New view of dinosaurs could radically reshape their family tree

The dinosaur family tree may need to be radically rewritten — and even uprooted and replanted elsewhere, a new analysis of about 75 different species …


Genealogy News Episode 99

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What George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Hugh Hefner Have in Common

In America, there are a few last names that most people will recognize. Among them are Kardashian, Clinton, and Bush.<p>With two former presidents in …

John Kerry

Ask A Genealogist at About Genealogy

Ask a Genealogist!<p>Do you have a genealogy-related question, a surname that you want to know the meaning for, or an ancestor who just has you stumped? …


Do you remember every second of your worst hangover? Science says it’s your parents’ fault!

Everyone seems to have those bad hangover stories, but yours might be hereditary. Yes, science says that it’s your parents’ fault if your hangovers …


Tracing Your Roots: Is My Ancestor’s Surname From Slavery or Marriage?

The origins of the surname of a great-great-grandmother who was born into slavery are shrouded in mystery and require creative sleuthing.<p><b>Dear</b> …

African-American News

Genealogy challenge: Researching the 43 enslaved children of Moses Williams (Old Ninety-Six, SC)

My cousin and research business partner, Donya, hit me me with a small newspaper clipping packed with some major family history implications for our …

South Carolina

We might have to completely redraw the dinosaur family tree

A new fossil study challenges 130 years of thinking about how dinosaurs evolved.<p>Normally the dinosaurian world is rocked by a new fossil – the …


The mystery of Henry West (1608-1647)

Genealogy requires rather a substantial amount of critical thinking, and deductive reasoning. This is especially true the further back in time you …

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Tracing His Roots, Georgetown Employee Learns University Sold His Ancestor

As a Georgetown employee, Jeremy Alexander watched as the university grappled with its haunted past: the sale of slaves in 1838 to help rescue it from financial ruin.<p>He listened as Georgetown’s president apologized for its sins and looked for ways to make amends. And Mr. Alexander observed, with …

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Quinton Atkinson — Ancestry’s Senior Director of Global Content Acquisition - Witness Interview | Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation

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Possible new dino family tree 130 years later

Researchers may have discovered a new way to classify dinosaurs, shaking up the 130-year-old method of dividing them up based on the shape of their hips.

This New Dinosaur Study Could Change Everything

For 130 years, our teachers, textbooks and museums have all taught us the same thing. Dinosaurs could be divided into one of two main groups, based …


24 New Titles Added to New York State Historic Newspapers for Spring, 2017

If you follow this website at all, you know that I from time to time update the free online historical newspapers that are available for you to …

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Forget everything you think you know about dinosaurs

Forget everything you think you know about dinosaurs. Or almost.<p>The dinosaur family tree has been completely shaken up by a radical new computer …


Dinosaur Family Tree Questioned By New Study Which Moves Dinosaur Origin To Northern Hemisphere

For the past 130 years or so, the taxonomy of dinosaurs has been more or less firmly divided into two orders, Ornithischia and Saurischia, each of …


After 130 Years, We Might Have to Completely Redraw the Dinosaur Family Tree

We're in for a major shake-up.<p>Scientists are claiming that the classification of two major dinosaur groups has been wrong for over a century, and if …


For nearly 130 years, we've been getting dinosaurs' family tree all wrong

Another look at the evolutionary history of dinosaurs resolves a long-standing puzzle about birds' earliest ancestors.<p>The traditional view of …


Understanding Spanish Surnames

In recent times family researchers in England, the USA and beyond have asked me to clarify a matter which concerns their Spanish ancestry. It is, in …

A new theory could overturn one of the most central 'facts' about dinosaurs

Much of what we "know" about dinosaurs has changed in recent years.<p>We've learned that many of them were covered in feathers, that part of what drove them extinct was how long it took for their eggs to hatch, and that some of them even thrived in snowy, Arctic winters.<p>But the idea that dinosaurs can …


Discovering the true story of a great-grandmother

<i>Guest blogger Lisa Lisson shares stories from her genealogical research.</i><p>As a child, I frequently visited grandfather’s attic. It was always lots of …

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Comprehensive List of Liverpool Parishes and Chapelries Genealogy

Return to the Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas page.<p>Liverpool St Peter and St Nicholas was originally created a chapel of ease for the parish …


Revolutionary overhaul of dinosaur family tree proposed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the best-known dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex and Brontosaurus, may be headed for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.<p>Scientists on Wednesday proposed a radical overhaul of the dinosaur family tree first laid out in 1888, concluding after an analysis of 75 …


Anatomy analysis suggests new dinosaur family tree

The standard dinosaur family tree may soon be just a relic.<p>After examining more than 400 anatomical traits, scientists have proposed a radical …


Family Tree Maker 2017 Introduces FamilySync, Ditches TreeSync

<b>Time to Sync Your Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Trees</b><br>Important news for Family Tree Maker software users: Software MacKiev, the company that … Inc.

Why Share Family History with Children – Blog Link Up

Family History for Little Ones<p>Amberly<p>The Genealogy Girl<p>In Their Own Words: Why share family history with children?<p>Melissa Finlay<p>Finlay Family<p>Why …


WHAT?! A Massive Dinosaur Family Tree Rewrite - Dead Things

By Gemma Tarlach | March 22, 2017 1:00 pm<p>A new study about the relationships between species just knocked down our basic understanding of the …


thinking of checking your dna via or 23andMe? re-think it.

i’ve been wondering for a while since the heavy advertising for dna testing to determine your “ancestry” on these sites like the method … Inc.

About Genealogy - How Do I Find a Death Date or Location

<b>How Do I Find a Death Date or Location?</b><p><b>What You Need:</b><p><b>Related Resources</b><p>• Cemetery Records<br>• Census Records • Family Sources • Land Records • Military …