Energy Storage

What is energy? From wind to solar and nuclear, we explain the basics of global power

How do we power the world around us? Here’s Alphr’s explainer on energy, and the challenges of powering the world<p>Energy cannot be created or …


Why the UK’s Booming Capacity Storage Market Could Soon Go Bust

The U.K.'s December capacity market T-4 auction took place at the center of a perfect storm for energy storage.Factors including 15-year contracted …

Renewable Energy

Researchers create more efficient supercapacitor to power wearables

Supercapacitors offer a lot of advantages over batteries when it comes to energy storage. They can store a lot more of it, they can take on or transmit energy much more quickly and they typically last way longer. But incorporating supercapacitors into things like wearables has been difficult …


Tesla Powerpacks are being considered by Taiwan following massive blackout

Taiwan recently suffered from a massive blackout that affected millions of households on the island, resulted in millions in damages, and ended up with the economy minister resigning.<p>Now the Taiwanese government says that it is reaching out to Tesla to consider a similar solution as the massive 100 …


Vestas CEO on 2Q Earnings, Energy Storage

Anders Runevad, chief executive officer at Vestas, discusses his underperformance in the second quarter, doing business in the U.S., energy storage …


Tesla to deploy Powerpacks at several Home Depot stores, GE will build 50 solar rooftop systems

Today, Home Depot announces a new renewable energy push at 50 of its stores in the US.<p>They will deploy solar rooftop systems built by GE and energy storage systems built by Tesla.<p>The hardware store chain presented the new initiatives as “converting their rooftops into solar farms”.<p>Home Depot says …

Renewable Energy

Severing ties with utilities isn't as easy as cutting the cable cord

If disaster ever struck, Joe Fleischmann could keep the lights, refrigerator and big-screen TV running in his Orange County home, even if the power …


Hydrogen Student Design Contest: Designing a Power-to-Gas System

This Hydrogen Student Contest to Design a Power-to-Gas System might be of interest to under-graduate and graduate students wherever you work.<p>The …


Supervolcanoes could be the key to our battery-powered future

Lithium needed for battery storage systems might one day be extracted from calderas surrounding dormant supervolcanoes<p>In order to rely on renewable …


Tesla takes solar-powered Tiny House on tour

Tesla has packed a number of its smart energy products into the one tiny mobile package. The Telsa Tiny House is being towed behind a Model X on a …

Tiny House Movement

Electric Cars-BYD Leads The Chinese Charge

BYD has the vertical integration in place that Tesla is seeking.<p>World's largest manufacturer of EV's expanding rapidly in many overseas …


As gas plants struggle, California seeks new flexible capacity strategies

With up to 6 GW of gas plants at risk of closure in the coming years, energy stakeholders are scrambling for new compensation techniques and …


Lithium-ion batteries finally have a rechargeable competitor

The rise of electric vehicles and the quest to find solutions to energy storage for the renewables industry have created a breeding ground for tech experts to develop battery technologies.<p>Last week, Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy and the company he currently backs, Ionic Materials, unveiled a …


Microgrid Systems | Solar Microgrid Projects News

Microgrids<p><b>Featured White Paper</b><p>Federal, regional and state actions in 2016 have pointed to the evolution of demand response beyond the traditional …

Renewable Energy

Mexico’s Nascent Energy Storage Market Is ‘Very Open for Business’

Mexico doesn’t have any grid storage -- but that won’t be the case for long.A delegation from the nation’s energy leadership journeyed to San Diego …


Google’s Parent Company Will Soon Compete With Tesla for Energy Storage Solutions

Maximizing Renewables<p>Given the dramatic impact human-made carbon emissions are having on our planet, cleaner energy sources have become increasingly …

Renewable Energy

EGEB: NASA (not Tesla) Solar Roof from 1977; Arizona energy storage instead of powerlines; more

<i>Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial and political review/analysis of important green energy news.</i><p>Energy storage saves Arizona utility from building 20 miles of transmission, distribution lines – One argument often overlooked for solar power when considering what the value of …

Renewable Energy

Energy storage start-up targets Australia, promises compressed air technology “half the cost” of batteries

Canadian start-up claims it can deliver lowest installed cost per kWh for bulk energy storage with compressed air technology.


Energy storage gets ready for its close-up

Energy storage technology keeps making strides, even though it’s still unclear just how dramatically it will change the grid.<p>For the more than 2,000 …


Tesla’s giant new Powerpack project in Australia will use battery cells made by Samsung

Tesla beat 90 other competitors to win a contract for a massive 100 MW/129 MWh energy storage system in Australia, which they promised to deliver in 100 days.<p>That’s a bigger and more powerful energy storage system than anything else in operation today.<p>CEO Elon Musk gave some insights into Tesla’s …


Here’s Every Company That Entered the US Energy Storage Game in 2016

A new year means new resolutions, but here at GTM, we don't care about what you do at the gym.<p>The real goal-setters out there are the ones committing …

Lockheed Martin

Stem, CPower will pair DR, energy storage for dispatchable virtual power plants

The partnership will give utilities access to dispatchable virtual power plants, with both companies eyeing California as one of the first markets.


There is no dethroning Tesla as the gigafactory leader

A 17-company German consortium has announced plans to build a 34-GWh lithium-ion battery gigafactory, which is reportedly set to rival Tesla’s Reno facility. Rivalry, however, is too strong a word, and here’s why.<p>Tesla’s gigafactory, with an annual capacity of 35 GWh, is already being built. Terra …


Valuing storage: A closer look at the Tucson Electric solar-plus-storage PPA

Solar-plus-storage is becoming more cost competitive, but a closer look shows the numbers aren't as simple as advertised.

Renewable Energy

SA battery project will open Australian market

Global energy giant AES Corporation said scepticism over large-scale battery storage projects in Australia would be overcome once state governments …

Australian News

Tesla Energy Bleeding Heavily

Non-solar revenues are still "mouse nuts."<p>Costs, however, continue to soar.<p>Will the business ever be profitable?<p>In 2015, Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk …


Better home batteries are changing the sustainable energy game

As battery costs drop, sustainable residential and commercial power becomes a much better deal<p>As the cost of solar and wind power continues to drop, sustainable energy is in the middle of a growth spurt. And one of the technologies that may fuel the next phase of sustainable power for homes, …

Renewable Energy

LAVA’s sculptural and sustainable energy tower breaks ground in heidelberg

the outer façade comprises a network of cables and approximately 11,000 diamond-shaped plates of stainless steel, which rotate in the wind.The post …


Toyota says it’s on the cusp of a major electric vehicle breakthrough.

The automaker revealed last week that it had achieved a sought-after improvement in existing lithium-ion technology by developing a “solid state” …

Electric Vehicles

Storing clean energy in salt isn’t as crazy as it sounds

Using giant vats of molten salt and antifreeze under the codename “Malta,” Google’s parent company Alphabet is joining Tesla and smaller companies …