Energy Storage

Renewable Energy This Week: What You Need to Know

A Fox News host puts his weight behind solar energy and Jeff Bezos hangs out on a wind turbine this week in renewable energy.<p>Last week was another …

Renewable Energy

Switching From Lithium-Ion Could Be Harder Than You Think

Massive investments in lithium-ion battery production could thwart the search for other battery options based on lower-cost ingredients, despite the …


The Massive Untapped U.S. Solar Market

Solar and energy storage could become a great solution for commercial buildings if a few roadblocks hindering adoption come down.<p>Residential and …


Enel to Seek More Deals in Energy Storage Business, CEO Says

Enel SpA is seeking acquisitions in the energy storage business, as developments in battery technology are set to play a key role for the wider …


EGEB: $121/year to keep coal away, 50 year floating solar, India’s largest energy storage, more

<i>Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial and political review/analysis of important green energy news.</i> <i>Featured Image Source</i><p>Study finds Del. residents would rather live near wind turbine than coal plant – <i>Residents living near a Delaware wind turbine would pay nearly $31 a year to</i> …

Renewable Energy

Is Hydrogen Fuel As Dumb As Musk Thinks?

Hydrogen fuel cells are a controversial thing. Elon Musk, for example, finds them “incredibly dumb” , and he’s far from the only one. Yet the concept …

Alternative Fuel

Energy storage will disrupt transmission and distribution investments

Energy storage systems that allow for the deferral of T&D upgrades allow for a more efficient deployment of capital to meet evolving grid needs and …


A new sulfur-based battery takes on the problem of energy storage “at the terawatt scale”

Renewable energy sources are only as reliable as the natural world that fuels them. A cloud passing overhead cuts off solar power; the wind stops blowing and windmills stop working. In order for us to depend on undependable power sources, we need a grid-sized backup to acts of God.<p>In 2012, …


Cummins delves further into energy storage

Cummins (CMI +0.6%) is acquiring the assets of Brammo, which designs and develops battery packs for mobile and stationary applications.<p>"To be a …


Delta’s Smart and Energy-Efficient Solutions for EV Charging and Energy Storage Showcased at eMove360° Europe 2017

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today it is showcasing the smart and energy-saving capabilities of its …


How to Solve Hawaii’s Solar Problem: Smart Imports

As problems go, having too much solar power is not a bad one to have. It's also an issue that has actionable policy solutions. In Hawaii, solar …


Tesla starts shipping Powerpacks to Puerto Rico

Elon Musk said last week that Tesla would accelerate its effort to help bring power back to Puerto Rico after sending a few hundred Powerwall battery packs to the island where the electric grid was destroyed by hurricanes last month.<p>Now we learn that Tesla is indeed stepping it up with now a new …


Salt could supercharge storage batteries

Humble salt may replace lithium-ion batteries as an energy storage source, for a fifth of the cost, and without the ethical concerns.


Utilities Accept the New, But Will They Embrace It?

Power companies are no longer battling to keep coal relevant. Investing in innovation still isn't a sure bet.<p>Texas power generator Luminant announced Friday that it will close two coal-fired power plants in early 2018. Last week, it said it would close another coal plant that is more than 40 years …

Renewable Energy

Community to get 2,900 home battery packs to create virtual ~12 MW power plant

Arizona-based builder Mandalay Homes and Germany-based battery pack manufacturer Sonnen announced a new project to install an impressive number of home battery packs at a planned community in Prescott Valley, Arizona.<p>Sonnen, also known as sonnenBatterie, is based in Germany, an important market for …

Renewable Energy

Wärtsilä makes Viking Princess the world’s first offshore vessel with a hybrid energy storage solution replacing a traditional generator

The technology group Wärtsilä reached a new milestone in the battery technology development as the company completed the installation of a hybrid …

Renewable Energy

Washington utilities need to consider storage in resource planning, regulators say

The state utility regulators issued a policy statement outlining expectations for utilities to invest in and incorporate storage into resource …


MIT's new flow battery breathes air to cut costs of renewable energy storage

Renewable energy might be clean, but it's not always reliable if the Sun ducks behind clouds or the wind slacks off. To counter that variability, the …


Victorian couple live off-grid dream with ZCell

Two ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries installed at Adrian Shand's Glenlyon cottageVictorian sound engineer Adrian Shand is using renewable energy to …


Puerto Rico Could Show the Future of Solar and Energy Storage

If Puerto Rico can build a grid based on solar and energy storage, anyone can.<p>Elon Musk has gotten a lot of attention for his proposed efforts to …


Microsoft's data centers in Ireland are getting an influx of wind power

Microsoft is amping up its renewable energy portfolio by signing a power purchase agreement for 100 percent of GE's Tullahennel wind farm in Ireland. …


Utility-Branded Marketplaces Offer DER Services to 32 Million Metered Customers

American utilities are investing in broader efforts to simplify the customer experience across separate digital ecosystems.Evaluating and integrating …

United States

Solar inverters are evolving to support smart home energy storage

Reality is, that most people who want solar power on their home actually want energy storage as well. We want energy storage because if the grid goes down, we want our house to run smoothly – day or not, sunny or cloudy. Additionally, many of us hold onto the dream of disconnecting from The Man.<p>At …

Clean Energy

Fast charging stations store energy with Chakratec’s kinetic power booster

The advantages of adding stationary energy storage to fast charging stations are well known. But chemical batteries may not be the only solution.<p>The …


Australian Venture Illustrates Tesla's Huge Potential

South Australia Project a sign of things to come.<p>Vertical integration of Tesla shown to be huge advantage.<p>Tesla to leverage seamlessly on energy …


Hawaiian Electric takes first steps to utility-scale commercial energy storage

The utility has big plans for the technology, but wants to see lower costs.


Sulfur, Water, Air And Salt: Could This Be The Solution To The Renewable Energy Storage Problem?

Researchers have created a new battery which can apparently store twice as much energy as lead-acid batteries and costs 100 times less. But is it …


New ultralight silver nanowire aerogel is boon for energy and electronics industries

A new ultralight silver nanowire aerogel could be a boost to the energy and electronics industries.<p>Metal foams (or porous metals) represent a new …


Russia to become a leader In energy storage


Low-energy carbon activation process could replace methane flaring

<b>University of Liverpool develops process that converts methane and CO2 into reactive organic chemicals, holding promise for renewable energy storage</b> …