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The Five Worst Fake News Stories Trump Has Pushed on America - Vice

<i>Welcome back to Can't Handle the Truth, our Saturday column looking back at the past seven days of fake news and hoaxes that have spread thanks to the internet.</i><p>As Donald Trump himself has pointed out, this whole first 100 days thing is a "ridiculous standard" for measuring success. He's right, of …

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There are limits to how much Facebook can do for us

<b>(CNN) —</b> We're asking a lot of social media companies these days. Sure, we want updates from our friends. And we want the latest news. But we also want to avoid the least savory bits of content swirling online, including grisly violence and foreign propaganda.<p>Lately, the call has been particularly …

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Top conservatives reportedly plotting new TV network to challenge Fox News

Media industry website Mediaite reported Friday that “conservative fat cats” are considering the formation of a new conservative media outlet.<p>According to Mediaite’s report, the pace of the “serious discussions” has been picking up in the wake of rumors suggesting additional changes are in store at …

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Facebook admits ‘malicious actors’ spread misinformation during the 2016 U.S. election

It also cites a government report that found Russia played a major role in the presidential race.<p>Almost six months after a U.S. presidential election that was rife with controversy over fake news, Facebook acknowledged that “malicious actors” had created “fake personas” to spread misinformation …


Beyond 'fake news:' Facebook fights 'information operations'

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is acknowledging that governments or other malicious non-state actors are using its social network to sway political sentiment, including elections.<p>That's a long way from CEO Mark Zuckerberg's assertion in November that the idea that bogus information on Facebook influenced …

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Children can’t play if they can’t breathe because our air is so polluted

Ministers hide the truth about levels of atmospheric contamination, so people are taking precautions for themselves And who can blame them?<p>As lame excuses go, this one was pretty near legless. The government was meant to be revealing its plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide air pollution last Monday. …


The week in fact-checking: How a satirical post became fake news

<i>The Week in Fact-Checking is a newsletter from the American Press Institute and Poynter. Want it in your inbox every week? Subscribe here.</i><p>On Le …

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Bots aren’t spreading fake news on Facebook; humans are

Facebook published a new paper this week outlining how it’s dealing with government-backed attempts to influence politics in other countries, or what it’s calling “information operations.” One of its findings refutes the notion that bots are the primary distributors of fake news. “Most false …

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DETAILS: 'The Fox News Specialists' Debuts Monday at 5pm ET Insider

Fox News Channel announced today that "The Fox News Specialists" - hosted by <b>Eric Bolling</b>, <b>Katherine Timpf</b> and <b>Eboni K. Williams</b> - will debut on <b>Monday at 5:00pm ET</b>.<p>The new one-hour political talk show will air live each night at 5pm and it will kick off on May 1st with an interview with President …


Creator of Google News on traits of stories and sharing patterns that can flag fake news

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Infowars Founder Alex Jones Discusses Custody Battle

Alex Jones, the bombastic news personality behind Infowars, held a press conference on Friday to slam reports that he'd lost custody of his three children last night in a Texas court.<p>Jones — who has become known for popularizing the phrase "9/11 was an inside job" and for stating the Sandy Hook …


Another Way Facebook and Google May Be Undermining Democracy

<i>Customized news feeds reduce our exposure to divergent viewpoints, according to new research.</i><b>By Tom Jacobs</b>(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)Google …

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15 Tiny Gym Victories Worth Celebrating

Congrats on going to the gym even though you really wanted to nap!<p>Posted on April 28, 2017, 15:16 GMT<p>1. For the most difficult daily decision:<p>Anna Borges / BuzzFeed News<p>2. For the stealthiest move:<p>Anna Borges / BuzzFeed News<p>3. For finding your own motivation:<p>Anna Borges / BuzzFeed News<p>4. For …


Facebook's New Crackdown on Platform Mis-Use – and The Potential Impacts for Your Page

Facebook has detailed it's latest efforts to crack down on disingenuous behavior - and it could impact your Page.


Fixing broken news is not as easy as Jimmy Wales claims

Can Jimmy Wales and his new WikiTribune website fix the fake news epidemic?<p>Everyone thinks they can fix the problem perceived as "fake news" – or at …

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One poll suggests some voters believe the media is 'out of touch' with everyday Americans

With most Americans finding the national media "out of touch," it’s no surprise voters trust President Donald Trump’s administration more than the press corps.<p>Thirty-seven percent of Americans trust the White House over the 29 percent who say they trust the national political media, according to a …


Malaysia may prosecute WhatsApp group admins over fake news

Malaysia follows India as it looks to WhatsApp to curb fake news.<p>Being a WhatsApp group chat admin is getting riskier in Malaysia.<p>The country's government may use an existing law to investigate WhatsApp group admins if they fail to curb the distribution of fake news (factually incorrect or …

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How to Detect Fake News in Real-Time

Our approach will focus less on banning misinformation, and more on surfacing additional perspectives and information, including that fact checkers …

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Facebook admits states have used its service to influence foreign elections

Facebook has admitted for the first time that foreign powers have used its service to manipulate election results by peddling fake news.<p>The social media giant said governments and other organisations have exploited its technology to spread false information in order to sway voters before they head …

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Facebook acknowledges election manipulation

The company said "malicious actors" used the platform during the 2016 presidential election as part of a campaign "with the intent of harming the …

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Donald Trump's first 100 days, in tweets

<b>(CNN) —</b> The story of Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House is best told through the President's favorite medium -- Twitter.<p>Trump delivers the occasional speech and gives his share of interviews, usually to Fox News, but his most direct line to the public -- and the public's best insight …

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100 Days of Trump Fights: Nordstrom Wins, Delta Loses and Five More Results

In the hyper-partisan Trump era, brands have been caught up in conflicts with the president, his supporters and his opponents at breathtaking speed. …

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Iran election: Six candidates, six facts<p>Get the lowdown on Iran's presidential election.<p>Get the lowdown on Iran's presidential election.<p>28 Apr


Facebook Shruggingly Admits It's a Tool for Propagandists

Back in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “quite proud of the impact that we were able to have on civic discourse,” doubling down on …


Google News head Richard Gingras on advertising in the digital sphere

Google News has sometimes been called a parasite by news organizations, shoring up its dominance of the search business on the backs of publishers whose content it does not pay for. But the company is working at changing that image.<p>It has started working with media companies to improve their …

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Jake Tapper Rips 'Cavalier' Donald Trump Over Fake News

"In a thriving democracy, truth matters. Facts matter."<p>CNN host Jake Tapper sounded the alarm over the dangers of fake news on Wednesday night.<p>After a new poll showed that a “shockingly high percentange” of Americans believed President Donald Trump’s wild claims on Twitter in March that his …

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Fake war! North Korea and a history of dummy weapons

By Anna Doble <i>Newsbeat digital editor</i><p><b>North Korea is being accused of parading fake weapons in its most recent show of military might.</b><p>A former US Army intelligence officer says some of the guns and missiles on show were not real.<p>Michael Pregent told right-wing TV network Fox News that some of the …


Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales says he has a plan to fix fake news

The latest effort in the battle against fake news comes from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, who announced plans this week for an online news publication he says will be written by professional journalists, edited by volunteer fact-checkers and supported by readers who care enough to donate money.<p>…

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Facebook is taking new measures to fight fake news

Facebook is taking an active stance against what it calls "information operations," or the ways governments and organizations share disingenuous …

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Facebook says it will crack down on government-backed propaganda operations

Facebook acknowledged on Thursday that it has become a battleground for governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries and outlined new measures it is taking to combat what it calls “information operations” that go well beyond the phenomenon known as fake news.<p>In a report and …

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