Jellyfish have evolved eyes at least 8 times

Eyes originated at least eight separate times among the cnidnarians, a group that includes jellyfish. The findings help illuminate how evolution …


Agios Pharmaceuticals leukemia drug gets U.S. approval

(Reuters) - Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Friday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its treatment for a type of leukemia, the first targeted drug for patients with a specific genetic mutation.<p>The company plans to launch the drug, Tibsovo, in the United States in about 48 hours, …

Myeloid Leukemia

Evolution and Selection of Quantitative Traits

Oxford University Press

Scientists Theorize What Earliest Dinosaur Researchers May Have Looked Like

BERKELEY, CA—Flexing their imaginations to the limit in an attempt to conceive how the majestic creatures may have lived all those centuries ago, …


Habits and characteristics of arboreal snakes worldwide: arboreality constrains body size but does not affect lineage diversification | Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

Arboreal lifestyles represent common and major habitat shifts among snakes. Major habitat shifts are often facilitated by particular traits that …


Alleged Islamic sex cult leader Adnan Oktar formally arrested in Turkey

Adnan Oktar is one of the most well-known advocates of Islamic creationism and has long been accused by critics of running a sex cult. More than 100 …

Child Abuse

The Alleged Humbling of Atheists by The National Post

According to an article in The National Post, there has been an alleged humbling of the atheists as of late. Others disagree.The opinion piece spoke …


I’ll Take Two, Please!

First, let’s get one thing straight. My wife and I have been married for over 21 years and I love her deeply. This post is not about me! There - I’ve …


Turkish televangelist and followers jailed pending trial on sex abuse, fraud charges: Anadolu

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish authorities jailed a Turkish televangelist and more than 150 of his followers pending trial on Thursday, police said, on charges including sexual abuse of children, blackmail and forming a criminal gang.<p>Adnan Oktar, an Islamic preacher and a prolific writer on …

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Treating genetic disease: Is a cure a cut away?

The discovery ignited the imagination of the region’s top scientists and clinicians – Conklin at UCSF and Gladstone, Jacob Corn at UC Berkeley, …


How to Save Children from Creationism

July 19, 2018 by Linda LaScola<p><i>Editor’s Note</i><i>: Ever since visiting the Grand Canyon, I wondered how creationists explained the numerous signs there</i> …


Faith in God without Fear of Science

July 18, 2018 by James F. McGrath<p>I thought I would share the text of a response I gave to a question on Facebook about what led me to abandon young …


Wingspan’s Huge Role in Athletic Ability Revealed in NBA Study

"I’m definitely not surprised."<p>The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics have one thing in common — other than the fact that they’ve both …


The origins of pottery linked with intensified fishing in the post-glacial period

A study into some of the earliest known pottery remains has suggested that the rise of ceramic production was closely linked with intensified fishing …

Ice Age

Did the Human Hand Evolve to Smash Bone?

Scientists have long linked the evolution of the human hand—unique for its lengthy opposable thumbs and dexterous fingers—to the rise of stone tools …


What Is Inbreeding? Definition and Genetic Effects

Inbreeding is the process of mating genetically similar organisms. In humans, it's associated with consanguinity and incest, in which close relatives …

Molecular Biology

New species may arise from rapid mitochondrial evolution

Genetic research at Oregon State University has shed new light on how isolated populations of the same species evolve toward reproductive …

Molecular Biology


With the arrival of Smart Cities, which can be described as an Orwellian surveillance state implemented with the 5G Internet of Things, a new type of …


OMNIVORE: Evolution is not a slow dance

The evolution revolution


New research effort to understand role of APOE mutation in Alzheimer's disease

Jackson Laboratory researchers to explore how APOE4 risk depends on other genes<p>If you had your genome sequenced and the report says you have the …


Researchers isolate ancient parvovirus from human remains

Scientists have isolated an ancient sample of parvovirus from human remains, which may provide researchers with knowledge of extinct genetic …


Was Science Wrong About Being Right?

Much of what defines us as a species is all in our heads.<p>First and foremost, we’ve got these big, powerful brains, and small faces tucked underneath …

The Brain

New Thoughts on Human Evolution

JENA, GERMANY—According to a report in <i>The Atlantic</i>, an international team of scientists led by archaeologist Eleanor Scerri of the University of …



NEWS AND VIEWS<p>High-quality genome sequences for some of the great apes have been assembled using state-of-the-art sequencing tools. The assemblies …

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Investing in the Evolution of Cars

Since the first gasoline-powered car was invented in the 1800s, cars have constantly evolved. But now a revolution is underway. Technology is …

Autonomous Cars

Stone Tools Suggest Early Arrival of Hominins in Asia

EXETER, ENGLAND—According to a report in <i>The Atlantic</i>, tools made by human ancestors some 2.1 million years ago have been discovered in northwestern …

University of Sheffield

New perspective on tumor genome evolution

An interdisciplinary team of scientists deepens understanding of tumor genome evolution and suggests negative selection acting on cancer-essential …


No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

The origins of our species have long been traced to east Africa, where the world’s oldest undisputed <i>Homo sapiens</i> fossils were discovered. About 300,000 years ago, the story went, a group of primitive humans there underwent a series of genetic and cultural shifts that set them on a unique …


Stone tools put early hominids in China 2.1 million years ago

Newly discovered stone tools in China suggest hominids left Africa 250,000 years earlier than we thought.


Eating bone marrow played a key role in the evolution of the human hand

The strength required to access the high calorie content of bone marrow may have played a key role in the evolution of the human hand and explain why …