Environmental Health

County smothers wood burning on bad air days

Rule applies between Oct. 1-March 1 after Multnomah County commissioners' yes vote.

Portland, OR

Indoor air pollution linked to lung, kidney dysfunction

A cross-sectional study of over 400 kitchen workers in Lucknow and Coimbatore showed that almost 50% of them suffered from poor lung functions and …


Cherokee Nation offers free tax preparation for eligible families

The Cherokee Nation will begin scheduling appointments this month to help income-eligible families prepare their state and federal income taxes for …

Indigenous Peoples

ADB Provides Support for Three Infrastructure Projects in Cambodia

UN Environment and WHO agree to major collaboration on environmental health risks<p>Published<p>22 hours ago<p>on<p>January 10, 2018<p>World Bank Helps Bangladesh …

World Bank

Recall of lead poisoning test means kids need to be retested

Recall of faulty lead poisoning test means kids need to be retested<p>Carrie Blackmore Smith and Hannah Sparling | The Cincinnati Enquirer<p>There's a chance that tests given to millions of kids since 2014 to detect lead poisoning didn't work properly, delivering falsely low results to an unknown number …


Inside the Weird World of Historical Re-enactors

It’s a drizzly day in Marathon, Greece, and a group of citizen-soldiers in bronze breastplates and tunics are lined up one behind the other. Each man …

Long-form Journalism

Heat warnings issued as 'blast furnace' hits Australia

South-east Australia has been warned to prepare for 'blast furnace' conditions as a heatwave is set to send temperatures soaring.


Letter grades for Los Angeles pot shops? Health officials consider emblem program for retailers

Los Angeles County health officials are considering placing remblems on legal recreational retail shops, much like the iconic letter grades found …


Restaurant fined £50,000 after refusing to stop serving food on boards that ‘could not be cleaned’

A restaurant has been fined £50,000 after repeatedly serving food on unhygienic boards ‘that were incapable of being cleaned’.<p>Ibrahim’s Grill and …


eNCA | Abattoir in Pretoria shut down due to listeriosis contamination

The Soverign Food Abattoir in Pretoria has been temporarily closed following the discovery of listeria pathogens in some meat products.

News (South Africa)

Troon nail bar forced to shut after fears over chemical fumes

Neighbours complained of the noxious smells coming from the premises below.<p>A fancy new nail bar has had to shut after fears of fumes from …


Pensioner ‘at the end of her tether’ over Avonmouth warehouse noise

“Booming” lorries and "constant engine noise" are driving one Avonmouth resident to consider legal action.<p>Joan Thompson, of St Andrews Road, says she …


Takeaway boss apologises to town for food hygiene failures

The owner of a Tamworth takeaway has apologised to the people of the town after being convicted of eight food hygiene offences - and has made a raft …

Birmingham, UK

School canteen forced to close after rodent spotted in kitchen

A school canteen in Neath had to be immediately closed after a rodent was spotted in the kitchen during school hours, it has been revealed.<p>The furry …

News (Wales)

Mum's horror at finding mouse in her toddler's BATH

An Anfield mum battling a huge mice infestation was horrified to find one of the rodents running around a bath she was preparing for her sick toddler.<p>…


Photos show inside unhygienic Tamworth Takeaway

These shocking images show the unhygienic state of a Tamworth takeaway which has led to its owner being prosecuted for EIGHT food hygiene offences - …

Birmingham, UK

Newport tenant has to leave house with mould because of “safety concerns”

A TENANT who has had to live in a house with mould in every room for more than a year has now been asked to leave the property by Environmental …

News (Wales)

County Opens Local Assistance Center in Vista for Lilac Fire

On Monday, the County of San Diego will open a Local Assistance Center in Vista to help survivors of the Lilac Fire start the rebuilding and recovery …


Shocking pics show filthy Everton takeaway where mice droppings lay near drinks bottles

These foul pictures show an infestation of mice droppings at Everton takeaway Istanbul Kebab & Pizza – which landed the owner with a £3,600 fine.<p>The …


Poundland hauled before courts after mice droppings found in city centre branch

Discount store Poundland was hauled before the courts after mice droppings were discovered at a Liverpool city centre branch.<p>The firm accepted two …


License your Christmas event the easy way

People planning Christmas and New Year events in Carmarthenshire can now licence them the easy way - online.<p>Carmarthenshire County Council, which …

News (Wales)

Two arrested following threats to kill

Driving tests on hold as instructors strike over safety fears<p>Published<p>44 mins ago<p>on<p>December 5, 2017<p>A NUMBER of driving tests were cancelled this week …


Driving tests on hold as instructors strike over safety fears

Apply for event licences online this Christmas<p>Published<p>20 hours ago<p>on<p>December 4, 2017<p>PEOPLE planning Christmas and New Year events in Carmarthenshire …


Enterkine House wins fight to host Christmas bashes until midnight

Council officials said the hotel was “nearly there” as it battles against complaints from neighbours.<p>A plush hotel’s latest brush with noise police …


1 Killed, 125 Injured In Cosmetics Factory Explosion

Seven firefighters were injured battling the resulting fire.<p>NEW WINDSOR, NY — Governor Andrew M. Cuomo dispatched emergency response personnel and …

New York City

Not all Minneapolis food trucks get an annual inspection

Seasonal nature of business and challenge of finding a truck make it tough for inspectors. But state law also doesn't require an annual inspection.

U.S. Bank Stadium

Man fined £1,000 for not picking up his dogs’ mess from garden

A man has been fined after he failed to pick up his dogs’ mess in his back garden for six months.<p>Matt Scott, 41, from Haslingden, Lancashire, was …


Bed Bugs and Hotels:  Traveler Insights and Implications for the Industry | American Entomologist

The resurgence of the bed bug, <b>Cimex lectularius</b> L., has been well documented in the United States and throughout the world (Boase 2001, Doggett et …


Experts Explain Why Lead Found In Fidget Spinners Is No Idle Threat

That fidget spinner your kid can’t put down? It turns out it may be putting children at risk for lead exposure.<p>That’s according to a report out …

Health Policy

20,000kg of chicken to be incinerated

Around 20,000kg of chicken will be destroyed after a business premises in the borough was raided by environmental health officers.<p>Wigan Council staff …