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Next Up, Damages – Federal Circuit Finds Google’s Use of Java Was Not Fair

Article BySarah BroMcDermott Will & Emery IP UpdateIn a case that attracted 20 <i>amici</i> briefs, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a …


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Twitter Dispute Involving MLB Raises Issues of Copyright and Fair Use

Until recently, attorney and baseball aficionado Rob Friedman ran a Twitter account called @PitchingNinja, which shared videos of notable pitches in …


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LeBron’s tattoos at the center of a lawsuit

The NBA 2k video game franchise has been heralded for its attention to detail and realism. They’ve recently found out that no good deed goes …


How Not to Copy: What is Fair and What is Fair Use?

These issues of fairness and fair use are played out in the recent Oracle v. Google decision. In a convoluted case that has gone up to the Supreme …

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The Eyes Have Had It: How The Second Circuit Addressed Its Copyright Fair Use Problem

For ages now, the Second Circuit has been criticized for the head-scratcher of a fair use victory it handed down in a case between photograph Patrick …


The Federal Circuit's Judicial Hypocrisy In Overturning Jury Concerning Java API Fair Use Question

Yesterday we went through the details of the truly awful appeals court decision by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) concerning …

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​Billions at stake as Oracle beats Google in latest Android Java API legal dustup

The jury ruled that Google didn't owe Oracle any money for its use of Java's APIs in Android, but the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit …

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CopyTalk: Are librarians confident assessing fair use?

Please join us on April 5th for “Assessing Librarians’ Confidence and Comprehension in Explaining Fair Use Following an Expert Workshop” presented by …


Google's use of Oracle's Java APIs was not fair use, appeals court finds

New developments in the longstanding legal feud between Oracle and Google: a federal appeals court has reversed the 2016 ruling that found Google's …

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Appeals Court Overturns Google's Fair Use Victory For Java APIs (Techdirt)

Techdirt reports that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) has resurrected Oracle's copyright claim against Google for its use of …


Insanity Wins As Appeals Court Overturns Google's Fair Use Victory For Java APIs


4 Great Lesson Plans on Copyright

Many kids -- and even adults -- don't fully understand the power of copyright law. As we all know, the internet makes it extremely easy to use other …


The 2nd Circuit Contributes To Fair Use Week With An Odd And Problematic Ruling On TVEyes

For years, we've quoted a copyright lawyer/law professor who once noted that the standards for fair use are an almost total crapshoot: nearly any …

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Celebrating Fair Use Week: An Interview With Peter Jaszi

In recognition of Fair Use Week, we're sharing an interview with a true leader in the field of copyright and fair use.


Knowing When You Can Use a Copyrighted Work | Copyright: Creativity at Work

<i>The following is a guest post by Emma Kleiner, Barbara A. Ringer Program fellow.</i><p>Can a gossip website use copyrighted images of celebrities without …

The Doc Life: Stock Footage, The Stock-In-Trade of Nonfiction Filmmaking

<i>Each month in</i> <b>The Doc Life</b><i>, Film Independent blogger Anthony Ferranti dives deep into the how’s and why’s of nonfiction filmmaking, featuring advice</i> …

Copyright | Legal, Business, & Marketing for Photographers

Learn more about copyright and fair use laws and how court case decisions can affect the photography industry and your professional photo business.



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When Does an Artist’s Appropriation Become Theft?

Installation view of Jeff Koons, <i>String of Puppies</i>, 1988, at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Photo by Amaury Laporte, via Flickr.The proliferation …