Flood Insurance

Flood insurance – What you need to know

HARTFORD — Communities like Kent continue to deal with flooding due to ice jams that have formed on area rivers, raising questions about flood …


Waterfront Development's Stormy Future

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- It’s terrible what has happened to neighborhoods along the coast that flooded out yesterday.<p>So many families work really hard to …

Sexual Harassment and Buying Flood Insurance After the Flood

Remember that time when one your high-level managers walked into Human Resources. And that remorseful high-level manager voluntarily confessed to …

Human Resources

15 Insurance Policies You Don't Need

Fear of the future sells insurance. Because we can't predict the future, we want to be ready to cover our financial needs if, or when, something bad …


In post-Harvey Houston, insurance has created a new gap between the haves and have nots

HOUSTON — On a recent sunny Thursday, Petra Cervantes swept her front porch and shooed away a stray dog with a piggie-slippered foot. Since Hurricane …


Top Phone Scams Of 2017: Fake Neighbors, Utilities, Equifax Data, Flood Insurance

Scammers who use the telephone seem to have had a pretty busy 2017, if figures released by phone spam protection service Hiya are anything to go by. …

Identity Theft

Flood insurance, state police and sexual harassment: Louisiana politics today (Dec. 5) | NOLA.com

Flooding in The Woodlands, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey.<p>John Bel Edwards and Kevin Reeves<p>Study: Patients with Obamacare filling more prescriptions …

John Bel Edwards

Houston victims of Harvey living outside in a tent as cold snap moves in

- Houston is in for quite a temperature drop and not everyone will be able to escape the cold weather. Some Hurricane Harvey victims still don't have …


Shore up flood insurance program, but keep it affordable | Editorial | NOLA.com

The flood insurance legislation passed Tuesday (Nov. 15) by the U.S. House of Representatives is a much better bill for Louisiana and other …


Flood insurance, tax cuts and coastal restoration: Louisiana state politics today (Nov. 16) | NOLA.com

DSCF4409_preview.jpg<p>Bill Cassidy<p>state capitol.png


House passes bill to renew flood insurance program

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House has passed legislation that will increase flood insurance premiums for many property owners to help firm up a program …


House reauthorizes, revamps federal flood insurance program in wake of Harvey

WASHINGTON — After months of gridlock between conservatives and coastal lawmakers, the House has approved a deal to reauthorize and revamp the …


House to Make Important Flood Insurance Reforms

Recent natural disasters have brought a renewed focus upon Congress’ efforts to improve our nation’s flood insurance program (NFIP).<p>The NFIP was …

Paul Ryan

Hurricanes Shed Light on Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Did you know that standard homeowner policies don’t cover flooding from heavy rains? And that people who don’t live in flood zones file water-damage …


Flood insurance, Medicaid expansion and FEMA mobile homes: Louisiana state politics today (Nov. 13) | NOLA.com

Steve Scalise<p>Roy Moore<p>Donald Trump thanks supporters and rallys for John Kennedy in Baton Rouge rally


California Resources Corporation's Q3: Riding The Liquidity Wave

CRC reported a Q3 in line with our expectations, and higher operating cash flows.<p>Update on credit lines and covenants relieves much of the short-term …


John Oliver and a seagull explain why America's flood insurance program needs serious reworking

"Floods were everywhere this summer — think of them as the 'Despacito' of natural disasters: persistent, ubiquitous, and absolutely no fault of the …

Kevin Spacey

John Oliver Throws Cold Water on Flood Insurance (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host gets haunted by “Tostito-addicted seagull” on Sunday<p>John Oliver turned his focus to flood insurance on Sunday, blasting the …


Trump signs $36.5 billion emergency aid bill for disasters

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed a $36.5 billion emergency aid measure on Thursday to refill disaster accounts, provide a cash infusion to Puerto Rico and bail out the federal flood insurance program.<p>The president signed the bill after the Senate sent him the measure earlier this …

U.S. Politics

Inaction on climate change carries a big price tag, federal report finds

The Trump administration’s reluctance to confront climate change threatens to create a massive burden on taxpayers, as a lack of planning by federal …


Senate sends $36.5B disaster aid bill to Trump

<b>By Andrew Taylor | Associated Press</b><p>WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a $36.5 billion emergency aid measure Tuesday to refill disaster accounts, provide …

Puerto Rico

Flood insurance, oil and gas leases and Russia probe: Louisiana politics today (Oct. 25) | NOLA.com

The Louisiana floods of August 2016<p>Oil Rig Explosion Louisiana<p>Ralph Abraham<p>Gov. John Bel Edwards in New Orleans

Louisiana Politics

Disaster Relief Bill Passed Through Senate, Despite 16 Republicans Voting No

Sixteen GOP Senators voted against a disaster-aid package that would help communities across the U.S. that are struggling to repair the damage made …

Richard Shelby

Congress Just Got a Harsh Reminder of How Much Climate Change is Going to Cost

Back in November 2015, a Republican senator and a Democratic senator jointly requested a report on the costs and risks to the US government from …


Extreme weather events cost the US $350B over past decade: Study

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on Tuesday stating that over the past 10 years, the federal government has spent more than $350 billion on extreme weather and fire events.<p>The report found that $205 billion was allocated to disaster response and relief, $90 billion …

Climate Change

Senate passes $36.5B disaster aid bill in wake of hurricanes; Trump signature next

WASHINGTON -- The Senate passed a $36.5 billion emergency aid measure Tuesday to refill disaster accounts, provide a much-needed cash infusion to …

Puerto Rico

U.S. Senate advances $36.5-billion hurricane relief package

The Senate on Monday gave a preliminary OK to a $36.5-billion hurricane relief package that would provide Puerto Rico with a much-needed infusion of cash and keep the federal flood insurance program from running out of money to pay claims.<p>The 79-16 procedural vote set the stage for a final vote, …

Puerto Rico

Senate presses ahead on $36.5B disaster relief package

The Senate is pushing ahead Monday on a $36.5 billion hurricane relief package that would give Puerto Rico a much-needed infusion of cash.<p>The measure …

Puerto Rico

Councilman wants JFK, LaGuardia to welcome fleeing Puerto Ricans

A Manhattan City Councilman is asking the Port Authority to open centers at city airports to help Puerto Ricans fleeing Hurricane …


US Senate presses ahead on $36.5bn Puerto Rico disaster relief package

Washington — The Senate is pushing ahead on a $36.5bn hurricane relief package that would give Puerto Rico a much-needed infusion of cash.<p>The measure …

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