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Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Helpful or Harmful?

Paul Greenberg discusses his book <i>The Omega Principle: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet</i>. Omega-3 fatty acids have long been celebrated by doctors and dietitians as key to a healthy heart and a sharper brain, and they are now a multi-billion dollar business--even as recent …

Omega 3

An algal photoenzyme converts fatty acids to hydrocarbons

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How Fatty Acids Can Boost Your Immune System

In order to stay healthy, it’s important to maintain a high-functioning immune system to guard against infections, bacteria, and viruses. Getting an …


Fatty Acids Identified in the Burmese Python Promote Beneficial Cardiac Growth

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Mechanisms by Which Dietary Fatty Acids Regulate Mitochondrial Structure-Function in Health and Disease | Advances in Nutrition

Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles within a cell. Furthermore, mitochondria have a role in maintaining cellular homeostasis and proper …


A Healthy Diet Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These omega-3 foods are sure to please if you're fish phobic<p>omega-3 fatty acids<p><b>The Product:</b><b><br>Why We Love It:</b>Eggland's Best<p><b>The Product:</b><b><br>Why We Love It:</b>Zoe Foods<p><b>The Product:</b><b><br>Why We Love It:</b><p><b>The Product:</b><b><br>Why We Love It:</b>Smart Balance<p><b>The Product:</b><b><br>Why We Love It:</b>Nature's Pathhealthy fatStar Hill Dairy


Fish and Shellfish With High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, which include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are necessary for your health but can't be manufactured by your body. This …


The Best Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you want to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, put down the pills! Unless you have a diagnosed vitamin or mineral deficiency, …

Omega-6 fatty acids do not promote low-grade inflammation

The higher the serum linoleic acid level, the lower the CRP, according to a new study. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty …


Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Health

Omega 3

The Ultimate Guide To Eating For Your Microbiome

Many of us are now aware that the state of our microbiome is a huge contributor to the state of our health—but between pebiotics, probiotics, and a …


Grain-Free Dry Cat Foods

Evidence shows that cat foods packed with corn, wheat, and other grains contribute toward the development of certain diseases and conditions in cats, …


15 Foods That Switch On Your Fat-Burning Hormones

“I can’t take it anymore!” said a coworker’s mom the other day, while visiting the Eat This, Not That! offices. She was having thyroid trouble. “It’s …


4 Vitamins Doctors Swear By To Boost Your Metabolism

If you have a slow metabolism, then you're going to have a hard time losing weight. While it's easy to pinpoint why you're weight loss is slow, it's …


Prenatal lack of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids linked to schizophrenic symptoms in mice

Researchers have discovered a process through which changes in nutrition during early mouse pregnancy lead to offspring that develop …


10 Herbs and Vitamins That Are Good for Your Gut

The Latest in Crohn's Disease<p>Researchers suggest alternative methods of pain-relief to manage IBD symptoms.<p>A trial is under way for a vaccine to cure …


Looking For The Best Omega 3 Supplements? Try OmegaBrite GelCaps

This post is sponsored by OmegaBrite. All opinions expressed are my own. My mom is what you would call a health nut. She has always shopped at health …



Vitamin B12<p><i>Benefit:</i><p>Maintains healthy energy levels by supporting brain and nerve function. <i>*</i><p><i>Form:</i><p>Our B12 is the same form found in our food. Plus, …


Estrogen-mediated brain protection directly linked to intake of fatty acids found in oils

Scientists are increasingly appreciating estrogen's role in brain health. The latest research connecting DHA synthesis to estrogen production, and …


Is Bacon Better for You Than Tilapia?

Question: Is bacon better for you than tilapia? Does tilapia cause cancer and/or Alzheimer’s disease?<p>Answer: No. These false claims, spread by …

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6 Ways to Relieve Migraines Naturally: Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, and Fatty Acids

This fantastic article is written by Dr. Josh Axe. Check out his website or follow him on Facebook for more great information! If you’ve ever had a …

Healthy Eating

Does Fat Convert to Glucose in the Body?

Your body is an amazing machine that is able to extract energy from just about anything you eat. While glucose is your body's preferred energy …


Hey Ladies, Don't End Your Day Without Eating Everything on This List

As we power through life aiming to be the healthiest beings to have ever lived, we've decided life would be easier if we had a list of foods we …

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Dr. Perricone’s 3-Day Diet

Get serious skin and health benefits by eating salmon twice a day as part of Dr. Perricone’s 3-Day Diet.<p>The promise of a visible difference in your …


13 Healthy High-Fat Foods You Should Eat More

Low fat is officially over! Here are more than a dozen high-fat superstars you can and should enjoy as part of your healthy diet. — Selene Yeager, …


What Can’t Vegans Eat? And What They Should Eat Instead

What can’t vegans eat? Veganism is a popular idea but it’s lifestyle instead of merely a diet plan. Learn more and truly understand what it means.


Healthy brain aging linked to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the blood

Two new studies link patterns of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the blood to the integrity of brain structures and cognitive abilities that are known …


Ketogenic Shopping List - Cooking Ingredients COMPLETE Grocery Guide

We’ve put together this Ketogenic Shopping List to make grocery buying easy.We get asked a lot on where we get the ingredients for cooking some of …


Trans Fats Are Bad But So Were the News Stories About This New Trans Fats Study

As a purveyors of supposedly factual content, it’s the job of science journalists to make sure we’re accurate about <i>how bad</i> things like trans fats …


15 Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids According to Science

<i>This article first appeared on</i> <b>Jen Reviews</b>. You may have heard about <b>Omega-3 fatty acids</b> before but you may not quite understand what it is or why we …