Tiny indoor vertical garden grows micro-veggies on its own in 10 days

You don’t need green thumbs to grow microgreens with this EcoQube Frame. The tiny indoor vertical garden grows micro-veggies in 10 days with only …


Required Reading: Succulents, The Ultimate Guide

Since the once-humble succulent is still having its day (read: decade), we were delighted to learn that longtime succulent grower, gardener, and …


10 Genius Gardening Tools You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

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Why You Must Know About the Rose That Survived Katrina

"She’s just a good girl," says Texas gardener Ruthie Burrus. "She's a rambler and can be very aggressive, but she has no thorns. She's not a cutting …

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Native flowers aren't the only plants in 'super-bloom' this spring — nasty weeds have also flourished

While hundreds of thousands of Southern Californians are oohingand aahing the “super bloom” of wildflowers painting the region’s fields and hillsides, at least a few folks are ughing and arghingthe dark side of recent drought-busting storms: weeds.<p>Along with scarlet monkey flowers, blue lupines and …


The food industry isn’t going to ditch pesticides any time soon, but you can in your own garden

To the little people, it never felt right. The readers of the old Organic Gardening and Farming magazine saw no logic in spraying poisons on their vegetables.<p>The magazine was founded 75 years ago, with no glamour or gloss, and its circulation reached more than a million at its height. It featured …

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Evaluating Tree Fruit Bud & Fruit Damage from Cold - 7.426

by H.J. Larsen1(8/2010)<p>Quick Facts…<p>Growers can benefit from evaluating damage following freeze in order to determine future protection efforts and …


Hints From Heloise: Seedling starter

<i>Dear Heloise: Right about now, many people start to think of spring gardening. To get seedlings started, I cut off the lid to an egg carton (foam or cardboard) and use the individual egg slots. I place dirt in each egg holder and plant two or three seeds in them. When it’s time to plant, I</i> …

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4 New Gardening Books for Spring

A new crop of books has the tips you'll need this spring, from growing unusual herbs to beautifying your plot of dirt.<p>It’s day four of spring, and …

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How Different Spring Migrants Decide When to Head North

Spring officially started this week, but for many of us it had already begun. Back in February, unseasonably warm temperatures swept over much of …

Free Things To Do and See In Brooklyn

The best things in life are free.<p>It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a born-and-bred New Yorker: Free entertainment always feels like a win. We rounded up fun, free things to do around Brooklyn, a borough known for its hip arts scene, culture and history.<p>From free hours at museums to wellness …

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How California is saving rainwater for a sunny day

Meet Helen Dahlke, a water banker<p>Outside the window of Helen Dahlke’s office, at the University of California at Davis, the clouds hang low, their edges seeming to brush against the building. It’s raining intensely, an unusual event in a perpetually parched state suffering from a five-year drought. …

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On Gardening: Emperor's candlestick, a nostalgic trip to the islands

I was working on a magazine piece this week on nostalgia gardening. While we tend to think of nostalgia gardening as being related to growing …

Eat Plants, Not Animals

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “Chickens Can Help Save Wildlife,” by Richard Conniff (Sunday Review, March 19): It is critical to acknowledge that consuming plant protein is a far more efficient way to sustain our planet’s growing human population. Animal agriculture is inherently inefficient and requires far …

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How do I remove an unwanted tree from my garden?

It's always worth investigating what effect a large tree could have on your property.<p>Ask the experts: Our expert panel answer questions on DIY, eco …

Prickly nettles made pliant for the pot

Sandy, Bedfordshire Tiny spears pierce my trousers and the skin of my knee, releasing toxins that tingle with fiery heat<p>Under a hawthorn hedge and all along the bank grows one of Britain’s most feared and reviled plants. I kneel down before it and feel its power. Its hairs, just a few millimetres …

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8 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes

<i>This story originally appeared on</i><p>Grow these in your garden or plant them in a pot to keep the bugs away.

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Propagating plants from cuttings

A guide to starting from stems, leaves, and roots<p>Propagating plants from cuttings allows you to increase your supply of a special perennial, shrub, …


Upgrade Your Garden With a DIY Bean House This Spring

This makes growing veggies so easy.<p>Beans are a spring garden must-have! They're easy to grow, they require almost zero maintenance, and they're incredible high-yielding (you can expect to find and pick fresh ones every day). Though you could grow them in bushes, you'll get much more bang for your …

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Landscape on a Budget: 10 Quick Fixes to Add Personality to the Average Garden

Giving the average garden the full treatment is a serious commitment, requiring time, adrenal stress, and a sturdy dip into the finances. Instead, …


Easy outdoor spring cleaning tips: Use beer to grow your lawn!

Matt Bean of Men’s Health magazine joins TODAY with ingenious tips on how to get your lawn and garden ready for warmer weather with a minimum of effort. He has clever methods to clean your gutters and grill, even a way to use beer to help your lawn grow!


This is why you need olive trees in your home and garden

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your living space.<p><b>It can't be denied that creating an indoor urban jungle is becoming increasingly popular;</b> …

Brown lawns come back green, but with more weeds and moss. Here’s how to fix that.

DUE TO THE increasing costs of water, and environmental concerns over water supply, more and more homeowners have stopped watering their lawns in the …

Garden Visit: Daffodil Days at Madresfield Court

Madresfield Court, at the foot of the Malvern Hills in the English Midlands, is protected by a moat, dozens of noisy geese, and a ha-ha. The side it …


Jubilation™ Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone' PP21983<p>A charming improvement on a Southern favorite, Jubilation grows compactly with fragrant, white blooms in spring; …


Glamour in the Garden: Haute Couture Hoses from Sweden

After Linda Brattlöf bought her first house and garden in Sweden, she started looking at hoses in a new way. Well, at one hose in particular: the …


Got a Lawn? Use Your Grass Clippings for the Forces of Good

Lawns are falling out of fashion and for good reason. They are energy and resource guzzlers, and often, they are contributors to planetary pollution. …

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Create a Tiny Indoor Garden With These 10 Terrariums

Grow a whimsical little world right on your windowsill.<p>Keep green thumbs happy indoors by tending to a terrarium. We picked 10 small-scale planters to stoke your imagination.<p>From: BestProducts

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The Biggest Tree Canopy on the Planet Stretches Across Nearly Five Acres

In remote India, a visit to Thimmamma Marrimanu offers a spectacular lesson in the vital coexistence of living things

6 Signs Your House Has Termite Damage (And What To Do About It)

Plus, the preventative steps you should take to ensure you never, ever have to worry about termites wrecking your home.<p>Termites cause an estimated $5 …

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