Eric Kim

Digital Nomad Photographer

I’ve achieved my dream of living nomadically and pursuing my passion of photography. I want to share a little bit of how this lifestyle is, and why I …

Street Photography

Sneak Peak to New HAPTIC Products

New upcoming products from HAPTIC INDUSTRIES:<p>ERIC KIM PORTFOLIO BAG: Always be ready to shoot with your camera, iPad, and more:<p>Processed with VSCO …

Eric Kim

Why Share Photos?

• I see the ultimate purpose of my life to empower and help others. Thus, taking photos and never sharing them is purposeless to me.<br>• I share my photos …


Why I Love Saigon

• First of all, life is simpler. I live in a hotel while in Saigon, which simplifies life. I cannot accrue and buy more stuff, because there’s …

Mobile Photography

The City of Angels Street Photography Composition

Los Angeles

Airport Street Photography

Mobile Photography

Why My Japanese-Style Scrambled Eggs Are the Softest & Dreamiest

Whenever I go out for sushi, I always order one <i>tamago nigiri</i>, that omelet with the rice underneath, wrapped around the middle with nori like a Band-Aid. You know the one? For me, it's the perfect end to a sushi dinner—a little sweet, very comforting.<p>I used to fantasize about ordering an entire meal …


Is Black and White or Color Better for Street Photography?

Sounds like a basic question: but what’s better for photography or street photography: black and white or color? To start off, I think both are good …

Street Photography

Ready to Order: My First Photography Children’s Book (First Print Edition)!

MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK (Print Edition): Pick one up for your child or yourself! Only in a limited print run of 20 copies: Flip through Robust lay …

Eric Kim

My Top Travel Photography Hacks

Here’s some practical life hacks and travel hacks for you:<p>This is an excerpt from our new upcoming book, “Travel Notes”. To be notified when the book …


Elderly Photography Assignment

• The elderly are generally lonely and ignored. If you talk, interact, and photograph them; you’ll bring a lot of joy into their day! Also, we can …

Street Photography

HANOI Black and White Street Photography: RICOH GR II x ERIC KIM PRESET

Street Photography

SUITS: First Edition Signed Hardcover Photo Book Ready to Order!

Don’t miss out your opportunity to pick up a signed first edition copy of SUITS > (only 19 copies available!)

Eric Kim

Push Yourself Beyond Failure!

Dear friend,<p>I wanted to philosophize a bit with you on failure. Namely, the upside of failure — and why pushing your limits until you fail is a good …


What Moves You?

Dear friend,<p>To philosophize a bit on life — let’s ask ourselves the question, “What moves us?” “What is the primary driver, or motivation behind our …

Will Power

Street Photography Composition Lesson #16: Scale

A photography composition lesson: take photos from very far (or very close) to show a sense of scale. For example, in some of these photos by Robert …

Historical Photography

Photo Project/Essay Ideas: Document Your Own Life, Passions, Hobbies, and Interests!

A fun idea: start a photography project based on your passions or side hobbies!<p>Gallo Boxing<p>For example in 2014, I was living in East Lansing, …

Street Photography

Photograph History, Artistically.

SPAIN. Madrid. Winter 1936-1937. After an Italo-German air raid. The Nationalist offensive on Madrid, which lasted from November 1936 to February …

World History

Photolosophy: With Physical Proximity comes Emotional Proximity

A photolosophy idea: by photographing at a close proximity to your subjects, you’re more likely to feel the emotions of your subjects. And the closer …

D Day

The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss; You’re the Boss!

The rolling stone gathers no moss, you’re the boss<p>The rolling stone gathers no moss<br>Everyday keep moving forward, apply the daily floss<br>The rolling …


The Joy of Photography

Philosophy means love of wisdom (philos=love) Sophia (wisdom).<p>I then thought as photographers we are also philosographers (lovers of making photos, …

Street Photography


Eric Kim

Create Your Own Business and Job For Yourself

Dear friend, I’m quite convinced: one of the keys to “true” happiness in joy in life is to be self-employed; to NOT have a boss– to work for …

Street Photography

My Top 10 Simple Joys in Life

Insofar much as I know, true “happiness” in life is eliciting more joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives. I don’t have the answer for others, but I …

Top 10

Anti Optimization in Life

In today’s crazy technological world, we are always trying to “optimize” our lives. But what does “optimize” really even mean, and is it actually …


Please Steal my Photos! #opensource

• I think an open information society benefits everyone.<br>• Ethically, I pirated a lot of stuff when I was young and poor, and it empowered me. Now I don’t …

Eric Kim

Chaos Photography

Photography is fun because it is random, chaotic, and unpredictable. Photography would be boring if everything were totally optimized and predictable …

Street Photography

The Silver Rule of Ethics: Don’t Do Unto Others as You Wouldn’t Want Others to Do Unto You

Ethics is a tricky business. There are no ultimate ethics which apply to everyone, nor should there.<p>A good rule of ethics is the silver rule: don’t …

Street Photography

Right Now is Your Final Call!

You got your personal power<br>To give you the strength to Hustle hard, hour after hour<p>You got personal power<br>No need to hide and cower<br>Or stay milky like …

Eric Kim

Photo Essay

An essay means (in French), an “attempt”. A photo essay is attempting to tell a story or show a certain perspective of something through …

Photo Essays