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Check out this medical device powered by a Game Boy Advance

Paging Dr. Mario<p>A Twitter user found himself perplexed today when he opened an older electrocardiogram measurement instrument and found the components belonged to a Game Boy Advance.<p>The instrument is made by German company Medical Imaging Electronics and uses a wave produced by the ECG to …


Feature: The Complete History of Rockstar Games on Nintendo Platforms

Rockstar Games is a business powerhouse at the top of the gaming industry. Producing sales figures some developers could only dream of, with the …


Hyperkin SmartBoy review: Turn your Android phone into a very dumb Game Boy

While some people still prefer the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, or Nintendo Switch for their on-the-go gaming needs, billions of us now have a gaming device in our pockets at all times. <i>It’s called a phone.</i> And now the Hyperkin SmartBoy lets us use our Android phones to run games from Nintendo’s …


For the first time in 15 years, Doom is coming to a Nintendo console

During a Nintendo Direct presentation today the company announced a slew of games for its 3DS and Switch consoles -- including Switch versions of id …

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A quick guide to the Fire Emblem Series

A tale of souls and swords eternally retold<p><i>Fire Emblem</i>. One of the most puzzling Nintendo franchises for sure. Most people's first experience with …


Tech Evolution: 25 years of Super Mario Kart

Can you believe it? This week marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Kart - the original, pioneering Super Nintendo release. Many imitators have …

Super Mario

Clear Cases For The Nintendo Switch Look Very Nice

Remember when Nintendo used to make everything, from the N64 to the Game Boy Advance, in a clear case? They don’t really do it anymore, but you can …


RPG Reload Glossary - Send in the Clones, or Action-RPGs in the Early 00s

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the <b>RPG Reload</b>, the weekly feature where everything goes better with a good loot system. This week, we're …

Deus Ex

Your mom's favorite soccer player David Beckham stars in PES 2018

PES, the soccer game also known as "not FIFA, the other one" has signed up some star power for PES 2018


Here's How ARMS Might Look On The Game Boy Advance



I would play the hell out of Arms on Game Boy Advance

Bring back the GBA<p>These demake art projects have a tendency to create a crushing sense of false hope, but I appreciate looking at them and wondering …


Pokemon Dev Says Ruby/Sapphire Were The Hardest Pokemon Games To Make

Following a successful title is a daunting task for any developer, but that's especially true for a series as popular as Pokemon. Pokemon director Junichi Masuda recently revealed to Game Informer that the series' first Game Boy Advance installments, Ruby and Sapphire, were actually the most …


Pac-Man Vs. Is More Accessible With The Switch

Namco Museum is the perfect way to play Pac-Man Vs., and the easiest as well.Read Pac-Man Vs. Is More Accessible With The Switch on Siliconera!

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Turn your smartphone into a Game Boy with Hyperkin’s Smartboy

The first of April has long been a day for practical jokes and silly pranks -- and there's no escape from April fools on the internet. Companies like ThinkGeek regularly announce fake products on April 1st, only to have customer demand push those jokes into production. It didn't take long for …


Is the New 2DS XL Nintendo's last dedicated handheld?

It came and went with little fanfare. This Friday just gone, Nintendo released the New 2DS XL, a console that - barring any major surprises - will …


Watch a full playthrough of the lost-to-time Rockman.EXE: Phantom of Network

Oh mobile gaming<p>Way back in the day, the <i>Mega Man Battle Network</i> series was a big money maker for Capcom and was easily the most successful <i>Mega Man</i> …


Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Fetches $30K on eBay

The auction started at just $0.01, but 43 bids later it reached $30,100.44.<p>This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. …

Super Mario

Nintendo Now Rumored to be Prepping Classic N64 Edition - ExtremeTech

By on July 21, 2017 at 7:30 am<p>This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use.<p>After last year’s NES Classic …

NES Classic Edition

Someone Could Make a Killing Selling This Keychain-sized Game Boy

Look at it, you want it. And you can build it.<p>YouTuber Vincent Buso uploaded this short video demo of the Keymu. What you see is what you get. It’s …

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This Keychain-Sized Game Boy Emulator Actually Works - Technabob

Builder Vincent Buso uploaded this short video demo of the Keymu. It is basically the Game Boy Advance SP shrunk down to an ultra-portable keychain …


Tiny keychain-sized Game Boy is infinitely better than the SNES Classic

The thirst for <i>anything</i> Nintendois too real.<p>The company can't keep the Switch in stock and people are hyped AF for the SNES Classic dropping in September.<p>But what's better than both of those consoles? A flippin' keychain-sized Game Boy Advance. Nintendo's not officially "retro-ing" the GBA (yet). …


The SNES Classic shouldn’t be a stopgap for Nintendo’s Switch Virtual Console plans

When items like the SNES Classic are announced, we can’t help but think of the Nintendo Switch virtual console. While Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS allow …


Give yourself horrible cramp with the DIY Game Boy Advance SP keyring

Make your friends believe you’re a giant from 2003<p>Handheld consoles have come a long way from their early days when impracticality was part of the …


Seriously, Nintendo: It's Time For Mother 3

If you watched the June 19 episode of <i>WWE Monday Night Raw</i>, you surely noticed something interesting in the crowd: A wrestling fan in the front row …


Push Emulation On Your Phone Further With The Smart Boy!

The Smart Boy will allow for proper tactile feedback whilst emulating those classic Game Boy titles.<p>This story started way back in 2015 and I first …


Get your retro game face on with ‘Namco Museum’ for Nintendo Switch next month

Why it matters to you<p>Namco Bandai wants to send you back in time on the Nintendo Switch while updating the classics with a special Challenge mode and …


A Switched Game Boy Advance SP

After Nintendo’s <i>wild success</i> with the Wii U, Nintendo released it’s Nintendo Switch. The switch functions primarily as a home console, stagnantly …


DIY Nintendo Switch Dock Created Using Old Game Boy Advance

If you are the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch console and have been considering purchasing a new dock for the portable screen to allow you to …


Fan Transforms Old Game Boy Advance SP Into A Nintendo Switch Dock

This used to be an ordinary Game Boy SP until DIY-er Alexander Blake decided to make it into a retro-accessory for his Switch. It’s a lot more work …

Take a Look at The Nintendo Switch Pocket Dock SP

The world of gaming enthusiasts brings us some very cool things, and the Switch has certainly inspired its fair share of mods and neat ideas. The …