S House Luxury Residence – Hertsliya, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 (FlipboardProxy/1.2; …

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xamarin forms - webview unsecure connection http

Hi i need to connect to <b>http</b> without security issues... this is the link when open with <b>chrome</b> it shows the problem but …


New Hack Weaponizes the Web Cache

Researcher exploits design flaws in Web caching to take control of popular websites, frameworks - and the Mozilla Firefox browser infrastructure.<p>A …

Information Security

Firefox makers eye new 'voice browser': They've even built an Alexa prototype

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, wants to build a voice-powered app that works across multiple platforms.<p><i>Video: How Mozilla plans to win back Firefox</i> …


How to resolve NaN:NaN:NaN error in Mozilla Firefox and IE

I made a countdown for my web page; it works fine all browser except Mozilla and IE.<p>What am I doing wrong and how can I resolve it?<p>Below is my …


The Firefox-powered Cliqz web browser puts your security first

People are worried about their personal security. Who do you trust?


Why does request not happen in Firefox browser?

I have two views linked to different templates. When I want to go to another page by using a link, everything goes fine. But not for Firefox... why …

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Hacking macOS: How to Dump Passwords Stored in Firefox Browsers Remotely

Passwords and data stored in web browsers are extremely valuable to hackers. If not for financial gain, black hat hackers may still leak your …

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Firefox makers working on voice-controlled web browser called Scout

Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox, is exploring a very different web browser called Scout that's operated by voice rather than keyboard, mouse or touch-screen taps.<p>The nonprofit revealed the Scout project in an agenda item for an all-hands meeting taking place this week in San Francisco. …


The creator of Firefox is making a voice-controlled browser that will read the entire internet to you out loud

Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, is working on a browser controlled entirely with your voice, CNET reported Wednesday.<p>The project, which will be named Scout, would let users explore the web without using a touch screen, a mouse, or a keyboard. The non-profit imagines a sample command sounding …


Customizing Firefox Quantum’s about:config

Firefox’s about:config is where you can access Firefox’s advanced configurations. Everything from animations to memory usage to experimental features …

Web Development

Firefox 12 for iOS includes file downloads and easier syncing

Firefox 12 for iOS is available today and it offers three new useful features. First, the browser now allows users to download files, which can be viewed in a dedicated section in the Firefox menu, through Apple's Files app or through other third-party apps. Secondly, link management functions are …


Mozilla patches heap buffer overflow in Firefox browsers

The Mozilla Foundation Security has released an advisory to patch critical vulnerabilities in Firefox and Firefox ESR products which could allow a …

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Chrome and Firefox moving away from passwords with new USB key tech

First Firefox, now Chrome: Users can now log in to websites and online services without entering a password. The new standard, called WebAuthn, will …

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Single Purpose Burner Emails


Adblock Plus blocks social media tracking in Chrome and Firefox

There has been a lot of talk recently about Facebook tracking users (and non-users) as they browse the internet. Ever a proponent of user …

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Chrome Market Share Hits 62%, While Firefox Dips Below 10%

Image: Google<p>It was a little over two years ago that Chrome snatched the market share top spot from Internet Explorer. Now, in 2018, Chrome sits at a …


webdriver Firefox and selenium error (must use Gecko driver)

I'm trying to run driver = webdriver.Firefox(capabilities={"marionette":False}) but got the following message:WebDriverException: Message: Can't load …

Google Chrome

In Firefox why does HTML button size decrease when javascript changes the background color?

In Firefox, and maybe other browsers, why does HTML button size decrease when JavaScript changes the background color?How do I stop it from happening?


10 Open Source Security Tools You Should Know

Enterprise Vulnerabilities <br>From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database<p>A crafted binder request can cause an arbitrary unmap in MediaServer in …


How to Get Firefox's New Side View and Color-Changing Features

Firefox unveiled a handful of new features this week via its Test Pilot program, and two caught our eye: a new Side View that allows you to view two …


Browse Two Websites in One Tab With Firefox Side View

Side View is a Firefox Test Pilot project, meaning it might become part of Firefox later. This simple feature lets you browse websites using the …


Side View is the Firefox Feature I’ve Been Waiting For

Since its Quantum update I have to say that I’m loving Mozilla Firefox — but a promising new feature on the horizon could help me to love it even …


Customize Firefox’s Color Scheme However You Want

Give Firefox whatever color scheme you want, then share your new look with friends. Color, a Firefox Test Pilot Experiment, makes it easy.


Firefox Extension Lets You View 2 Tabs in 1 Window

Side View and a second extension that allows for color customization are now available to members of Mozilla's Firefox Test Pilot program.<p>PCMag …


Firefox has a new side-by-side tab feature for multitaskers

Firefox is jazzing things up with a couple of new test features that should embolden multitaskers and those who like to tinker with aesthetics. Side View lets you view a pair of tabs side-by-side without needing to open a new browser window. Once you click the Side View button on your toolbar, you …


Top web browsers 2018: Firefox sits on slippery slope, Chrome grows even bigger

Mozilla's Firefox landed on a slippery slope last month and may face a slow demise as users desert the browser for Google's Chrome.According to …


Firefox tests two new features: color customization and split-screen tabs

Firefox has two new experimental features for you to try out today. One lets you theme your browser with colors of your choosing, the other lets you view two websites within one tab. Both are part of Firefox’s Test Pilot program, which allows you to try new features in the form of extensions and …


Firefox experimental features let you customize colors, view two tabs at once

<b>What is it?</b> Test Pilot is a sandbox of sorts that lets Mozilla developers tinker with new Firefox features without disrupting the user experience. …


Firefox launches side-by-side browsing and a theme editor as Test Pilot experiments

Mozilla’s Firefox is back in the browser game, thanks to its recent updates which now allow it to once again challenge the likes of Google’s Chrome browser. One thing that always made Firefox stand out was its willingness to experiment. In recent years, the organization channeled many of these …