Miss Manners: He could get fired if he doesn’t drink with the boss

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> I’m wondering what is the business etiquette around requiring employees to attend out-of-office events.<p>My husband is expected to …


A Flight Attendant Says This Is the One Thing You Should Do for Great Service in Economy

As Southerners, we know the importance of a warm welcome and always make the extra effort to bookend our requests with "please" and "thank you." So …

Flight Attendants

Aire Atlantica Creates A California Dreamland With Etiquette Part One EP

Aire Atlantica is easily one of the most versatile producers on the rise. From his gritty rock-pop single “Cut You Off” to his recent pop banger …


Can Princess Eugenie Drink At Her Wedding? This Is What Etiquette Dictates

Another royal wedding is coming up this fall, and global royal family watchers everywhere are speculating about the upcoming nuptials between …

Royal Weddings

Miss Manners: I try to be nice, but these telemarketers don’t give up

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> I detest receiving telemarketing calls. I use my answering machine as a screening device, and try not to answer calls unless I …


A complete guide to etiquette for mothers and fathers of the bride and groom

You gave them life, stayed up all night when they couldn't sleep, waved them off to their first day at school and then in the blink of an eye they were grown up.<p>You'd got used to the fact they're paying their own bills and calling you from the 'office' but now the biggest change in their lives, and …

Prince William

Party etiquette in the digital age with experts from Evite

Digital Age

Miss Manners: Bookseller wants to fend off pushy customers

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> I am the manager of a retail chain bookstore. Frequently, I have customers who want to discuss their political or religious …


Pulse Mornings with Master Dog Trainer, Shelley Smith - Dog Park Etiquette [Sept 17, 2018]


8 wedding etiquette rules you can’t break — period

While some etiquette rules have gone out the window, there are still some you must follow at every wedding.<p>Wedding etiquette to always follow<p>of<p>SEE ALL<p>BACK TO SLIDE<p>Tags<p>dress code<br>• ettiquette<br>• events<br>• marriage<br>• rsvp<br>• wedding


8 Dinner Party Etiquette Rules All Good Hosts Follow

Etiquette expert Lizzie Post explains how to pull off your most polite party yet.<p>When throwing a dinner party, it can be challenging to find time to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. With food to prep, tables to set, and people to entertain, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos and …

Color Schemes

LA Metro Released More Rider Etiquette PSAs. They Are Still Bananas. Now With Danny Trejo

LA Metro may take rider etiquette seriously, but they've taken a decidedly funnier approach to educating the public about it.

Los Angeles

Yahoo Poll: Are Singaporeans better at parking than Malaysians?

A recent video by wildly popular Facebook vlogger Nas Daily asserts that Singaporeans have good parking etiquette. The video also says that …


Miss Manners: Muddy boots mucking up church service

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> This may be a silly question, but I’ll ask regardless: What is the protocol for wearing rain boots?<p>Our church parking lot can …


Miss Manners: It’s a boy’s name, and she’s a girl

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> What is the appropriate response when someone, upon hearing the name of your son — a name that took months and months to decide …


Email Pitching Etiquette for #Bloggers Requesting to Write for Other Blogs – by D.G. Kay…

<b>How to vet email requests for writing content on your blogs.</b><p>Are you being inundated with email requests from personal bloggers or businesses emailing …


Miss Manners: The gardener is stealing my fruit

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> Is it considered to be stealing if your gardener just helps himself to your lemons, oranges, etc.?<p><b>GENTLE READER:</b> It depends on …


Vlogger Nas Daily praises Singaporean parking etiquette, Malaysians beg to differ

PETALING JAYA, Sept 11 — Facebook vlogger Nas Daily sparked the ire of Malaysian social media after making insinuations about Malaysian drivers in a …

Social Media

Miss Manners: They ignored my birthday despite my reminders

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> I write to you in a moment of sadness. My birthday was yesterday, and I’m now 31 years old. Of an admittedly small number of …


Smartphone Etiquette 2018 [Infographic]

Smartphones have become a key part of our everyday interactive process, offering the entire internet, and our social sphere, at our fingertips at any …


Miss Manners: They took our fish and yelled at us

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> We approached our favorite fishing spot. About 40 yards away was another boat. The other fisherman yelled, “Welcome!”<p>He saw that …


The style etiquette rules we'll enjoy breaking this season

Fashion, as playful as it is, has always come with a lot of rules. Some of our friends across the pond insist on not wearing white after Labor Day, …


Big Deal/No Deal: USF Strong Support, Serena Sexism, & Airport Etiquette!

Sep 10, 2018<p>Ronnie & TKras play another edition of Big Deal or No Deal, as Zac Blobner talks Serena Williams Sexism at the US Open, USF Bulls HC …

Serena Williams

Hannah Wants is launching her own label, Etiquette

One of the most notorious and prolific mixers in the game, Hannah Wants, has announced she will be launching her very own label, Etiquette, on …

Breast Cancer

Don’t Make These Travel Etiquette Mistakes the Next Time You Fly

Flying can be a nerve-racking and sometimes aggravating experience—even more so when faced with rude behavior like someone reclining their seat too …


Bay area teens learn etiquette, develop life skills in new program

<b>TAMPA, Fla. --</b> A group of teens are spending their Saturday mornings this Fall learning lessons that are not usually taught in the classroom.<p><b>Bay area</b> …


Miss Martin: How should priest handle crowdfunding requests?

<b>DEAR MISS MANNERS:</b> As pastor of a Catholic parish, I often get requests for help, and usually the various organizations in our parish or diocese can …


The royal 'chin rule' you won't be able to un-spot

Being in the royal family means following a number of etiquette rules. Not only do the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex have to follow a …

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Your Opinions On Phone Etiquette Will Tell Us Your Social Media Personality

Anyone can use the award-winning GEICO app. See how much you could save when you switch to GEICO.<p><i>All images via Getty.</i>

Social Media

Basics in Boat Ramp Etiquette

Here’s a shortened video version of our popular boat ramp etiquette article. If you’re new to boating or perhaps just looking to gain a better sense …