Colorful Plants Photography After Rain

Julien Palast is a French photographer based in Paris. For his series entitled <i>Rain Forest</i> he immortalized plants behind a window after rain. Artist …



aya and healing from Huffingtonpost c&p<p>Ten years ago, Mark Pischea, then a 42-year-old political consultant and father of five from Williamston, …


Gas station shootout in north St. Louis sends bystanders scrambling for cover

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A shootout Friday in broad daylight; a bullet struck one innocent person while gunshots come close to killing two city forestry …


The Lonely Refrigerator

0<p>Just a thought about a cultural artifact:<p><i>Dear Free-Range Kids: As I walked my dog this evening, I saw that my neighbors had placed an old</i> …

Tarte's New Radiance Drops Will Bring You 1 Step Closer to Becoming a Mermaid IRL

As simple as achieving dewy, radiant skin might seem, it isn't always easy. Thanks to a bevy of illumining moisturisers, highlighting palettes, and …


Your Tree, Your Neighbor's Property: Whose Insurance Pays?

This is a good time of year to trim trees that might cause problems, before the start of hurricane season on June 1.


Vanishing Borneo: Saving One of the World’s Last Great Places

Borneo’s magnificent rain forest is being decimated to make way for oil palm plantations. Consumers of the countless products made with palm oil, …

Palm Oil

ASEAN ministers warn against complacency in tackling haze

KUALA LUMPUR: Indonesia has told its neighbours at an ASEAN meeting on Thursday (May 18) that the haze situation in the region will be like it was in …


NSW arborist fined $80,000 for negligence

A Sydney arborist has been fined $80,000 after a worker sustained permanent brain injuries while cutting down a dangerous tree.<p>In February 2014, Alex …

May 16 th is Love a Tree Day at Holiday Insights

<b>Content Channels:</b><p>Major Holidays <br>Bizarre and Unique Days <br>Food Holidays <br>Birthdays <br>Anniversaries <br>Just 4 Fun <br>This Day in History<p>Christmas <br>Halloween …

Flash - Greenpeace says Canadian forestry lawsuit aims to silence critics - France 24

MONTREAL (AFP) -<p>Greenpeace on Tuesday urged major publishing houses to not buy paper from a major Canadian forestry company that is suing the activist group.<p>The multimillion dollar lawsuit that Resolute Forest Products filed against Greenpeace last year is "aimed at muzzling civil society" and …

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Why Uttarakhand saw few wildfires this year despite months without rainfall–and what it must do now

Almost all fires that did start were swiftly put out with nothing more than green boughs and leaf rakes.<p>In the summer of 2016, the blackened …

Himachal Pradesh

Oxygen-starved oceans can take a million years to recover

About 183 million years ago something disrupted the Earth’s carbon cycle, which triggered a sudden drop in the oxygen levels of the world’s oceans, …

Climate Change

Civil Suit Alleges B.C. Blacklisting Forestry Consultant Who Warned of Timber Overcutting, Faulty Data

Forestry has been a passion and a career for Martin Watts for 25 years, but, since attempting to point out problems with B.C.’s process for setting …

How the forestry sector can add $120 billion to global GDP

No one predicted the rapid growth of renewables — from 31 GW to 318 GW — within 13 years, said Justin Adams, managing director of The Nature …

Sustainable Business

Microscopic soil creatures could orchestrate massive tree migrations

Warming temperatures are prompting some tree species in the Rocky Mountains to "migrate" to higher elevations in order to survive.<p>Researchers at the …


While you were sleeping: Loving thy (bishop) neighbour, and Canadians up-stream

Here’s our roundup of the best and brightest stories this morning.<p><b>Thoughts and prayers:</b> Some residents of a leafy back street in …

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Forestry Takes You Into a Fully Destructible World

Forestry is a new game that takes advantage of VR’s ability to create limitless spaces, where you chop and build objects in whatever shape you desire.

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The 'Jungletown' Start-Up in the Panama Rainforest

'Everything is on the table': Alberta communities react to U.S. softwood lumber tariffs

Alberta’s forestry communities are in an impossible spot after new tariffs were imposed by the United States on softwood lumber exports.With job …

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Trees are Nature's Technology

THE PLAINS, Va., Apr. 27 /CSRwire/ - Trees and the health of the Earth are intricately bound. There is no better time than the week between Earth Day …


Boondocking 101

Home / Boondocking 101<p>Just getting started with boondocking? Not sure of where to go, if you can get there, or what to expect? We cover everything …


Study: S.C. forestry impact grows to $21B

COLUMBIA — South Carolina Forestry Commission officials announced the economic impact of the state’s forestry sector in grand fashion on Wednesday, …


Alberta forestry communities brace for uncertainty with new round of U.S. softwood import duties

'It's just unfortunate the American government fights a battle that they know they'll lose'<p>Alberta communities that rely heavily on forestry job are …


Canadian forestry will continue to outperform despite new U.S. trade taxes: BMO Capital Markets

Business (Canada)

Ottawa won't immediately offer forestry aid once U.S. duties begin - Article

MONTREAL -- Ottawa has talked with provinces about helping Canada's forestry sector, but won't move immediately once the U.S. imposes duties on …


New Forests offers Victorian forestry portfolio in sale and leaseback deal

Australia's largest forestry fund manager, New Forests, backed by Japan's Mitsui Group, is having another go at selling a portfolio of 24 Victorian …


Where the old things are: Australia's most ancient trees

They say that trees live for thousands of years. Like many things that “they” say, there is a germ of truth in the saying (even though it is mostly …


How controlled fires shape forests over time

Researchers have examined the long-term effects of controlled forest fires over a 68-year period to find out how fires shape forest land.


US entering 'new era' of unstoppable wildfires

The western United States has entered a “new era of wildfires” with average temperatures now two degrees Celsius higher and the burning season nearly …

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