Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are seven of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last two weeks (Consumerist was traveling), picked for …

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Readers on Tips for Transplants: Twelve Months of Advice for Newcomers

We know plenty of you haven't called the Mile High City home for long. That's why in October of last year we started our Tips for Transplants series, …


If You've Eaten 19/28 Of These Foods Then You Definitely Went To School In Britain

Have you tried all the colours of custard?


Only A British Person Has Eaten 14/32 Of These Drunk Foods

Nobody does drunk food better.

What Is Flickr? An Intro to the Popular Photo Site

Flickr is a photo sharing platform and social network where users upload photos for others to see.<p>Flickr at a Glance<p>Users create a free account and …

If You Have 17/38 Of These Items In Your Fridge, You're Definitely Middle-Class

It's the only way to know for sure.

If You’ve Eaten 17/32 Of These Foods Then You’re A True Northerner

This is the only way to know for certain.


If You've Eaten 24/36 Of These Foods, Then You're A True Londoner

Have you been eating your way around London?


You're A True Hipster If You've Eaten 24/36 Of These Foods

Bonus points if it's not served on a plate.


There's A 100% Chance You're Welsh If You've Eaten 17/26 Of These Foods

Is there anything more beautiful than a Welsh cake?

British Cuisine

If You've Eaten 30/39 Of These Foods Then You're A True Brit

You haven't really lived if you've never had trifle.

British Cuisine

Flickr is on its way out, what are your alternatives?

I uploaded a clutch of photos to Flickr on Sunday evening and as I hit the big pink button it occurred to me that using Flickr furnishes me with some …


Flickr Redesigns, Transforms Into Portfolio-Friendly Platform For Photographers

Image by Kindra Nikole via Flickr Blog<p><b>If you’re looking for</b> more neat spaces besides Instagram to showcase your work, here’s some great news: your …

Web Design

Flickr gets more portfolio friendly with complete redesign of profile pages

Why it matters to you<p>Flickr profiles are becoming more focused on the photographer with an About section that's customizable, and not hidden in a …

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Instagram eliminated Swarm & Flickr integration and no one noticed

If you’ve tried sharing your Instagram posts to other social media accounts in the last day or two, you may have noticed the available sharing options trimmed down slightly. As it stands, there are options for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and nothing else.<p>Do you get the feeling something’s …


Try This Lavender Lemonade To Help Alleviate Headaches And Anxiety

For as long as I can remember, lavender has always been regarded as a powerful plant because of its ability to treat a wide variety of conditions and …

This British Food Quiz Will Determine If You're More Northern Or Southern

Time to find out for sure.


Retake Quiz

Are you more about bold and oaky, or a light citrus breeze?

The Digital Wunderkammer: Flickr as a Platform for Amateur Cultural and Heritage Content

Abstract<p>Abstract:<p>Many memory institutions are now digitizing their holdings to provide online access. Although recent developments in technology have …

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Flickr goes (more) international, adds versions for 130 countries, 10 languages

Why it matters to you<p>More users now have access to Flickr's mobile app, making it easier to upload images without a desktop computer.<p>Flickr’s mobile …


21 British Food Facts That Are Totally And Undeniably True

Is it really your birthday if there's no Colin the Caterpillar cake?

Food (UK)

The Flickr Explore page is still really amazing

Tim Carmody is guest hosting this week and asked for the best of the best, to produce a mixtape of the Internet. And here’s my vote for a …


33 Reasons Living In Durham Will Ruin You For Life

Because other people don't get to see a proper castle every single day.


Photography and Social Media… part one

So, you’ve taken an interest in photography and you’d like to get other people to actually <i>see</i> your work, right? Whatever your reasons, you’d like to …

Social Media Marketing

This Is What Comfort Food Looks Like In 23 Different Countries

You'll want to be trying all of these.<p><i>Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.</i>


Flickr Introduces Visually Similar Search

Do a search for cats, pick one you like, then ask Flickr to find you other cats that look similar.<p>There's an abundance of images available to view …


The 10 Most Common Breeds Found In Shelters

Advertisement<p>Did you know 25% of shelter dogs are purebred? Why are some breeds more likely to be in shelters, and how can it be prevented? Let’s …


Revealed: These are the best beaches in Italy

It might not be beach weather just yet, but planning a summer holiday is just the thing to cheer up a dreary February afternoon, and the ranking from …


23 British Party Foods The World Is Missing Out On

So many different ways to cut a sandwich.

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10 Breeds That Are A Great Match For Allergy Sufferers

Advertisement<p>Do you heart dogs but hate the itchy eyes, sneezing, and wheezing that come with them? While no dog is hypoallergenic, some cause fewer …