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Republicans are whining on background about Trump. It’s pathetic.

In his interview with the New York Times, President Trump unabashedly advanced the notion that the rule of law and the interests of the United States are subservient to a higher obligation. Loyalty to the president — not even the “presidency,” but rather Trump <i>personally</i> — has become the only fixed …


Trump Trains His Sights on Mueller's Investigation

The president’s lawyers are looking at multiple ways to undermine or curtail the Russia inquiry, including his issuing pardons.<p>President Trump is exploring steps to curtail Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation into the president’s campaign and business dealings, inching the …


Trump sees enemies at the Department of Justice

Over the course of his six-month tenure as president, Donald Trump has already fired an FBI director, an acting attorney general, and dozens of …

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Donald Trump: L’état, C’est Moi

In his bizarre New York <i>Times</i> interview, Donald Trump expresses his characteristic assortment of fever-dream assertions. The president believes …

Donald Trump

President Trump Just Casually Dropped a Bombshell Claim About Fired FBI Director James Comey

President Donald Trump casually accused former FBI Director James Comey of trying to hold dirt over his head in an interview with The New York …

Donald Trump

You should care about the Trump-Russia scandal

It's not a distraction. It's about holding the president accountable to the public and not his bottom line.<p>While the unfolding saga of Donald Trump and his associates’ ties to Russia has riveted millions of Americans for months, millions more find the media’s fascination with it bizarre or even …


The Long History Between Robert Mueller And James Comey

President Trump says he finds it "bothersome" that Mueller, who is investigating Russian election meddling, is "very good friends" with the fired FBI …

Robert Mueller

Former FBI Director James Comey Is Set to Launch a Huge Bidding War for His Memoirs

Not only will we know what former FBI Director James Comey really thinks about President Trump, he will probably become very wealthy telling …

James Comey

Former FBI Director Comey writing a book

Former FBI Director James Comey is writing a book about his professional life. CNN's Brian Stelter and Ana Cabrera report.

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Axed FBI director James Comey writing tell-all memoir

Former FBI director James Comey is reportedly penning a tell-all that will cover his short-lived tenure under President Trump.


Former FBI Director Comey agrees to book deal

Former FBI Director James Comey has signed a book deal with a major New York publisher to write a memoir that looks at the guiding principles that …

James Comey

Congress Should Reconsider Giving the FBI Director Independence from Presidential Control

Although Christopher Wray seems like a reasonable choice to lead the FBI, appointing a decent new director will do little to cure the terrible damage …


The Next FBI Director Plans to Look Into Collusion Between Clinton Campaign and Ukraine

During testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, President Donald Trump's nominee to head the FBI was asked a series of …

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Freakout Fade: Trump's FBI Pick is Outstanding, Respected and Independent. That Should Matter.

In today's environment of dizzying, whirling news cycles, it's occasionally imperative to hit the 'pause' button and circle back to assess fresh …


Trump’s OWN FBI Director nominee contradicts him on Russian probe

There was an interesting exchange between Trump’s FBI Director nominee Wray this morning as he was being questioned by Lindsey Graham.<p>Watch …

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FBI Director Nominee Wray: Meeting Alone with Trump ‘Highly Unlikely’

Senator Dick Durbin asks FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray how he would approach an invitation to meet alone with President Trump.


FBI Nominee Wray Could Show Courage Comey Lacked

Shortly after FBI Director Nominee Christopher Asher Wray, 50, was sworn in this morning in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, an uneasy …

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Long-shot article of impeachment filed against Donald Trump

A US Congressman has filed an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump over the Russia collusion scandal. In an interview on Wednesday, …

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WATCH LIVE: Senate Confirmation Hearing for Trump's Nominee for FBI Director

President Donald Trump's nominee for director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chris Wray, will be testifying before the Senate Judiciary …


FBI director nominee vows independence: No 'pulling punches'

<b>(CNN) —</b> President Donald Trump's pick to run the FBI pledged his independence Wednesday, repeatedly telling a Senate panel at his confirmation hearing he would not be "pulling punches" in the position and that he'd resign if he is asked to do something illegal or immoral.<p>"My commitment is to the …


FBI director nominee facing confirmation hearings full of obstructionism?

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The First Question Senators Should Ask Trump’s Pick for FBI Director

Few organizations face the types of challenges that confront the FBI on a daily basis. The Bureau, as agents fondly call the FBI, investigates …


Comey bombshell: Comey’s ‘Trump memos’ reportedly contain classified info, are government documents

The memos that former FBI Director James Comey kept of his conversations with President Donald Trump regarding the FBI’s Russia investigation reportedly contain classified information and are official government documents, a new report reveals.<p>The Hill reported Sunday, citing officials familiar …


Trump’s disturbing appeal for personal loyalty from gov’t officials

Noah Kunin has been working for the US government since 2010 and right after the election, he wrote a short post as to why he was staying on even …


Mueller hires some who have donated to Hillary Clinton to be on Russia special counsel team | Miami Herald

Robert S. Mueller III was greeted with near universal praise when he was appointed to lead the investigation into possible coordination between the …


The Trump White House’s Fourth Of July Celebration Schedule

WASHINGTON—In an effort to safeguard the treasured official against further weathering, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced a $400 million …

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Catch up on the entire Trump-Russia scandal in just 6 minutes

By Noah Kulwin and Morgan Conley on Jun 30, 2017<p>It’s been tough to keep track of all the allegations, counter-allegations, denials, revelations, leaks, and tweets surrounding the connections between Russia, the 2016 election, and President Donald Trump’s administration. Here’s a quick guide to what …

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Jeff Sessions says he hopes Russia probe ends ‘sooner rather than later’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential co-ordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the probe could “move forward and come to an end sooner …

Jeff Sessions

Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the probe could "move forward and come …


Russia probe pile-on: No fewer than 9 teams investigating collusion, meddling

The expansive investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion with Trump associates has grown so vast that no fewer than nine congressional committees and federal agencies are now examining some offshoot of the controversy.<p>And despite the inquiries to date having produced no indictments …