Ad of the Day: Craghoppers brings the 'Trouserless Nightmare' to life

Craghoppers is invading dreams with a terrifying scenario in its latest campaign 'The Trouserless Nightmare', which features travellers wandering …

This Hotel Wants to Save the Rain Forest

A sanctuary for native species, Inkaterra’s Machu Picchu hotel is at the forefront of sustainable tourism.<p>Ever since its 1911 rediscovery, the fabled Inca city of Machu Picchu has been hailed as one of the world’s wonders. Its intricate architecture and terraced slopes draw a million visitors a …

Machu Picchu

5 Costa Rican offbeat eco-lodges

Costa Rica’s rainforest reserves and protected peninsulas are stunning – but crowded. For a more tranquil experience you need to stay in the right …

Central America

Uganda – The Road to Bwindi

It was time for the second leg of my journey to see the wild Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest. I was really getting excited for …


Australia’s Gold Coast is Much More Than a Beach

<i>PHOTO: Take in the surrounding views while touring the Cape Bryon Lighthouse. (photo via Flickr/Bernard Spragg. NZ</i><i>)</i><p>TravelBound has Australia’s Gold …


Take Your Tween to Action-Filled Costa Rica

FeaturedGo<p>Take Your Tween to Action-Filled Costa Rica<p>Posted By — September 19, 2017<p>3 0<p>0 Shares<p>Share<p>Pin<p>Tweet<p>Email<p>+1<p>Flip<p>Stumble<p>Costa Rica is a small …

Central America

Cape Tribulation House

We positioned the new home in a natural clearing, which consequently avoided any mature tree removal. The exterior is camouflaged with black plastic …


In the Amazon, a Catastrophic Gold Rush Looms

CONCORD, Calif. — Brazil’s interim president, Michel Temer, is willing to sacrifice millions of acres of rain forest in pursuit of a 16th-century boondoggle: fortunes of gold in the Amazon.<p>In August, Mr. Temer signed a decree to open a rain forest reserve — an area larger than Denmark — to …


Live like a monkey in the Laotian rainforest

<i>Each week, we spotlight a dream vacation recommended by some of the industry's top travel writers. This week's pick is Laos.</i><p>(<i>Courtesy image</i>)<p>"Were …


Lawmakers Debate How To Deal With Forest Fires Raging In The Pacific Northwest

"...endangers the health and safety of humans and animals alike."

Conservative View

10 Facts About Land Biomes

Land biomes are the world's major land habitats. These biomes support life on the planet, influence weather patterns, and help to regulate …


Cramer's case for Apple dominance: Samsung's ecosystem is like a 'Nevada rainforest'

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Wednesday made his case for Apple's dominance in the U.S. smartphone market.<p>"The Samsung ecosystem, I mean what is that? What is …

Jim Cramer

From giant Buddha to Tibetan plateau to lush rainforest, Chengdu is rich in sites of interest

Chengdu sits at the centre of some of China’s most beautiful scenery, and amid a number of important cultural sites. In every direction, there are …


Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

All of my kids (except Jane of course) are back in school and I’m finally feeling like I can blog again! The skies were orange and hazy because of …


Preserve Old-Growth Forests to Keep Carbon Where It Belongs

Eliminating destructive logging to protect ancient forests and their vital carbon reserves is a key step in the fight against climate change.


No Place For Climate Change Deniers To Hide

Now is precisely the time for a national commitment, when the winds are blowing and fires are burning.<p>As the hurricanes and forest fires rage, we know there are no Republicans or Democrats in lifeboats, only survivors. And it is past time that we all turn towards the storm, not away from it.<p>But as …


Cuthand: The signs of climate change are all around us

This weekend we are witnessing Hurricane Irma continue its path of destruction through the Caribbean and Florida. Hurricane Irma has been called the …

Climate Change

Clash over caribou, jobs in Whitecourt

<i>By Peter Shokeir</i>Whitecourt – Government officials, environmental organizations and forestry groups offered clashing opinions about the way forward on …

Canadian News

Remote Rainforest Cabin Can Be Sealed Up With Huge Shutters

The problem when choosing a remote location for a vacation house or a cabin retreat is that in order to gain privacy and great views you have to give …


Wildfires in the West revive push to thin federal forests

Westerners are sick of it: the smoke, the evacuations, the moon turned burnt orange by soot, all driven by catastrophic wildfires by now so …

Ryan Zinke

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Vol III

I’ve always been intrigued and a little bit confused by the name of Tarte’s “Rainforest of the Sea” palettes.<p>Because it’s a little confusing, right? …


More N.B. firefighters head to B.C. to help battle forest fires

Another group of New Brunswick firefighters is heading to British Columbia to help battle historic forest fires in the province.<p>A crew of 16 …

Canadian News

Smoke from forest fires blankets central and southeast Saskatchewan

Smoke from forest fires has settled over much of central and southeast Saskatchewan, prompting Environment Canada to issue an air quality alert.<p>The …

Canadian News

How artificial intelligence could help predict major forest fires

Last spring, Canadians watched, horrified, as residents of Fort McMurray, Alta. were forced to flee their community as a nearby forest fire exploded …

Artificial Intelligence

Waiter tells ‘cheap’ Harvey evacuees to ‘die slow’

A waiter in San Antonio was handed his walking papers after going on an expletive filled rant about Harvey evacuees.

Hurricane Harvey

Gitwe Hill Washed

Floral & stone fruit flavours, juicy body with a delicate finish.<p>This washed iteration of Gitwe Hill is from the collaboration between the Gitwe …


Jambi land, forest fires continue

While the number of hot spots in some areas across Sumatra is declining with the onset of the rainy season, land and forest fires in Jambi continue …


John Sambo wins Rainforest Challenge Philippines 2017

John Sambo takes the win in Rainforest Challenge Philippines 2017, joins Team Philippines in Rainforest Challenge Malaysia on November


Heavy smoke from western fires prompts Front Range health warning

Heavy smoke from forest fires in the Northwest has triggered a health advisory for ozone and fine particulates along the northern Front Range through …


How to Hunt Old Forest Fire Burns for Big Bucks

It seems to happen each summer, and the aftermath is always unsettling—at least initially. Wildfires race across thousands, if not millions, of acres …