Photos of Tokyo and Seoul Shot Using a Fractal Lens

Seoul-based photographer Steve Roe recently took a fractal lens around Asia and captured futuristic views of the narrow streets filled with neon …

Altered Carbon

Steve Roe Turns Streets Into Trippy Neon Wonderlands Using Fractal Prisms

<b>All images by Steve Roe. Used with permission.</b><p>There may be no signs of the neon trend going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep …

Blade Runner

If you know how to code, you know how to embroider

Andrea Mayr-Stalder’s TurtleStitch project literally takes lines of code and transforms them into art you can wear. The innovative machine allows you …


Convex Lens

JavaScript is disabled<p>You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud<p>Convex Lens’s tracks<p>148bpm by Convex Lens<p>published on 2018/07/30 00:27:08 +0000<p>1 …




Ripple (XRP): Striking Similarities Between 2017 And 2018 Fractals

Ripple (XRP) makes all the gains for a whole cycle in a month’s time. In other words, the price corrects for the rest of the year as some investors …


Tourbillon Of Tourbillons By Antoine Preziuso: Fractals Meet Inception (Archive)

AHCI member Antoine Preziuso’s mind-blowing Tourbillon of Tourbillons embodies the ideas of fractal geometry and recursion by producing a ten-minute …


These $50 Glasses Bring Anything On Your Phone To Life In 3D

Most videos we take end up forgotten, permanently trapped on our devices. What if an app could give them new life?<p>Remember 3D TV? It flopped. Turns out nobody wants to wear silly glasses while watching prime-time sitcoms. Who woulda thunk?<p>But as I hold a pair of black spectacles up to my eyes, …

Virtual Reality

A Design Revolution That Could Lift Humanity

Studies show that fractals mimicking natural forms can improve our health and wealth. Those findings have major implications for how we design our spaces, Lance Hosey writes.<p><i>Editors’ note: The following is an excerpt from The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design (Island Press).</i><p>In iconic …


Hypnotizing Doodles Show The Beautiful Side Of Coding

If you love Google’s homepage more for its whimsical doodles than its search box, head to, a platform for experimental, generative, code-driven art.<p>The site’s interface is refreshingly simple: a grid of thumbnails with the artwork and coder names beneath each one. If a graphic catches …


Need Air Conditioning? This Month, D.C. Museums Offer Fun And Fractals Indoors

<i>FUN HOUSE</i> @ NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM<p>This year's Summer Block Party installation at the National Building Museum is another crowd-pleasing showcase …


How to make a bouncing ball simulator in Python

Christian Thompson has a YouTube channel where he clearly explains how to write neat little game-like programs in Python. It reminds me of the fun I …


Teardown Locates Fractal Antenna

[IMSAI Guy] tore apart a device with a wireless network card and decided to investigate what was under the metal can. You can see the video of his …


Dining review: Fractals, a cafe in West Asheville where robots upstage the food

CLOSE<p>A preview of Fractals Coffee shop and cafe in West Asheville.<p>If Leonard from the Big Bang Theory opened a café, it would be Fractals.<p>If you …


Multicolored Paper Art of the Human Microbiome Mimics Textures Found in Coral Reefs

Many of nature’s objects feature recurring patterns and motifs described as fractals, which can be seen repeating themselves at increasing levels of magnification. Inspired by this phenomenon, artist Rogan Brown creates intricately cut paper art that mimics and compares various organic formations …

Paper Craft

Social scientists study beauty as physical appearance. The natural sciences study it as pattern and structure, fractals and spheres. But a messier form of beauty is coming into view

Social scientists study beauty as physical appearance. The natural sciences study it as pattern and structure, fractals and spheres. But a messier …


Adventure Time should go down as one of the best shows of all time

<b>With Adventure Time expected to end sometime in June, the idea of a show’s legacy comes up and how it should be regarded when all is said and</i> …


A Preview of Fractals Coffee Shop

Get the news<p>Subscribe Today<p>Log In<p>Subscribed, but don't have a login?<p>Activate your digital access.<p>CLOSE<p>A preview of Fractals Coffee shop and cafe in …


Inside Fractals Coffee shop on Haywood Avenue

Buy Photo<p>None<p>Fractals Coffee shop's interactive space at their location on Haywood Avenue in West Asheville. Matt Burkhartt/mburkhartt@citize<p>Buy Photo<p>…


Gear Review: Fractals (Your New Must-Have)

Fractals, people, are the new must-haves in my camera bag. I was introduced to Fractals at WPPI. My friend and fellow photographer, Kathy …


Mind-boggling exploding 3D fractal animations

The animation team from Big Hero 6 did some cool experiments for the "Into the Portal" sequence, and this week they shared one: an exploding 3D …


Rust - image crate: issue saving image buffer

I have a question related to the fractal example (section '6.2 Generating Fractals', in examples supplied …


The surprising depth of crystal patterns in human bone

Repeating patterns of bone minerals go deeper and smaller than previously thought, Imperial and York researchers have found.


Duffing equation for nonlinear oscillator

The Duffing equation is an ordinary differential equation describing a nonlinear damped driven oscillator.If the parameter μ were zero, this would be …


How geometry resolved a lengthy border dispute

The length of a boundary depends on the scale at which it is measured. Paul Davies explains how.


What the Ancients Have to Say About the Simulation Hypothesis

I’m personally not familiar with the Advaita Vedanta, as I’m more of a fan of Zen Buddhism rather than Hinduism, but I definitely agree that the …


Behind the Scenes With the Creators of Coachella's Antarctic Dome

Behind the Scenes: The Antarctic dome at Coachella<p>Attendees merely seeking air-conditioned refuge got way more than they bargained for when they …

Digital Art

Fractals - Chaos and Time-Series Analysis

Closely related to the <b>Hausdorff dimension or</b> "<b>cover dimension</b>"<p>Consider data representing a <b>line</b> and a <b>surface</b> embedded in 2-D<p>The number of squares <i>N</i> of …


Apple intros artistic 'Everyone Can Create' curriculum for teachers

Geared with its new Apple Pencil-compatible budget iPad in mind, Apple has announced "Everyone Can Create," a free curriculum available to teachers …

Apple Pencil