Everglades National Park

A State-By-State Guide To The Top Women's History Landmarks In America

In 1978, an education task force in Sonoma County, California launched a celebration of “Women’s History Week,” which took off. Nine years later, Congress designated March as Women’s History Month to acknowledge the work of women across America. Want to explore the roots of women’s rights? In honor …

Black History

Decision - 41 COM 8C.2

• Having examined the state of conservation reports of properties inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger (WHC/17/41.COM/7A, …


‘Rewilding’ missing carnivores may help restore some landscapes

If you're lucky, you can spot a gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park. But a century ago, you'd have been hard pressed to find any there. Poisonings …


Judge clears way for Walmart in rare Miami forest, but legal battle continues

A Miami federal judge has lifted a temporary stop to construction on a Walmart-anchored shopping center on rare pine rockland and hinted that …

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"Be a Nuisance When It Counts": The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quote Students Need to Hear

Exactly one month after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, thousands of students and administrators across the country participated in the Enough! National School Walkout. On the day of the demonstration, one poignant quote began circulating as it inspired …

National Parks

The Poo-Poo Project Is Saving Birds From a Dirty Demise

How to make campground toilets more wildlife-friendly.<p>Joe Foust, district wildlife biologist for Boise National Forest’s Cascade Ranger District, was …


FPL adds 40 MWh battery to solar array, claiming largest combined system

Dive Brief:<p>Florida Power & Light has added a 10 MW / 40 MWh battery to its existing 74.5 MW Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center, creating what the …

Solar Power

WEATHER BLOG: Hurriane Irma official final report issued

The final report on Major Hurricane Irma was just issued by meteorologists John Cangialosi, Andrew Latto, and Robbie Berg at the National Hurricane …


South Florida road trip: A mix of adventure and relaxation


Three American Cities That Could Be The Next Cape Town

The world is watching as Cape Town residents count the days (and drops) to Day Zero—when the city's tap run dry. The South African city is in the …

Salt Lake City

The coolest national parks you didn't know existed

The coolest national parks you didn't know existed<p>Find tropical escapes, outrageous adventures, and one-of-a-kind wildlife right in the USA.<p>Lydia Culp<p>10 National Parks You Didn't Know Existed<p>There's no need to travel far for adventure. Check out these little known national parks.<p>(Image: Channel …

National Parks

10 Spectacular Hikes to Consider for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

The benefits of hiking are numerous. It’s an inexpensive activity with a relatively low impact that provides exercise and enjoyment. Research shows …

National Parks

St. Petersburg Florida, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater Beyond

Overview<p>St. Petersburg Florida, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater & Beyond by Chelle Koster Walton<p>Based on our much larger guide to Tampa Bay & Florida's …


Pythons 101

Almost no other predator on the planet inspires as much terror and curiosity as the python.<p>FACT 1 : One of the world’s longest snakes is a python.<p>The reticulated python of Southeast Asia usually grows around 16 feet long. However, the current record holder for the longest reticulated python …


$1.4 billion Everglades reservoir clears key hurdle. Is it enough to save the Glades?

South Florida water managers signed off on a $1.4 billion reservoir Thursday, approving one of the costliest projects yet in the decades-long effort …

National Parks

Zinke backs restoring National Parks

The list of projects include fixes to Everglades, Indiana Dunes, and Grand Canyon national parks.<p>0<p>SHARES<p>U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke​ …

National Parks

Key Largo

Key Largo, the longest island in the Florida Keys, is bordered on the west by Florida Bay and the Everglades National Park backcountry, and to the …

Key Largo


WINTER IS A GREAT SEASON FOR A NATIONAL PARK VISIT<p>Visit your favorite National Park in winter months and not only will you avoid the crowds and …

National Parks

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. I’m just back from Florida, where I spoke to chefs in Miami, caught a huge tarpon in Everglades National Park and spent a perfect evening on the southwest coast cooking my in-laws chicken shawarma in the Ronco rotisserie oven that they drag out of storage when I visit because …

Los Angeles

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Would Have Been Proud of Parkland's Students

This week, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High returned to school — to the hallways and classrooms where they had watched people die, where …


Why would Putin want to nuke Florida?

<b>President Putin has unveiled Russia's new stockpile of "invincible" nuclear weapons, with a video graphic appearing to show missiles raining on Florida.</b><p>But why would the Kremlin want to target the Sunshine State in the event of an atomic war?<p>Florida is home to tourist attractions such as Walt …

West Palm Beach

Nature up close: Who was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

<i>By "Sunday Morning" contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg.</i><p>Marjory Stoneman Douglas was not the first person to discover the Everglades. She was not …


9 Fun Things to Do in Miami with Kids

Sure, the beach is amazing, but so are gators, mansions and coral sculptures.

National Parks

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Was the Voice of the Everglades

In the weeks after the horrific Parkland, Florida school shooting, Marjory Stoneman Douglas became a household name for all the wrong reasons. But …


7 things to do in Florida’s outdoors this spring

There is no better time of year to enjoy the outdoors in every corner of Florida. The weather is consistently perfect, even as we face the prospect …


Science news in brief: From the nifty nautilus to extinct Tasmanian tiger babies

<b>The chambered nautilus is the ocean’s most efficient jet engine</b><p>Like a tiny submarine, the chambered nautilus speeds through the ocean on little jets …


The great flamingo debate is over. Birds are a native of Florida, science says

Flamings are again considered a native species in Florida after recent scientific research. Chad Gillis/The News-Press


- Outdoor Photographer

Florida is a paradise for nature photographers, with diverse landscapes, idyllic beaches and abundant wildlife. In our guide to Florida's nature …


Trump Infrastructure Proposal Could Devastate Public Lands

NPCA outlines 5 of the most dangerous elements in the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal and examples of how they could affect national …

Mount Vernon

From Flame Birds To Red Herrings: Who Is Robert Porter Allen?

When you’re talking about the protection of birds, in the U.S. and especially in South Florida, there’s one man who had an outsize impact — even if …