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What the National Energy Guarantee will do

What the National Energy Guarantee will mean for energy companies, retailers and customers:


Ukraine’s energy liberalisation opportunity should not be missed

The reform and modernisation of Ukraine’s energy market is vital to the future of Ukraine, but can also play a very important role in the energy …


Superpowers take to the high seas as dash for gas fuels tensions

The battle for energy market dominance is taking to the high seas. Once a niche element of the global market, super-cooled mega-tankers filled with liquefied gas are increasingly criss-crossing the globe.<p>Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is now the world’s fastest-growing source of energy. The boom in …

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Wyatt warns of $2b green funds loss

WA is at risk of missing out on $2 billion of investment in wind farms and solar projects unless the Federal Government includes the State in its new …

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GTM Forum: Blockchain in Energy

8:00am 9:00am<p><b>Continental Breakfast & Check-In</b><p>9:00am 9:15am<p><b>Welcome and Opening Remarks</b><p>9:15am 9:45am<p><b>PG&E Keynote: Utilities and Blockchain</b><p>9:45 am …


AGL takes foot off the gas in crowded WA market

The odds of the WA Government opening up the State’s electricity market to competition is also behind the energy giant’s slower growth strategy.


Power price recommendations to be pursued

A push to speed up the transition for customers from one electricity retailer to another will be pursued after agreement from the nation's energy …

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Federal minister buoyant about energy plan

Crunch time has arrived for the Turnbull government's signature energy plan, amid warnings of higher power prices, lost jobs and summer blackouts if …

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Goldman Sachs plots to buy its first gas delivery as it looks to tap into the booming energy market

Goldman Sachs is plotting to buy a tanker-load of gas as it eyes new opportunities in the booming energy market.<p>The investment bank is seeking to …

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Market Monitor Finds PJM Wholesale Electricity Markets Competitive

EAGLEVILLE, Pa., Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PJM Interconnection's wholesale electric energy market produced competitive results during the first six months of 2018, according to the <i>2018 Quarterly State of the Market Report for PJM: January through June</i> released today by Monitoring Analytics, LLC, …

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Will the national energy guarantee stall or speed up progress? – Australian politics live podcast

National energy guarantee (Neg),Malcolm Turnbull,Labor party,Liberal party,Australian politics,Australia news,Energy,Energy,Environment<p>With a make-or-break set of meetings on the Turnbull government’s national energy guarantee kicking off, Katharine Murphy talks to Ken Baldwin, the director of the …


AGL has trippled profit while electricity prices soar

• <b>AGL posted statutory net profit of $1.59 billion, up 194%.</b><br>• Underlying profit was $1.02 billion, up 28%.<br>• AGL acknowledged “households are facing …


Frydenberg talks up blackouts as top advisor concedes no forecast power shortages

The energy plan would require electricity retailers to ensure both electricity from low-emissions sources, and a set level of reliable power that can …


Breaking into the US energy market, offshore wind developers strive to please all

Companies building regulatory and project management experience in creating offshore wind farms in the U.S. hint at a future snowball effect of …

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British Gas follows the regulator with 3.8pc energy price hike

British Gas has reignited a war of words with the energy regulator by following Ofgem’s lead in hiking the price of gas and power due to soaring wholesale market prices.<p>The country’s biggest energy supplier said it will lift its average standard dual fuel tariff by £44 to £1,205 a year to sit just …


What is the NEG and what does it mean for me?

Wednesday, 08 August 2018<p>Posted by Monika Gudova<p>You’ve probably heard of the NEG already, but do you really know what it is and what it means for …

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GMP Capital laying off 10 per cent of workforce amid slow energy market

GMP Capital Inc. is laying off roughly 10 per cent of the staff from its Canadian capital markets business amid a slowdown in the energy sector.<p>Harris Fricker, GMP Capital’s chief executive officer, said the aim of the cuts, which particularly affected Calgary-based GMP FirstEnergy, is to improve …

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Let washing machines work in sunshine

The weather could one drive your domestic schedule. The dishwasher springs to life at windy times. The washing machine hums when the sun beats …

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ENGIE electricity traders in Singapore extend weather contract

Singapore-based energy traders with ENGIE Global Markets (EGM) have extended their specialist weather insights contract with MetraWeather (Australia) …


Open electricity market to be extended to rest of Singapore from Q4 2018

SINGAPORE: The extension of a fully liberalised power market to the rest of Singapore is set to take place in the fourth quarter of this year, …

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Energy savings on the way for Aussie families

Friday 03 August 2018<p>Article by Monika Gudova<p>With many Australians swapping their heaters for blankets this winter, it’s a welcome relief to hear …

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We Need To Act Now To Create A Fairer Energy Market For Disabled People In The Long-term

Huge numbers of disabled people are in the same boat and have to use more energy to stay warm because of their impairment or condition<p>LWA/Dann Tardif …


Abbott is putting a 'kibosh' on sensible climate change policy: Labor

FULL INTERVIEW: Shadow Minister for Financial Services Clare O'Neil says it's unfortunate Liberal backbencher Tony Abbott is putting a 'kibosh' on …

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Coventry based E.ON to cut 500 jobs

Britain's third largest energy provider E.ON has announced it will be cutting around 500 jobs.<p>It comes just weeks after the Coventry-based firm …


Energy firm E.On to axe hundreds of jobs in the UK

Energy firm E.On has announced plans to cut about 500 UK jobs to cope with the "unprecedented rate" of change in the sector.<p><b>More follows...</b>


Energy guarantee to drive slight renewables increase, but emissions will also rise

The Turnbull government’s national energy guarantee will drive a slight increase in the share of renewables in the electricity market compared to a scenario where the policy isn’t implemented.<p>But emissions will also rise over the life of the scheme before pollution falls again towards the end of …


E.On to cut 500 jobs ahead of looming energy price cap

Energy supplier E.On UK has said it will cut around 500 jobs from its UK workforce ahead of the Government’s looming price cap on the sector.<p>The UK arm of Germany energy giant E.On is hoping to make £100m worth of savings to shore up its financial position against the energy market’s …


To avoid statism, we need bold thinking

Faith in capitalism and a market-based economy in the UK is looking increasingly shaky. Not a day seems to go by where the media, politicians or consumer groups aren’t complaining about the problems with our rail industry, energy market or water suppliers. News of high prices, poor customer service …

Customer Service

Octopus Energy to pick up 100,000 customers from bust supplier

Energy market newcomer Octopus Energy will grow its accounts base by 100,000 at a stroke by picking up the customers left in limbo after the collapse of Iresa Energy.<p>The energy regulator was forced to step in to find a new energy supplier for the customers left stranded after Britain’s cheapest …


The Trump administration makes a bid for the Asian energy market

The Trump administration will begin a push to create a market in the Asia-Pacific region for U.S. energy technology and liquefied natural gas, Energy …

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