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Photography is Perspective


The Making of “The Modern Photographer” Book Cover

A step-by-step guide on how ANNETTE KIM designed the cover of ‘THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER.’ To commission ANNETTE KIM for your future branding project, …


How to Make Your Own Photography Branding Logo

As a modern photographer, make a logo for yourself, to be instantly recognizable, and to stand out.<p><i>Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship Principles</i> …


Photography is All a Matter of Perspective

Photography: Where you stand, how you see the world, and how you make pictures — it is all a matter of perspective.<p><b>HENRI WRIST STRAP</b>: Never Miss the …

Street Photography

On Risk and Failure

A lot of us are afraid of “failure”— and many of us are “risk averse.”<p>But what does that really mean? And what is the worst-case scenario?<p>Feedback, …



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Go Ahead and Sell Out

How to Make a Photography Slideshow in iMovie

How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Modern Photographer


15 Lessons Piet Mondrian Has Taught Me About Art and Photography

If you’ve ever seen the Red, Yellow, and Blue abstract pictures/paintings of Piet Mondrian and didn’t “get it”— I’m with you. This article will share …

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80% Principle For Success

One principle for success as a modern photographer: realize that your artistic work will never be ‘perfect’, that you’re in a state of ‘becoming’ and …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Why You Must Become a Global Photographer

To increase your chances of success, become a global photographer.<p><b>MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER</b> is your new philosophical and practical primer to succeed as a …

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If you want a shot of creative inspiration, invest in HAPTIC INDUSTRIES.<p><b>HAPTIC INDUSTRIES</b>: Creative Tools to Empower You.<p>See products in <b>SHOP</b> and <b>AMAZON</b><p>…


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

True beauty, elegance, and function roots from simplicity.<p>Many individuals in the world try to make things more complicated or complex than the …


Do You Want to Make Money With Your Photography?

Why You Must Become a Modern Photographer

Today’s digital world and landscape is different than in the past. If you don’t adapt, and evolve to modern times, you will die.<p><b>MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER</b> …


New Book: MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER: Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship Principles For Success


Why Be a Modern Photographer?


What is Your Unique Voice?

To stand out as a modern photographer, you must assert your unique voice.<p>Stand Out.<p>You were born different<p>We are all born with a unique voice. Nobody …

Street Photography

Flash Street Photography Guide

To make more dynamic, edgy, and powerful street photographs, use a flash.<p>In this guide, I will walk you through how to use a flash in your street …

Street Photography

Why You Must Self-Promote Yourself

As a modern photographer, you must learn how to self-promote yourself.<p>Do you believe in your self-worth?<p>There is a myth that somehow you keep making …

Street Photography

How to Use Photography to Find Purpose in Your Life

To live a fulfilling life: you must discover your purpose in life (chosen by you)— and to every day, do it.<p><b>HAPTIC INDUSTRIES</b>: Creative Tools to …

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Abstract Color Pictures

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Photography Warmup Assignments

Before I go out and shoot pictures, I need to get into the zone.<p>1. Think colors<p>I like to inspire myself before shooting to think about colors.<p>For …

Street Photography

1,000 Photo Challenge

If you want a quick street photography assignment to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try the ‘1,000 Photo Challenge’: take 1,000 street …

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A fun idea: as a modern photographer, you are no longer a ‘photographer’, but an <b>‘imager’— someone who makes images.</b><p><b>HAPTIC INDUSTRIES</b>: Creative Tools …


63 Distilled Lessons From The Masters of Photography

To share the exciting news that <b>MASTERS VOLUME I now available on AMAZON</b>, I wanted to share a list of lessons I’ve personally learned from all the …

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How to Visually Analyze Your Photography Compositions

How do you know what makes a great picture in terms of composition?<p>Annette Kim analyzes picture for ERIC KIM<p>I asked my sister ANNETTE KIM to …

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Photography Content Marketing 101

How to succeed as a modern photographer: master marketing. The type of marketing I am a master at is ‘content marketing’— and in this article, I will …

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Review of Eric Kim Street Photography Workshop BERLIN