos?

Is it possible to eliminate disease-causing mutations from the human genome?<p>In a study reported in the journal Protein & Cell, researchers from China …

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When Should We Edit Human Genes? What You Need to Know

There’s a difference between editing genes in a person’s somatic cells and germline cells.<p>Editing somatic cells, which are differentiated (e.g., skin …

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Aarushi Talwar murder case: CBI opted to skip crucial ‘test’

<b>New Delhi:</b> Even as the CBI maintained that it’s investigators collected all circumstantial and “scientific” evidence in the Aarushi-Hemraj double …

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Nightstar Therapeutics - Novel Gene Therapy Company And Recent IPO

The lead program NSR-REP1 is targeting choroideremia, an inherited X-linked disorder.<p>The 2018 data release in X-linked retinitis pigmentosa …


Most Autism Cases Tied to New Mutations Not Inherited from Parents

Most cases of autism are related to the presence of new mutations in the child not inherited from the parents, according to a new study at the …


Michio Kaku And Frank Ryan: How Ancient Viruses Molded And Changed The Human Genome [Opinion]

Michio Kaku and Frank Ryan recently discussed the human genome and how viruses have become part of mammal DNA. Viruses have altered the DNA of humans …


How Did Scientists Edit the Genes of Human Embryos?

Our genetic code is the foundation of who we are. The DNA and RNA molecules that carry our genetic information dictate our past (like our innate …

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'Highly revolutionary': Newly FDA-approved gene modification has promise in cancer treatment

WASHINGTON — A gene-modification process recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration has trailblazing implications: The process is curing …


BioQueue: a novel pipeline framework to accelerate bioinformatics analysis | Bioinformatics

Motivation<p>With the rapid development of Next-Generation Sequencing, a large amount of data is now available for bioinformatics research. Meanwhile, …


I could use bigger muscles, but I’m not going to get them with biotech in my garage

Josiah Zayner is a self-proclaimed bio-hacker. He sells CRISPR/CAS9 home gene editing kits, and he goes to conferences where he publicly injects …

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Second Opinion | Remembering forgetting could be a good sign

And the death of a 'good cholesterol' idea<p><i>Hello and happy Saturday! Here's this week's round-up of eclectic and under-the-radar health and medical</i> …

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This Biohacker Is Trying To Edit His Own DNA And Wants You To Join Him

Biohacker Josiah Zayner is injecting himself with DNA at home. Now he’s providing the instructions and equipment for you to do it, too.<p>Josiah Zayner, CEO of the biohacking-promoting startup the Odin, held up a syringe. “This will modify my muscle genes to give me bigger muscles,” he told a packed …


Fit in my 40s: ‘My DNA test results are in. How did I do?

I congratulate myself – but then spot the mistake in my analysis<p>Remember my DNA test a few weeks ago? I got my results back from FitnessGenes, and spent a couple of hours awed by my own capacities, before I realised how to interpret the information. Starting from the top: ACE is the endurance gene. …