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Flight attendant's travel tips will change the way you fly forever

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American Airlines CEO Says Taking Things Away From Passengers Is 'Going For Great'

Many passengers may take some convincing.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>Do you shoot for the stars in the hope of reaching, well, the outskirts of your city?<p>Or, perhaps, even somewhere with a beach, a golf course and a strange …


A flight attendant has a theory about 'unhealthy' airplane food like eggs, and even fruit — and why cabin crew pack their own meals

• <b>A flight attendant has revealed the truth behind "unhealthy" plane food in a Quora post.</b>• <b><br>The food is apparently prepared 12 hours — or even days — before departure.</b>• <b><br>Eggs are often made of a mix of actual egg and "other substitutes."</b>• <b><br>Spices, salts, and fats are added to make the food taste less</b> …


During This American Airlines Emergency Landing, a Pilot Filmed What Happened (It's Chilling)

This is frightening.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>It all started calmly enough.<p>As the Flight Attendant began to ask passengers to fasten their seatbelts, everything seemed normal.<p>Then came the word <i>brace</i>.<p>You never want to hear …


WestJet appeals lost bid to throw out harassment lawsuit by former flight attendant

WestJet has filed an appeal after the Supreme Court of British Columbia refused to throw out a proposed class-action lawsuit that accuses the company of fostering a corporate culture that tolerates harassment against female employees.<p>The airline argues Justice Mary Humphries was wrong to have …


Flight attendant: "Keep your phone on. No one cares"

There are quite a few rules to remember when you board a plane, and sometimes you can forget to follow them all to the letter.<p>In fact, how many times have you daydreamed during the safety presentation and then realised mid-flight that you never actually turned off your mobile phone?<p>As a nervous …


What it really means to commute as a flight attendant

Unless you live right across the street from your workplace or work from home in your jammies, you probably embark on some sort of daily commute to …


Wonder Why Your United Airlines Flight Attendant Looks So Unhappy? Here's Why

Many United flight attendants have had enough of the way they say management is treating them.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>Their mouths say <i>Hello</i>, but their eyes say <i>Get me out of here</i>.<p>Their attempts at politeness feel jaded, …


Airline attendant warns passengers to not 'drink the coffee on airplanes'

You may want to load up on java before boarding your plane, according to one industry insider.<p>An unidentified flight attendant “for a major American airline,” made a claim to Vice.com that the water used for coffee on flights may be dangerously unhealthy.<p>“Don’t drink the coffee on airplanes. It’s …


7 Pet Peeves All Flight Attendants Have

Photo: Shutterstock<p>Pet Peeve: When You Don’t Listen to Your Flight Attendant’s Directions<p>It’s easy to forget that being told to stay seated is mainly …


Top-secret US government airline looking to hire flight attendant

How would you feel about an airline that the United States government doesn't admit exists? If you’re based in Las Vegas and are eligible to get …


A flight attendant said that ‘nobody cares’ if you actually turn off your phone on a plane — and revealed the disgusting reason why you should never drink coffee in the air

Filed under: Lifestyle, Travel, Explore<p><b>A flight attendant has revealed new secrets of the trade in an anonymous interview with Vice.</b>• <b><br>"Betty" says nobody switches off their phones on planes, not even the staff.</b>• <b><br>There's also an ideal time for joining the mile high club — but there's never a good time</b> …


A Flight Attendant For a Big Airline Just Revealed the Startling Way To Get an Upgrade

And you thought that it was almost impossible these days.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>Airlines have one goal.<p>Fill every seat on the plane and charge as much as you can for each seat.<p>So when it comes to upgrades, it's easy to …


Secret airline rumored to fly to Area 51 seeking flight attendant

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — and everything after is classified.


Top Secret, Totally Classified Airline Seeking Flight Attendant

To qualify as Janet's flight attendant, you need prior experience. Oh, and "Active Top Secret Clearance."<p>We've all got that one friend or relative that's obsessed with aliens. They regularly mutter “the truth is out there” under their breath, and eagerly invite you over for <i>X-Files</i> marathons. Their …


Now Hiring: A Top Secret Flight Attendant for Area 51

There's never been a better chance to get closer to the secrets, but you'll need to keep them.<p>In the 1960s, the job of flight attendant had a sense of glamour attached to it. While that's no longer the case, there are still certain routes that grant the flight attendant special access. One of them, …


San Diego Man Banned by Alaska Airlines Over Alleged Harassment of Flight Attendant Calls It ‘Reverse Discrimination’

San Diego man has been banned from flying on Alaska Airlines after an allegation that he harassed a flight attendant — an accusation he said is …


Airline secrets EXPOSED: A Simple Mistake Could Put You on a Airplane to Somewhere Unexpected

Airline secrets are common knowledge among cabin crew, but often passengers remain oblivious.<p>There’s one thing many travellers wonder about: is it …


United Flight Attendant Sings Carols With Passengers During Delay

No one likes delays, especially during the holidays. However, this delay on December 21—due to deicing on a United flight from Denver to Dulles …


American Airlines Accused 2 Passengers Of Stealing Blankets and Kicked Them Off a Plane (Problem: They Didn't Steal Them)

American is now apologizing, but this looks disturbingly like passenger profiling.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>It's not all glamour for professional basketball players.<p>At least, when you're playing in the G-League.<p>This is one …


Flight attendant sings 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'

Southwest employee Charisse Miles sang to passengers flying out of Houston, Texas.


Flight attendant sings 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' to travelers

One Southwest flight attendant brightened up the trip for travelers leaving Houston over the Christmas weekend when she belted out a beautiful …


I Just Flew First Class On American Airlines and Mint Class on JetBlue (Oh, What a Difference)

All airlines are the same? Not quite.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>First Class travel still captures the imagination.<p>You tell yourself that it'll be such a contrast from sitting in the back, praying it will all soon be over.<p>So …


WATCH: How to Pack Your Carry-On Bags Like a Flight Attendant

As millions prepare to take to the skies this Christmas, your friendly flight attendants are here to help you get the most out of your carry-on …


Drunken Passenger Assaults Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant, Plane Diverted

Some people may have been delayed on their journeys home for the holidays Friday night, as a flight from Nashville, Tennessee to Tampa, Florida was …


Flight Attendant Is Not Forever – You’ll Know When It’s Time To Move On

What I want now is to have a normal life again, being on the ground and waking up in the same zip code every day.<p>I’ll let my wings take me to a new …


Delayed on Runway, Flight Attendant and 2 Passengers Grab Instruments For Caroling (WATCH)

When a United Airlines flight was delayed while it was preparing to leave for Virginia, a flight attendant and two musicians decided to give their …

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The truth about what pilots, air traffic controllers and flight attendants earn

Which is the highest paid job in air travel? Telegraph Travel spoke to pilots, flight attendants and baggage handlers to find out.<p>Air traffic controller - £91,000<p>Many of us would assume airline pilot is the most lucrative career in travel, but according to the website Career Cast, air traffic …


Flight Attendant Picks Up Ukulele, Sings During Takeoff Delay

<b>DENVER (CBS4)</b> – A United Airlines flight attendant joined passengers in grabbing a ukulele and mandolin to sing Christmas carols during a delay on …


Consider the Flight Attendant

Holiday travel season is here, and most of us are gearing up for stress of one kind or another. It’s not just the stress of the dreaded political …

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