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Blockchain Assets Startup Bonpay Announces Pre-ICO

October 11, 2017 · 11:45 am<p><b>The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially in recent times with over $150 billion USD in market capitalization and</b> …


These apps put users behind China’s internet firewall, even as millions of Chinese want to get out

Just like the mainlanders trying to get around Beijing’s censorship to access banned overseas websites, many Chinese living abroad are desperate to …


'Choosing not to act could be deadly': Honda's stark warning to customers over faulty airbags

More than 90,000 Honda car owners have ignored up to eight recall notices and continue to drive with faulty airbags blamed for a number of serious …

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WIN: Endless Daze 2017 tickets!

Do you have post-fest depression after OppiKoppi or Rocking the Daisies or do you feel there’s not enough rock n roll like the king of ranters ‎Corné …

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Aadhaar: free of charge or free to charge a fee?

I enjoy the privilege of having peripheral vision. As a mother I managed my children by monitoring their movements with the eyes at the back of my …


How to bring outsiders into your team’s workspace

Managing freelancers and other external partners in SlackIllustration by Pete RyanUsing Slack can improve how companies communicate inside their own …


Watch it Wednesday: The SIMGOT EN700PRO

Disclaimer: The SIMGOT EN700PRO was sent to us free of charge by Simgot in exchange for a review This week we look what...The post Watch it …


Gan Island: a different side to the Maldives

One of the potential frustrations of visiting the Maldives is the necessity of choosing between staying in a luxurious resort or getting off the …


Huge recall of Brompton folding bikes because of ‘faulty axles’

Thousands of Brompton folding bikes are being recalled over safety concerns about a component.<p>The company said a potentially faulty axle fitted on …

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Equifax CEO Apologizes For Company’s Incompetence, Promises Vague (Possibly Pointless) Credit ‘Lock’ Service In 2018

The interim CEO for credit bureau Equifax is finally issuing a full-throated <i>mea culpa</i> for the massive data breach that compromised sensitive personal …

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13 Easy Investing Apps and Websites for Millennials

Take advantage of a simple way to earn money on the side.<p>No one has ever complained about having an additional source of passive income.<p>Although investing always carries its risks, it is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make money. All of your hard-earned income can be employed to generate …

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SBI lowers average minimum balance in savings account to Rs 3000: Here are the new guidelines

The State Bank of India has lowered the amount of minimum balance that has to be required in your savings account to Rs 3,000.<p>Earlier, the customers …

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Students encouraged to consider university in France

Guernsey's Education Committee is encouraging students to consider attending university in France.<p>Staff from Caen University are visiting the island …


Subscription Kit: Rad + Hungry USA 2017

Rad + Hungry is a very unique subscription service. Every month you are subscribed, you receive a package of curated stationery goods – usually …


This Small-Town Restaurant Gives Away Books to Every Single Customer

“There’s something for everyone—on the menu and on the bookshelf,” claims Facebook’s description of the Traveler Restaurant. This small, family-style …

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Sprint’s iPhone 8 can be yours free of charge now with a trade-in and 18-month lease plan

Since it’s probably no longer a good idea to pre-order an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus directly from Apple’s online store, those seeking alternative ways of …


DC Cyber Week wants everyone to know how to keep data safe

With news of a major breach at <b>Equifax</b> in the headlines, planning for <b>DC Cyber Week</b> seems particularly timely.<p>To be fair, <b>CyberScoop</b>, part of the …


Goat yoga is coming to Agribition this year

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) announced the newest entertainment additions for this year, including goat yoga — which will be offered free of …

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Quebec to offer overdose-reversal drug free of charge

MONTREAL — A drug used to temporarily reverse the effect of fentanyl overdoses will be offered free of charge in Quebec pharmacies.<p>The province will …

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Opioid antidote naloxone to be offered free of charge in Quebec pharmacies

A drug used to temporarily reverse the effect of fentanyl overdoses will be offered free of charge in Quebec pharmacies.<p>The province will follow the example of at least Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in offering the life-saving naloxone …

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Report: Man Arrested After Threatening To Attack School, ‘Kill All White People’

Louisiana man makes threats

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Quebec to offer overdose-reversal drug naloxone free of charge in pharmacies

A drug used to temporarily reverse the effect of fentanyl overdoses will be offered free of charge in Quebec pharmacies.


Apple to sell 4K HDR movies via iTunes and upgrade your HD content purchases free of charge

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Because Size Matters: 2 Million Free Icons from Iconshock

Icons are one of the most characteristic elements in many designs; they’re also one of the most readily available resources to be found online, with …


Teens clown around with balloon prank

LITITZ, Pa. — A girl says she and her friends are behind the red balloons found tied to sewer grates in a small Pennsylvania town, not a homicidal …


10 Great Standup Jokes From Up & Comers

Forget paying a $5 cover or meeting a drink minimum, these standup jokes are brought directly to your lazy asses, free of charge. What more could you …


Hide 'running in the background' Notification app for Oreo does exactly what you'd hope

While there is a great deal to like about Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest version of Google mobile operating system is not without issues. Some users …

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Watch as Ryanair explain their new luggage allowance policies

Ryanair is ending its policy of allowing non-priority passengers to have two items of hand luggage.<p>They said it made the decision because flights are …


Ryanair's Unusual Baggage Policy Changes

Lately we’ve seen airlines around the world make changes to their carry-on policies. Even here in the US we’ve seen airlines cut free carry-ons on …


Ryanair has changed its cabin bag and luggage policy

Ryanair passengers without priority boarding will no longer be allowed two items of hand luggage.<p>They said the decision was made because flights are …